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The Ultimate Solution Doc í 142 pages Download ´ Amazing Book, The Ultimate Solution Author Eric Norden This is the best favorite book isbn 9780446751544 format Mass Market Paperback and others 142 pages and has a text language like EnglishErback and others 142 pages and has a text language like Englis My mother picked this up for me at a drugstore when I was young At the time I was fascinated by all things WWII and the swastika on the cover was really all she noticed This was my first alternate history and man was I hooked even as a young teenager I'd always hoped there would be another book or to the story My copy is long gone at this point but I still remember some of the chilling parts of this book very clearly A Gestapo in New York City who while doing a particularly horrible torture activity on a 'suspect' to get him to talk says this is always the hard part A scene of a child torturing a small animal

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Amazing Book The Ultimate Solution Author Eric Norden This is t It started out bad and got worse Lieutenant Bill Halder is a member of the NYPD charged with keeping the peace in the Nazi ruled city of New York The Nazis had wrought many changes in post WW 2 America Love and kindness had been exchanged for impersonal lust and sadism Sex between men and women was only for reproduction And the Gestapo ruled supreme over all But a cop's job was still the same dirty business it had always been Lt Halder was poor chronically sleep deprived and driven like a donkey owned by a bad master And he was responsible for cracking the toughest case in the ReichIf he succeeded the Reich got the credit If he failed he was dead or worse a prisoner in the hands of the dreaded Gestapo There was one last Jew left alive on Earth and he was hiding somewhere in New York CityThis is a world straight out of the imagination of Dante Alighieri and Hieronymus Bosch realized in all its chilling detail and terrifying complexity The globe is divided into the lands ruled by the Nazis and those possessed by the Japanese Whorehouses in which heartless madames oversee pre teen sex workers leather bars whose floor shows featured Slavid women whose tongues have been cut out being crucified by patrons boxing matches in which tongueless Black slaves pound each other to death police interrogations conducted with thumbscrews and blowtorches the two sole superpowers facing off in the ultimate thermonuclear showdown Nazi ruled America in the 1960s is a vision straight out of Hell Bill Halder's final observation the last line in the book is no than the simple truth I'm telling you a cop's life is hellPublished in 1973 The Ultimate Solution showcases an alternate history in which the Axis won WW 2 and life itself is the loser

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The Ultimate SolutionHe best favorite book isbn 9780446751544 format Mass Market Pap The Ultimate Solution by Eric Norden is a story about the complete opposite of what happened during the Nazi occupation The world is a terrible place People of colour like Blacks are treated worse than being slaves they are treated like “pets” or “domestic animals” They even get their vocal cords cut at birth That is horrifying Other than that anyone who found out to be helping survived Jews even though there was a complete genocide to Jews will be punished severely The society’s way of entertainment is watching Black gladiators nakedly fighting each other to death Plus kids are told to watch television shows that encourage them to kill and torture animals not sure if that also meant the Blacks who are considered “domestic animals” The whole thing is just sickening Norden did a great job on writing this book; it really shows how the world would be if the Nazis won