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Read & Download The Surgeon 107 è IN BOSTON THERE'S A KILLER ON THE LOOSEA killer who targets lone women who breaks into their apartments and performs terrifying ritualistic acts of torture on them before finishing them off His surgical skills lead police to suspect he is a physician a physician who instead of saving lives takes themBut as homicide detective Physician a physician who instead of saving lives takes themBut as homicide detective Thomas Moore and his partner Jane Rizzoli begin their investigation they make a startling discovery Closely linked to these killings is Catherine Cordell. Detective Thomas Moore recognizes a pattern when a young woman is found gruesomely murdered in her home The details of the crime are identical to that of another young woman he investigated a year ago Even troubling is the link to another assault over two years ago However the victim Dr Catherine Cordell not only survived the attack but killed the man responsible Are they dealing with a copycat or something else Those looking to see Jane Rizzoli Maura Isles featured at the forefront will need to wait until the next book The author decided to explore the Rizzoli character after this story and Isles doesn’t make an appearance here This was a graphic story so be prepared for that not only the murders but the ER trauma procedures Despite that it’s a well written police procedural and mystery along with the medical The characters are well defined flaws and all Moral and ethical issues abound and are dealt with honestly not always delivering clear cut resolutions I really liked the bends and twists fast paced with a climactic ending It also has a perfect set up for the next book I disliked Jane Rizzoli in this story a lot but she is someone I want to learn about and maybe will redeem herself

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A beautiful doctor with a mysterious past Two years ago she was subjected to a horrifying rape and shot her attacker deadNow the man she believes she killed seems to be stalking her once again and this time he knows exactly where to find h. The Surgeon is a brilliantly crafted tale of horror that's just so terrifying that you can't bear not to look Seriously The story begins with a successful physician named Catherine Cordell who was nearly murdered a few years back in Savannah but lived to tell the tale because she blew her attacker away before he could finish the job With her attacker's death the string of grotesue torture murders ends in Savannah but then resurfaces in Boston Which is just where Cordell now resides The new murderer nicknamed The Surgeon moves through Boston like air carrying out his sick fantasies that are identical to the string of murders in Savannah You'd think it were the same killer but how could it be Follow Gerritsen as she masterfully leads her characters who are real and well developed to solving the puzzle of the Surgeon a terrifying tale like none you've ever read before You won't regret it

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The SurgeonIN BOSTON THERE'S A KILLER ON THE LOOSEA killer who targets lone women who breaks into their apartments and performs terrifying ritualistic acts of torture on them before finishing them off His surgical skills lead police to suspect he is a. Thriller Trigger Warning for discussion of rapeLet's review 1 He identifies and removes only the organ he wants Nothing And what he wants is the womb He hates women she said He cuts out the one thing that makes them women p602 Ignoring the water bottle and the disgusting object it contained p67 3 'She thought It's my fault I shouldn't have been so careless But that's how it is with women' She looked directly at Moore 'We blame ourselves for everything even when it's the man who does the fucking' p1264 Above all he did not want her to think him condescending More than any woman he'd ever met she commanded his respect p1365 Hair was so very personal A woman wears it sleeps with it It carries fragrance and color and texture A woman's very essence No wonder Catherine had been horrified to learn that a man she did not know possessed such an intimate part of her p1956 He only assaults women who act like victims p2471 So a womb is the thing that makes a woman Glad we solved that2 This is Rizzoli thinking and the disgusting object is actually a tampon I'm assuming it's unused because how would a bunch of men get a used tampon let alone shove it into a bottle of mineral water but how could a clean tampon be considered disgusting unless you hate women andor female bodies3 Fucking A word with excellent shock value HOWEVER fucking is sex Rape is not sex Sorry but you're only perpetuating the misconception that rape is just a kind of unhappy sex Also nice is how this character angry possibly man hating woman is saying that all women blame themselves for being raped 4 Oh no it's not condescending at all to be given respect for being a particular kind of woman rather than simply a human being You have to respect the ladies in a different way than you respect men Because otherwise that might lead to gender euality5 Yes Thomas that's why Catherine was horrified to find out that HER RAPIST HAD CUT A LOCK OF HER HAIR AS A KEEPSAKE Because hair smells good and is infused with womanly essences NOT BECAUSE IT'S COMPLETELY INVASIVE AND CREEPY AS FUCKAnd that final uote Do I even have to explain that no woman acts like a victim The problem with this book is that it revolves around a murderer who hunts terrorizes dismembers and kills women So let's assume he hates women or at least harbors a lot of rage toward them Then there are the male psychologists who are attempting to understand him and thus in a professional setting use words like bitch for instance Are they trying to mimic what they see as the thought patterns of the suspect or do they routinely refer to women as bitches It's not clear There's little to no framing language or verbal hedging that allows us to make that distinction The male detectives are trying to track and identify the subject but they don't let that stop them from enjoying a good rape joke at the crime scene; meanwhile Saint Thomas he of the dead wife feels vaguely unhappy about it but doesn't do anything to stop them Even Rizzoli who is female herself seems to dislike suspect and resent women almost as much as her male colleagues doI can't separate the narrative from the authorial intent All I know is that it sucks okay It's full of rape casual misogyny and an almost subliminal devotion to the idea that women are VICTIMS VICTIMS VICTIMS Also according to this the sole thing that makes a person female is the uterus or god help me womb as they insist on calling it half the time Again that's probably just what the detectives see as the suspect's mindset but the conflation of uterus and womb is problematic on any level Not everybody's uterus is a wombAfter all that it seems petty to complain about the stilted introspection the purple prose the lengthy italicized sections where the murderer talks about his craft in the most pretentious language imaginable or the fact that I didn't like any of the characters but I'm still going to complain Rizzoli might grow on me though so that leaves me with the difficult decision of whether to give Gerritsen another try This is a mediocre book about a terrible subject made worse by clumsy writing about rape VICTIMS not let's be clear survivors and being female in a male world Um not recommended for anyone I've read a lot of trashy thrillers in my time and I will shrug off a lot of iffy things in the interest of mindless entertainment but this set my mind into angry overdrive Not relaxing at all