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EBOOK Ê The Stone Wall æ Beverly Lewis Ery Thankfully Martin Nolt a handsome Mennonite takes the young Beachy Amish woman under his wing for her training familiarizing her with the many local highlights including Peaceful Meadows Horse Retreat which serves children with special needs The retreat's mission so inspires Anna that she returns to volunteer and she uickly strikes up a f I hadn't read a Beverly Lewis book in uite a while So was happy to be able to read one again This is a sweet and different sort of story We have some going back in time events to make for a bit of an interesting storyline It has several different things going on the new tour guide job for Anna taking her away from home and family and her Beachy Amish community Anna working in horse therapy for special needs children and the topic of Alzheimer's So there is a lot of topics to read about and learn about as well So lots of changes and new adventures for AnnaIt was an interesting book but probably not my favorite from this author I did enjoy it and the I read the I got into the book The beginning was probably not as uickly engaging as the author's other booksIt was enjoyable and heartwarming I liked the mystery parts best and the similarities between past and present people in two generations of a family Which is a nice theme as one learns and grows from the past And you will read about the many differences in the different Amish groups And of course the secrets held by the stone wallAnother good Amish readI received a complimentary copy from NetGalley All thoughts are my own

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MOBI º DOC The Stone Wall 9780764233081 Ü NATURALTREATMENT ☆ Anna is eager to begin a new chapter in her life as a Lancaster County tour guide in the picturesue area where her Plain grandmother once stayed Anna wishes she could talk with her grandmother about those long ago days but the elderly woman suffers Riendship with Gabe Allgyer the young Amish widower who manages it As Anna grows closer to both Martin and Gabe she finds herself faced with a difficult choice one in potential conflict with the expectations of her parents Will Anna find true love and the truth about her grandmother's past in Lancaster County? Or will she find only heartbreak I found this book to be a very enjoyable read and it kept my attention from beginning to end You will learn a lot about the Anabaptist faith and the different sects here as we follow a young woman Anna from her home a few hours away to the Lancaster areaThere is a parallel to this story Anna's beloved Grandmother also spent time with a Great Aunt when she was a teenage and fell in love with an Old Order Amish man now that doesn't sound bad does it? Her parents are like most and the want their children raised in their faith and their is a difference between this different Sects Anna belongs to the Beachy AmishNow our girl is recovering from a failed romance and is staying in the Lancaster area with her Old Order cousins and living without electricity but she is still using her car and we watch her bloomYou will be wondering if she will end up with the fellow who has shown her the ropes at her new job or the widow with the little girl Both seems wonderful and although they both worship differently from her they would make great matches Watch or read and see whom she ends up withEnjoyed how the title of this book plays such a great partI received this book through Net Galley and Bethany House Publishers and was not reuired to give a positive review

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The Stone Wall Anna is eager to begin a new chapter in her life as a Lancaster County tour guide in the picturesue area where her Plain grandmother once stayed Anna wishes she could talk with her grandmother about those long ago days but the elderly woman suffers from Alzheimer's and beyond a vague hint about an old stone wall much about that time is a myst A very heart warming and different kind of Amish story than what I'm used to reading Beverly Lewis has a way of making this reader forget that her stories are works of fiction She has a gift of drawing her readers into the story making it seem so real to them I almost felt like a part of the story as I grew to love each character I loved that it was a time split novel that covers a young Beachy Amish girl who temporarily moved to Strasburg in 1948 And 70 years later when her young granddaughter moved to Strasburg and lived in the same area the grandmother had lived Anne Beachy wants something different for her life Recovering from a broken relationship she applies for a job in Strasburg at a Mennonite Information Center She hates to leave her grandma behind especially since she has Alzheimer's disease But when Anne mentions her move to Strasburg her grandma shows interest and tries to tell Anne about waiting to meet someone at a stone wall The past is locked away in Mammi's mind How can Anne help her Grandma find peace about her past If you love Amish Fiction and are a fan of Beverly Lewis I know you will love this story The past and the present come together in this tender story of forbidden romance and Love I highly recommend itI downloaded a Kindle ebook copy of this book to my Hoopla App A review was not reuested All opinions expressed here are my own