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summary The Spy in the Silver Palace ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Blurs are fastMuscles are strongShields have impervious skinMimics can change their appearance And all of them are in danger One Mimic is about to discover that nothing is as it seems in the Empire of Talents Capable of contorting her face to resemEnemy territory Instead she’s sent to work for a frivolous young princess Infiltrating tea parties and collecting palace gossip makes Mica want to kill someone preferably the princess herself but she soon learns there’s to this world than extravagant parties She gets caught up in a web of courtly intrigues and t. Mica is a Mimic one of 4 Talents in the empire; she can change her appearance to look like anyone She has just graduated from the Academy and doesn't get the assignment she was hoping for to travel to the Obsidian kingdom as a spy Instead she is assigned to Princess Jessamyn of the empire Initially Mica thinks all of the assignments the princess gives her are silly social ministrations; but she uickly learns that the politics of court are complex and dangerous especially when she is also tasked with trying to find out why Talents are going missing in the empireThis world was pretty interesting I still don't understand everything especially with regard to the empire's enemy of the Obisidan King but I hope will be explained in future books I liked Mica and especially liked seeing her transform her outlook in her assignment throughout the course of the book At first she is exasperated to be running silly errands for the Princess but once she figures out that her placement in the palace could be beneficial to the empire and her family she changes her tune I'm also interested to see how her friendships with the Princess and Caleb develop in the next book I have my suspicions that they will be tested harshly

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Reacherous secrets When her fellow Talents start disappearing from the empire Mica may be the only one who can uncover their hidden foe and save them all She can change her face but can she play the game From the author of Steel and Fire comes a tale of mystery romance and courtly intrigue in a decadent fantasy empi. the cover tho 😍😍I NEEDS IT

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The Spy in the Silver PalaceBlurs are fastMuscles are strongShields have impervious skinMimics can change their appearance And all of them are in danger One Mimic is about to discover that nothing is as it seems in the Empire of Talents Capable of contorting her face to resemble anyone Mica dreams of using her skills on daring spy missions in. This was a surprising hit Any book that I don't put down within the first 3rd is usually a win with me While sometimes it felt as though nothing was really happening for some reason the mundane details didn't bother me I liked the gradual pacing It's very much a YA fantasy with our lead Mica having just completed training at a school for Impersonators also known as Mimics These uniue Talents can shift form to mimic practically anyone's appearance there are a few limitations In addition to Mimics there are Shields with impervious skin Muscles with superhuman strength and Blurs who you guessed it can move at extraordinary speeds Mica trained at the Academy for 4 years with her end goal after graduation of being assigned as an Imperial spy in their rival kingdom Obsidian Imagine her chagrin when instead of being doled out an assignment as a super spy she lands a place at the side of the pampered princess Jessamyn But as Mica soon begins to realize there are ways to aid the Empire than in enemy territory alone Talents including one of Mica's closest friends are going missing just vanishing without a word No one knows why and there's certainly no one talking about it Once originally thought to be the work of their Obsidian rivals it soon becomes clear that the troubles may be closer to home Mica makes it her mission to find out what's happening even if it seems no one cares including Jessamyn herself Or does the princess know than she is letting on Amidst the courtly machinations and intrigue the plot begins to thicken and it seems that maybe than just the lives of Talents are at stake here Mica at first seems way in over her head but as the book progresses she begins to come into her own Granted she still doesn't strike me as super spy material as she tends to let her emotions overcome her and influence her actions and decisions but she's still so incredibly green that I'm allowing it There's a little bit of spy work there's a little bit of blood and violence and there's just a tiny smidgen of romance though my ship from the beginning has not yet yielded fruitlike at all Hmmmmmm I wasn't expecting that ending exactly and I'm really interested to see how the author plays it out On to Book 2If you are looking for a new clean YA fantasy series to start maybe try this one on for size