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The Skystone Free download ↠ 102 ð How do you find a new way to approach a story as familiar as any in the English language If you're Jack Whyte you begin your retelling of the Arthurian saga by taking one giant step backward to the latter days of the Roman Empire in Britain sometime between the first breaching of Hadrian's Wall and the legendaryHow do you find a new way to approach a story as familiar as any in the English language If you're Jack Whyte you begin your retelling of the Arthurian saga by taking one giant step backward to the latter days of the Roman Empire in Britain sometime between the first breaching of Hadrian's Wall and the legendary days of King Arthur Publius Varrus is the last legionnaire in Brita. The Roman Empire is on the verge of total collapse For the thousands of Romans and other peoples spread out across the known world the cornerstone of civilisation is crumbling And in the colony of Britannia two ageing soldiers plan for the future in the event of the withdrawal of the legions and what they perceive as the end of the world The Skystone is the first book in a series that’s much historical fiction than fantasy even though I found it on the fantasy shelves of a Washington bookstore Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles provide a new perspective to what is arguably the most popular fictional legendarium in human history the Arthurian mythos Instead of filling the pages with magic and prophecy Whyte shows us how the life and legend of King Arthur and his companions might really have come aboutThis first book has virtually nothing of Arthurian legend in it The protagonists are Publius Varrus and Caius Britannicus and their efforts to create a life for themselves and a future existence for their families after the fall of Roman Britain Of course their search for the enigmatic skystones causes both an encounter with the king of the Pendragon clan and the creation of a statue known as the Lady of the Lake but other than that this is a preparation for the Arthurian legend part of the story than an actual part of it The Skystone is hardly an epic book Because of its very limited scope and cast of characters and heavy focus on character interaction rather than plot development it feels like reading a TV show Without any disrespect meant to TV shows that made it rather boringOverall though this is an excellent introduction to a new view on Arthurian legend and the series as a whole is a marvellously entertaining read

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In and The Skystone is in many ways his story He is a common man with aristocratic friends and successful both as a soldier and an ironsmith As the Roman world slowly crumbles around them and Publius becomes involved in a political and personal vendetta he and his friends seek to establish a refuge a valley where the old Roman virtues will be kept alive and the empire's many fau. The Legend of Arthur and of his Knights of the Round Table were among the first stories I read for pleasure and not as a school assignment I re read them so many times in those early days that now I feel I am still entirely too familiar with the myths and I don’t need a refresher course But Jack Whyte has an added incentive in trying to bridge the gap between the last days of the Roman Empire and start of the Viking raiding parties He starts the familiar story a few generations earlierRecently I was satisfied to read a couple of good series dealing with early Middle Age “ The Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell and the Aelric novels by Richard Blake both unfinished Jack Whyte has here a good companion for these historical epics both because of the period covered and because of the similar uality of the writing I would throw in a third name also deservedly famous in the historical romance field in order to convey a better image of the sort of novel this first Camulod episode is Ken Follett Whyte reminds me of Pillars of the Earth somehow in the grandiose scope and attention to detail but also less positively in the bodice ripper soap opera vibe that may act as a major attraction to some readers but for me it dates the book very accurately to the early 90’s when such lurid almost cringe worthy descriptions of sex and rapture were common both in popular novels and in cinema A sort of ‘Emmanuelle’ set in the late 4th centuryI have used a long introduction because at the end of the lecture I discovered I don’t really have any spectacular scenes inspiring writing or edgy uotes bookmarked NadaIt doesn’t necessarily mean the book was bland or poorly written but it does suggest the fact it will not make a splash on my end of the year top list Nevertheless I did spend long reading sessions with the book turning pages compulsively and deciding to read just one chapter before going to sleep which demonstrates that1 – Jack Whyte is a gifted storyteller who knows his history and is able to invent and imagine in the places where the sources of actual information are minimal2 – I am really interested in the setting enough to ignore standard fare in terms of characterization and plotThe title of the first episode is relevant enough to be used as the centerpiece for a synopsis Publius Varrus is a professional soldier in one of the Roman legions in Britain His martial prowess has raised him to the highest position a non commissioned soldier can achieve that of ‘primus pilus’ or first lance When Publius receives a life threatening and crippling wound in an ambush while saving the life of his commander Caius Brittanicus he retires to Colchester his former city on the coast where he inherited a forge and a special white metal dagger from his grandfather This dagger is made with material from a meteorite and Publius dreams of finding another such skystone of fire and of making a sword that would be renowned through the ages A combination of mortal danger when Publius beats up a despicable Roman senator and a sponsorship from his former legion commander Caius will lead the re profiled soldier into blacksmith to an isolated colony in the south west part of Britain There Caius will eventually find rumours of a large meteorite in a hidden valley and a voluptuous lady that might become the love of his lifeThe famous names every reader is familiar with Arthur Camelot Excalibur Merlin Guinevere etc do not make an appearance in this first volume of the series which is concerned with details of Roman legion structure iron smithing and bedroom sports Still there is a Celtic tribe in the neighborhood ruled by a colourful king named Ullic Pendragon which is a sort of strong giveaway of things to comeI liked the subject well enough for me to already pick up the second book in the series Among the things I would like to find out in that book are better descriptions of actual battles not only mentions of conflicts happening somewhere off screen or having the main character pass out at the start of the bout Cornwell really excels at details of tactics deployment of troops and vivid descriptions of personal combat Whyte reads like he is still trying to find his voice and is interested in trivia about the period I would also like to have a better description of the Celts Picts and Saxon cultures not only of the Romans In short less talk less gratuitous sex and action Hopefully “The Singing Sword” will deliver

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The SkystoneLts be avoided A finely crafted historical novel The Skystone pays close attention to the details of everyday life in fourth century Britain As the first book in Whyte's Camulod Chronicles it makes few allusions to the usual details of the Arthurian legends until Publius comes into contact with a sword a stone a lake and a Celtic tribe who name themselves Pendragon Greg L Johnso. I can only rate this one a mediocre 3 star read The storytelling was very descriptive and meandering and while I could settle down for the easy slow pace I wanted There were some pretty good action scenes where I felt like we were getting rolling and then it would slow down again to a descriptive slow pace I don't generally mind a slower pace and felt like I could settle in and continue on with some extra patience on my part Then we would hit a sex scene and man did it feel self indulgent Whyte's descriptive style continued on into the sex scenes and the one flirtatious scene I read and I completely felt like I was literally thrust into the author's own personal fantasies TMI for me Obviously sex happens and I'm okay with it I'm not okay with reading other people's indulgent fantasies though These parts literally rate a 1 star for me After having read 3 such scenes up to just over the 12 way point I decided to toss the book and give it what I feel is a fair rating I really should knock a star off for not finishing itEdit 10212012Decided to change rating to a 2 star after sitting on it for a few days It really isn't a book I enjoyed enough to recommend to others