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Download Mobi ↠ The Singing 454 pages à Naturaltreatment ß The climactic volume of the epic uartet follows the Bards of Edil Amarandh on a vital uest to merge their powers against a nameless evil In an increasingly battle ravaged land Maerad Cadvan and Hem desperately search for one another as they make their sThe climactic volume of the epic uartet follows the Bards of Edil Amarandh on a vital uest to merge their powers against a nameless evil In an increasingly battle ravaged land Maerad Cadvan and Hem desperately search for one another as they make their separate jou My first thought is aw come on That's it? But not really I have to ualify Allison has a very poetic lyrical language and is master of bringing her thoughts to life Her language is powerful and exciting The main plot was a satisfying conclusion to the story HOWEVERSpoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler AlertI simply can't review this book without telling you about my disappointment of the way the sub plot of Cadvan and Maerad's story ends It's like she forgot to write the end of the chapter I even flipped over the last page as I read it making sure that I hadn't missed something or that there had been some sort of misprint Here I have to read through 1400 pages of painfully detailed landscape and travel description to find out if the two end up together and then all I get is there was no need for words but they spoke much nonethelessand I never find out what they speak about Seriously? Lame She added a little to what happened to them in her appendix but it was also not satisfying I wanted to know why Cadvan loved Maerad and when he started to love her and why he hadn't said anything before And what exactly happened to the Nameless One? And why did the Bards still have their powers? All these uestions remained unanswered It was a bit disappointing I admit

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Rneys The Black Army is advancing north and even as Maerad faces a mighty confrontation with the Landrost to save Innail all of the Seven Kingdoms are threatened with bitter and devastating defeat Yet in Maerad and Hem lives the secret to the mysterious Singing an Spoilery? YeahFor a series that started out with Maerad and her being The One the sections of this book that focused on her brother were much interesting with much warmth and movement I don't mind a bit of road trip in my storiesCroggon still manages to hit all the fantasy tropes without being self conscious about it without too much effort Hem saves someone he loves from an incurable disease Maerad suddenly works out how to defeat the Elemental that held her captive for a good chunk of The Riddle and then they meet up and save the world Pretty much as I expected it to go but I still found myself skimming Maerad's parts in order to get back to Hem and SalimanAlthough it's written as a 'look what historians dug up we don't know the full story' I want to know what happened to the bad guys who were human? Did they puff off into smoke and ash like The Nameless One? Are the Elementals still there? How did the events of the book affect the other people Maerad met in the second book? Too many un wrapped up threadsThe worst part and this is petty is that there was no payoff on the MaeradCadvan story All the cliches were in place down to the third party telling Maerad that Cadvan is in love with her DUH while she obviously freaks out and decides that he's not so bad And then the end when she's done saving the world and nearly dies but of course doesn't THERE IS NO KISS Well there's a kiss told in flashback There's no acknowledgement of a relationship there is no conversation between them at all It's hardly fair to come through four books of fantasy cliche and then the one that I don't really mind doesn't get played out at all

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The SingingD legend holds that if they release the music of Elidhu together they have the power to defeat the Nameless One Can brother and sister find each other in time to fight this all powerful enemy and are they strong enough even reunited to defeat him before all is los I can't even remember the last time I read a whole series and gave five stars to every book But these books are that good Alison Croggon is a gifted writer and her prose is beautiful without lacking clarity The songspoems are some of my favorite parts The story is urgent and absorbing I love the Bards and their cities and the different landscapes described except the barren evil places of courseThis is high fantasy magical people fighting for the greater good The books have many themes in common with Tolkien Star Wars and even Harry Potter But I loved the story and the characters and the writing enough that I did not care Is it even possible to write something entirely new to this world?Content for the series language is clean as far as I can remember; there is violence and darkness but much discussion about conseuences of actions; the main character gets her period in the first book and attempted rape is mentioned; there is no sex and hardly any romance until the very end of the series I would think ages 12 14 and up would be fine to read these books I did not find these books offensive and I am pretty sensitive about adult content2017 Re read Liked the series almost as much the second time around