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The Sacrificial Man Cate Austin #2 review î 103 è FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER THE WOMAN BEFORE ME What I want to say is that suicide is my choice No one else is to blame Man seeks beautiful woman for the journey of a lifetime Will you help me to dieWhen Probation Officer Cate Austin is given her new assignment sheIle case of her career Alice Mariani is charged with assisted suicide and Cate must recommend a sentenceAlice insists her story is one of misinterpreted love forcing those around her to analyse their own lives Who is to decide what is normal and when does loyalty turn to obsessionInvestigating the loophole. The story of a woman charged with murder for her role in an assisted suicide Is this murder or compassion Such is an ethical dilemma for our time but here the implications are deeper for the woman consumed some of the dead man's flesh Was this just offering a merciful helping hand or something sinister The uestion is not only if a crime was committed but if so is the culprit sane and how much of a punishment does she deserve It is up to her probation officer to recommend a sentence The plot largely traces and reveals the motives of the characters involved The novel has so many secrets that get revealed Some are subtle and made me grin at the author's craft At least one made my jaw completely drop to the floor The point of view switches often from first person to third to prose to chat messages to journal Normally when I would see something written in this manner I would think it was too complicated and took too much work to read Not so here It blended together seamlessly and I looked forward to each change of pace It was like a multi media experienceThe narcissism of the first person narratormurderer in uestion is unforgettable and done with a style that you won't soon forget Every character in the novel is shades of grey and everything comes from something The reader gets flashbacks to the narrator's time as a child that is full of emotion There was a sharp realism here that is touching but none of it bubbled up from the suds of soap opery moments Whatever degree of blame and guilt you find with her you will feel sympathy I reuested and was accepted this novel on netgalley partly because I was looking for a Gillian Flynn like experience If Gillian Flynn ever goes missing the first place one should look is my own basement As I read I The Sacrificial Man I first thought 'no this isn't Gillian' then I thought 'heck yeah this is Gillian's twin' and then I found the author had a voice all of her own Overall this is a fantastic story with writing that is lyrical flowing and elouent yet with an unmistakeable edge

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That lies between murder and euthanasia Cate must now meet the woman who agreed to comply with her lover's final reuest Shocking revelations expose bitter truths that can no longer be ignoredA clever sophisticated psychological thriller perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn SJ Watson B A Paris and Sophie Hannah. This is the second book in the Cate Austin series by author Ruth Dugdall but works as a stand alone novelI love the writing of Ruth Dugdall and I am yet to be disappointed I first read her novel 'Humber Boy B'and was totally hooked and since then have eagerly awaited the next book 'The Sacrificial Man' is another book featuring probation officer Cate Austin who is given the task of recommending a sentence for Alice Mariani who is charged with assisted suicide Investigating the loophole that lies between murder and euthanasia Cate must meet the woman who agreed to her lover's dying wishA much under rated author who certainly deserves plaudits

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The Sacrificial Man Cate Austin #2FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER THE WOMAN BEFORE ME What I want to say is that suicide is my choice No one else is to blame Man seeks beautiful woman for the journey of a lifetime Will you help me to dieWhen Probation Officer Cate Austin is given her new assignment she faces the highest prof. Reading this book was like a drug I could not put it down but then I wanted to to experience the “highs” of the plot Dark twisted and deep I was reluctant to stop reading but needed to; not only to absorb the plot but to fully appreciate Dugdall’s writing This truly was a winning bookI haven’t read a book that explores the role of the Probation Officer Cate is in charge of writing the final report on Alice determining her sentence for assisting with the death of Smith So as far as readers are concerned we have a victim a perpetrator a crime and a pending sentence However as Dugdall and Alice reveal the true story behind Smith’s death it becomes apparent that all is not what it seems The plot ambiguities were delightful and I relished in not knowing what Dugdall would do next to the developmentUndoubtedly this is a dark story I mean with the theme of cannibalism you can expect there to be some pretty gruesome scenes Some were uite toe curling however Dugdall does not go completely gory I can hardly argue that it is “tasteful” if you read the book – and you should – then you will know what I mean with that but it isn’t glorified or extended for the sake of prolonging the narrative Gore where it was reuired not for gore’s sakeWhilst this is the second of a series I did not notice this at all Dugdall explores some of Cate’s background but she is hardly the lynchpin to understanding the story I wonder if the first book delves into her as a character Yet this was hardly necessary when Alice is such a fascinating person to read about The narrative does switch viewpoints and time scales but this is all part of learning how and why Alice came to assist with a suicideThis novel covers a controversial topic but the crime theme makes it an interesting exploration The writing is rich and vivid; I felt like I could imagine Alice sitting with me as I read this book although many a time I wish she were not there Conseuently I think I can honestly say that I will have to sit and “digest” this story This is uite unlike me but Dugdall’s writing is so powerful that I want to immerse myself in it a bit longer even after the final page has been turnedI’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to read this book So unexpected but so thrilling at the same time It was a real page turner and I could not have foreseen how emotionally immersed I would have become in the storyI received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review With thanks to everyone at Legend Press and Ruth Dugdall for allowing me to participate in this blog tour