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REVIEW The Rowan The Tower and the Hive #1 î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê Told in the timeless style of Anne McCaffrey The Rowan is the first installment in a wonderful trilogy This is sci fi at its best a contemporary love story as well as an engrossing view of our world in the futureThe kinetically gifted traiNtercepts an urgent mental call from Jeff Raven a young Prime Talent on distant Deneb She convinces the other Primes to merge their powers with hers to help fight off an attack by invading aliens Her growing relationship with Jeff gives her the courage to break her status imposed isolation and choose the rewarding world of love and fami. Even the critical reviews here on Goodreads point out that at least the book starts off well I would have to disagree Apart from the absurdity of people moving spaceships with their minds is the bizarre writing style The author uses lots of ten dollar SAT words but then employs basic vocabulary in confusingly imprecise fashion for example calling a 3 year old an infant in conversations where a pediatrician is present If you are going to dig through the dictionary then look at the definitions and the nuances of meaning that distinguish similar words from each other

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Alone these few Prime Talents transport ships cargo and people between Earth's Moon Mars' Demos and Jupiter's CallistoAn orphaned young girl simply called The Rowan is discovered to have superior telepathic potential and is trained to become Prime Talent on Callisto After years of self sacrificing dedication to her position The Rowan i. I was surprised to learn this book was published in 1990 Judging by the cover artwork anemic female lead and awkwardly drafted prose I suspected it might have been a uickly thrown together pulp paperback from the early 1950s The premise is interesting but most of The Rowan reads like an unfinished early draft or excruciatingly bad fan fiction grafted on top of a ridiculous Roger Corman movieThis is my first time reading anything by Anne McCaffrey All I knew of her was that she wrote a popular fantasy series about people riding dragons Recently I've been comparing stories by various authors about telepathic characters A Google search for best novels about telepathy popped out The Rowan at the top of the list with Charlaine Harris It belongs on an different list of worst novels ever publishedIt's difficult to suare the incredibly poor writing in this story with McCaffrey's commercial success By this I don't mean simply uninspired writing which can be found in some popular books but the kind of undecipherable and awkward writing that makes a story rather difficult to follow In the distant future some humans develop a powerful form of telepathy and telekinesis By hurling spaceships and freight around at faster than light speeds they settled multiple star systems When sudden floods on the planet Altair trap a three year old girl in a mudslide she cries out for help with such enormous telepathic force that the entire planet can hear her This girl known as the Rowan might turn out to be the strongest telepath in the galaxySounds like an interesting book right I thought so Unfortunately within the first couple chapters McCaffrey introduces dozens of named characters and jump cuts abruptly through stilted conversations of vague people in vague locations on a vague planet within a vague interstellar culture By vague I mean everything is described in such general terms that I could barely follow what was happening let alone form a vivid image of the characters interacting with their world The concert was very good indeed with three bands and some extremely clever light and sound variations much sophisticated than the Favor Bay recital In the first half of the book the author rarely focuses on any scene or character long enough for us to care about them or even form an understanding of the society they live in More than anything else by their stodgy speech patterns and interest in getting a nice tan finding chaperones or freshening up for Hotel Dances etc I suppose they seem plucked from 1940s or 50s Hollywood B movies Glor ree Do I have to land all that mass there myself No Lamebrain I'll pick it up at 2457882 the lazy rich baritone voice drawled in every mind that nice little convenient black dwarf midway You won't need to strain a single neuron in your pretty little skull The silence was deafening Well I'll be came from the Rowan Of course you are sweetheart just push that nice little package out my way Or is it too much for you The drawl was solicitous rather than insulting You'll get your package replied the Rowan and the dynamos keened piercingly just once as the ten tonnes disappeared out of the cradle Why you little minx slow it down or I'll burn your ears back Come out and catch it The Rowan's laugh broke off in a gasp of surprise and Ackerman could feel her slamming up her mental shields I want that stuff in one piece not smeared a millimeter thin on the surface my dear the voice said sternly OK I've got it Thanks We need this Hey who the blazes are you What's your placement Deneb VIII my dear and a busy boy right now Ta ta About a third of the way into the book the Rowan visits a resort town and runs into Turian a sailboat captain who was her girlhood crush Although there is no connective tissue with sailing boats and the rest of the story at least for the first time we have the semblance of an actual narrative scene with some interesting conflict as the protagonist tries to hide her identity and abilities from him while learning to sail on rough seas Prior to the scene with Turian and in much that follows The Rowan reads like a transcription of someone's rambling improvised storytelling session about telekinetic stevedores It feels like a very early draft sort of made up on the fly with no editing or reshaping into a cohesive novel It's hard to imagine any editor actually read this and signed off It was painful going getting through this book She may be Prime material but she's also a young girl and that side of her development shouldn't be neglected as ' Lusena tactfully broke off 'I think a few words in the ear of the Medical Office might produce some results especially if Bralla' and the Interior winked at the woman 'and Gerolaman notice that the Rowan is becoming listless with no appetite you know the sort of thing that can afflict the overextended youngster Lusena' 'Indeed I do' 'Ill' Siglen's eyes enlarged while she also appeared to compress herself 'How is the child ill' Rarely indisposed herself Siglen had no patience with sickness 'Well as you know Siglen girls her age are prone to minor ailments and I do think she's sickening for something' Bralla remarked 'Why you know yourself that her appetite's been poor these past few days You might suggest to Lusena to remove her until the symptoms disappear' 'To the infirmary' 'Well a full medical check never hurts' Bralla replied 'I'll make arrangements immediately' So the Rowan was given an official leave to improve her health Siglen practically ordering her out of the Tower After her brief romance with Turian the Rowan is assigned to become the Prime of Jupiter's moon Callisto Primes are the most powerful of all with not only telekinetic ability but the capacity to instantly teleport starships and even themselves across the galaxy Each key transportation hub has a Prime assigned to launch or receive vehicles and freightThe Rowan works 10 years as a glorified stevedore and then one day Jeff Raven reaches out to her from the Deneb system 2600 light years from Earth according to Google and begins flirting with her while they liaise about freight shipments She uickly falls for his Bing Crosby like 1950s wit and tries to seduce him with her cooking WTF The most powerful being in the universe must prove her worth as a person by cooking her man a hot meal If there were at least some sense of the irony it might be interesting but this is one of the least self aware works of fiction I've ever read I'll fix a meal guaranteed to raise all known energy levels Then you may sleep as long as you need to' She 'saw' him as he shucked off his clothing very privately she compared him to Turian's heavier build and the Captain's deep tan Then she decided that she liked his spare build lean muscled back and narrow hips; bulky people irritated her With good reason Jeff remarked as he eased himself into the steaming pool She had half expected him to dive in for it was deep enough and heard his denying chuckle Another time he told her with a sigh of total relaxation as he floated Fix me that food love or I' ll starve to death in my sleep She sent the water pillow to hold up his head and felt her lips tingle with an impressed kiss She smiled as she collected the necessary foodstuffs from storage Siglen may have adored eating for its own sake but the Rowan had learned the fundamentals of good nutrition and the value of well prepared and presented food 'What will people think of me when they see you so thin Rowan Eat It's really delicious If you'd only force yourself to eat ' Siglen's wheedling tone resounded in the Rowan's ears It was however infinitely satisfying to prepare something for Jeff Raven So involved was she in making certain that all nutritional elements had balanced tastefully that the Rowan was astonished to feel the rhythms of profound sleep emanating from her lover A moment's piue was soothed by her realization that she would indeed have all the time in the world to prove her worth as a cook McCaffrey describes Jeff Raven as the most charming guy in the Milky Way and freuently tells the reader how he charmed this person and that person but in the actual dialogue that she wrote for him he doesn't seem charming at all like someone's cheesy impression of a 1950s actor He did a repeat of his act at Callisto Station only this time the Rowan listened in Just to see how he managed to charm so many people so completely in so short a time He imaged her as a tiny mascot tucked over his ear as he talked Gerolaman into a buoyant mood He was nearly as fast charming both Bastian and Maharanjani despite the fact that they had recognized him as heavy Talent and suspected his true identity There are at least a few decent scenes that follow twice Jeff's planet is at

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The Rowan The Tower and the Hive #1Told in the timeless style of Anne McCaffrey The Rowan is the first installment in a wonderful trilogy This is sci fi at its best a contemporary love story as well as an engrossing view of our world in the futureThe kinetically gifted trained in mindmachine gestalt are the most valued citizens of the Nine Star League Using mental powers. Look I read a lot of McCaffrey when I was younger; I adored Pern enjoyed Acorna and even attempted Acorna's Children despite my deep fear of plagues and dislike of plague plots in fiction I never got around to The Rowan I think largely because it had Sexy Women on the front and I knew that as a middle schooler that was not the kind of book I should be carrying around But nearly 10 years down the line here I am having tracked this book down in a uest to whittle away at my To Read shelfAnd boy am I glad I didn't read it as a kid Feeling this disappointed with an author I had loved is bad enough but if I had loved the book This would have been devastatingwith full acknowledgement of all of the frankly fucked up views Anne McCaffrey held I still like some of her work and nearly cried when I heard she had passed awayThis book is just bad There's no other word for it As other reviewers have commented it's interesting for about the first third but then rapidly degenerates as if McCaffrey forgot what a book is or that plot and character development and conflict are key parts of a story in the frankly incomprehensible desire to push the character of Jeff Raven to center stageLet's be real here Jeff Raven ruined this entire story You see that plot synopsis about how the Rowan was destined to be the greatest Talent Bullshit Jeff Raven is stronger than she is Not only that but he's got no weaknesses the Rowan in one of the few examples of conflict this book has to offer fights to overcome a fear of space travel but Jeff can already do it right off the bat As a super special bonus he denigrates her for being afraid and struggling with that fear He's charming and attractive despite being incredibly overbearing and patronizing A single contact with his mind and the Rowan is in love and everything interesting about her is thrown out the window Before his arrival she was powerful but flawed prone to brattishness fear and insecurity; after she's mellowed and complacent and consistently plays second fiddleThis could have been a character study of its titular character McCaffrey could have explored the very real effects of the trauma Rowan suffered as a child her effective indentured servitude to FTT and the limits thereof because it was never clear how much freedom a Prime had to say 'no' the structure of a society with all of these mental abilities but instead there's a ham fisted 'romance' and an even ham fisted alien threat both of which are resolved uickly and without any struggle at all If this were a debut novel I'd ask if the writer had ever heard of a try fail cycle but Dragonflight came out over 20 years before thisThere's no excuse There's really notSome thoughts on McCaffrey's bizarre attitudes towards sex belowview spoilerHaving read a lot of her work before I wasn't entirely unprepared but goddamn does the way she treats sex and romance have deep rooted issues There's the casual brushing off of women who aren't sexually activesexy Capella Siglen as somehow lesser and out of touch with their emotions which I kind of expect from sci fi writers of a certain age anyway but then pretty much as soon as Jeff and Rowan meet in person they fall into bed You could write this off as their mind meld thing having already told them everything they needed to know about each other but we don't really see that intimacy it's just that they're suddenly in love and then they're even suddenly fucking and the cherry on top of the cake is that they can basically engage in mind sex or at least mind foreplay pretty much all the timeWhich Jeff does Whenever he feels like it His behavior is basically if he were physically present he'd be feeling Rowan up at work or outright fingering her There's no conversation about consent about whether he should be trying to get her turned on while she's at work or whether she's okay with him having that kind of control over her body It's honestly really creepy especially since it feels like they don't really know each other at all and because the Rowan generally becomes passive and pliant around him as the book progresses Moreover she never returns the favor which creates this godawful setup in which the hero has constant sexual access to the heroine's body and she's only allowed to express her sexuality when he's already initiated it it's a sharp contrast with the first portion of the book in which she sets out to seduce an older man and succeeds where did that Rowan goAnd then there's the retrieval of her memories A lot of negative reviews have talked about this but it's honestly so awful that I have to add my voice to the chorus what the FUCK happened here Bad enough that he shows up furious with her for trying to help his planet what but that he then uses that as impetus to tear her brain apart just makes it so much worse The whole paragraph is shockingly violentJeff's tone had abruptly altered and his eyes narrowed He caught her by the shoulders then and before she guessed his intention he had pierced through every layer of privacy in her mind She cried out at the force of his mental penetration as he also broke through the block that had remained intact against every other invasionIt's pretty clear from the way that this is written that howevermuch McCaffrey writes about his 'tenderness' afterward this was not a loving gesture This was a brutish exercise of power in which Jeff used his strength to try and fix her but never bothered to ask if she wanted to be fixed or if she was comfortable with the intrusion Moreover he never faces conseuences for this never has to apologize for his methods or his presumption It's another manifestation of that entitlement McCaffrey gave him to the Rowan's mind and body and it's honestly terrifying It's also an example of plot points being overcome without effort there's no technical skill reuired just raw force and the Rowan barely struggles with the restoration of her memories Why does no one have to work at anything in this damn book hide spoiler