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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK A Obscena Senhora D ´ NATURALTREATMENT » The English language debut of one of Brazil’s leading writers of the twentieth century The Obscene Madame D is the first work by acclaimed Brazilian author Hilda Hilst to be published in English Radically irreverent and formally impious this novel portrays Cently deceased lover who cannot comprehend her rejection of common sense sex and a simple life in favor of metaphysical speculations that he supposes to be delusional and vainIf Lispector's psychotic heroines careen towards Mars Hilst's Madame D in her flight from the body's 'unparalleled glimmer' implodes Her god is too small too obscene to halt her descent into Hell This brief lyrical and scalding account of a mind unhinged recalls the passio This is the 1st book read for the latin american literature month Though it only starts in March there are many books that I want to read in March that are big and complex like Rayuela which will take uite a bit of my time So I am starting to read some of the books and this is one of themI won't promise I'll review all the books of March but I'll tryTHE OBSCENE MADAME D by HILDA HILST The reason why I recommend for readers and lovers of Joyce it is because of the writing techniues Though we do not have the mastery of James Joyce he was one great genius in the start of the 20th century and his most famous book Ulysses is ranked by Modern Library the best book of the 20th century we have a great use of stream of consciousness a really different one that I would describe as frenetic At first sight it might seem challenging but the way Hilst writes it is really fluid and addicting at least to me but I do love stream of consciousness And the reason I do not recommend for readers of Woolf and not of Joyce it is because probably the reason you don't like Joyce is because of the raw descriptions of private parts swearing etc as Virginia Woolf stated upon reading Ulysses Joyce had a cloacal obsession And so many believe MRS DALLOWAY is an answer to ULYSSES But before we get into THE OBSCENE MADAME D I'll talk about the authorHILDA HILST was born on April 30th of 1930 and died on February 4th of 2004 Hilst was a brazilian poet author and playwright and she is considered by critics one of the best writers of the portugue language of the 20th century She started her writing career by poetry and only then she started writing prose Her books were not sold and she knew that her books were of good uality The society even saw her as a freak when she and her husband went to a house in the middle of nowhere where she did several attempts to record voices of the dead She was even seen as slut because she believed that you could talk whatever you wanted in the way you wanted in OBSCENE MADAME D Hilst swears uite a bit and she thought you should not be ashamed of sex which is a continuous motif on her works Because her works were not selling she said she was giving the good literature to God and she got into her shocking period where she wrote erotica and books about shocking themes like paedophilia I have not read books from that period but it is said that even though they are meant to be shocking she still adds a lot of meaning to those books and important themes Those books helped HILDA HILST to be known and the books that she considered good literature were recognized by critics and she was consecrated as one of the best writers of the 20th centuryNow about the bookTHE OBSCENE MADAME D is about a woman in her sixties and she is at the corner of the stairs like Harry Potter I don't know the name of the thing and it is 90 pages in her thoughts We know that her husband has died we don't know when and that had a great impact on her sanity and mental stability We understand that because of the frenetic stream of consciousness and by the stream of consciousness we know by her neighbours that she has some strange actions like scaring kids and other things

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The English language debut of one of Brazil’s leading writers of the twentieth century The Obscene Madame D is the first work by acclaimed Brazilian author Hilda Hilst to be published in English Radically irreverent and formally impious this novel portrays an unyielding radical intelligence a sixty year old woman who decides to live in the recess under the stairs In her diminutive space Madame D for dereliction relives the perplexity of her re Holy Mary yes A long story about a woman who for fairly obscure reasons hides under the stairs and wears crazy masks Whose husband is disturbed by this but stays by her It sounds ridiculous but is in fact heartbreaking fascinating and hilarious kind of like Thomas Bernhard if he was imaginative ie if he had any imagination at all Hilst takes on small issues like you know god and existence and evil and madness and love without ever seeming like she's avoiding concrete concerns rather the concrete concerns are tied up in all of these others Nathanael's translation is beautiful reading far less difficult than I had expected where does Evil come from Fathermisterium iniuitatis Madame D we have been struggling for millenia to find the answer good and evil all coexist the body of Evil is separate from the divinewho created the body of EvilMadame D Evil was not created it took place burns like the red poker and when it wants it cools turn to frost turns to snow it has many masks and speaking of masks would you mind getting rid of yours and bringing peace back to the neighborhood My only complain is with the introduction which somewhat predictably turns this remarkable piece into post structuralist fable But it takes seriously the problems that post structuralist thinkers too often want to dismiss and as such is much much than a rehash of that roughly contemporaneous school of thought

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A Obscena Senhora DNate urgency of Artaud and de Sade's waking dreams in which sex and death are forever conjoined and love's 'vivid time' irretrievably lost Rikki DucornetLike her friend and admirer Clarice Lispector Hilda Hilst was a passionate explorer of the sacred and the profane the pure and the obscene and shows in this discomfiting hypnotic work just how rarely those categories are what they seem The translation is excellent what a rare relief Benjamin Mos A few days ago I went to my friend's house and there was a copy of this book For some reason that I don't know at all I took it up and started rereading it That was probably one of the wisest choices I've made that day because by reading HH you feel something only few writers can provideHer writing style may seem weird at the beggining but once you get used to it it feels like you've been absorbed by the book and led to a world of fully awareness of how the language can work and how transgressing the rules imposed by the grammar produce a meaning that otherwise couldn't be achievedUnfortunately there's not so many book by her translated into English mostly are translated to French On the other hand this book The obscene madame D regarded as her masterpiece in prose has a version in English language I've never read it so I can't say if the translation is satisfactory or notEven though that transgression aforesaid is probably lost in the proccess of translation the philosophical metaphysical and existencialist content make the reading strongly worthyFurther having the experience of reading such kind of writing temptate us for we I hope all of us are always seeking new experiences And those who like reading are certainly searching for unusual but poetic types of styles