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Download The Magician King Mobi Ê 542 pages Å Lev grossman  ' The Magicians is to Harry Potter as a shot of Irish whiskey is to a glass of weak tea dark and dangerous and full of twists' – GEORGE R R MARTINTHE BOOKS BEHIND THE HIT SYFY SHOWMeet uentin Coldwater king of the bizarre and wonderful land of Fillo' The Magicians is to Harry Potter as a shot of Irish whiskey is to a glass of weak tea dark and dangerous and full of twists' – GEORGE R R MARTINTHE BOOKS BEHIND THE HIT SYFY SHOWMeet uentin Coldwater king of the bizarre and wonderful land of Fillory But he is getting restless even in heaven a man needs a little adventure So when a steward is murdered on a morning's hunt uentin gets exactly that But this uest is like no other What starts as a glorified cruise to faraway lands soon becomes the stuff of nightmaresBut uentin was once a man from modern day Earth where The Continuing Adventures of a Smug Magical Asshole as written by An Asshole and now featuring The New Adventures of a Completely Self Absorbed Bitchi suppose i understand the acclaim that has been heaped on Grossman he is playing with tropes as his characters play with magic he has a puckish sensibility that makes reading his series a tart and spiky experience his tone is breezily casual and entirely unsentimental and since Snark is the New Law of the New Millenium the snark that is delivered in spades throughout his novels probably lets many readers off the hook of reading genre fiction everything is delivered neatly wrapped up within a knowing eye rolling jaded wrapping paper this gift can be unwrapped at sophisticated dinner parties and the reader won't have to suffer any kind of embarrassment over reading and talking about Fantasybut i had to do a lot of eye rolling of my own it's not as if The Magician King is just about a shallow little prick who views everything and i mean Everything around him with disdain i probably would have less of an issue with this book if it were simply about an unsympathetic protagonist but nope the author himself makes it clear that he is officially on the side of cynical snarky assholery it is all in the writing itself and not just in the voice of our tedious hero i can start with the ending where banality has been substituted for actual meaning and resonance but the problem is endemic to the entire narrative people and places are described in the same shallow smirky insulting manner as if the book was actually written by our tedious hero a bit of the jokiness scores; most of it just falls flat with a thud like the irritating oh so clever commentary of some overly intellectual prick at a party going on and on about how pedestrian tv is how terrible music is these days how pop culture is for idiots how he's been there done that and there were so many tourists and it was all so predictable and banal and now he's rolling his eyes and arching his eyebrows and i just want to smack the bullshit right out of him in short this novel lacks SINCERITYokay enough of the complaints there is still a lot to enjoy first off new co protagonist The Completely Self Absorbed Bitch is actually pretty interesting and her parallel flashback adventures are often enthralling the way that the parallel narratives of our heroine's past and our hero's present eventually dovetail into one narrative is clever and uite elegantly structured an island battle is genuinely thrilling the novel's major set piece where a bunch of brilliant but mentally ill magicians conjure up an actual god is pretty awesome and very upsetting the story of young Benedict is also uite well done there is genuine tragedy and sadness there in a way that really stands out from the rest of the narrative and extra points for portraying rape without even the slightest bit of offensive sexinessi was happy to see my favorite characters from the prior novel Penny and that novel's superb villain Martin Chatwin both return in a couple excellent cameos and many of the ideas are wonderful in particular the Neitherlands dragons Venice the return of the old gods magical halfway houses a magical ship magicians who have somehow transitioned into higher beings the seven golden keys a sloth the Customs Agent and especially her daughter and i'm probably missing a few eually choice nuggets The Magician King is deeply flawed and its juvenile tone may be instantly dismissable; it is also practically brimming over with a host of smart fun and intriguing moments much like a creative outsider type teenager full of unearned cynicism and irritating snarkiness but also full of vibrant energy a host of ideas and a fresh sometimes even brilliant way of looking at thingsso when all is said and done i'd actually recommend this book as an interesting and often enjoyable experience but i'd have to give a big disclaimer before recommending it a disclaimer delivered with a little snark and a lot of eye rolling

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ERN author of THE NIGHT CIRCUS' The Magicians ought to be reuired reading Lev Grossman has written a terrific at times almost painfully perceptive novel of the fantastic' – KELLY LINK'The best fantasy trilogy of the decade' – CHARLES STROSS' The Magicians is angst ridden bleak occasionally joyous and gloriously readable Forget Hogwarts this is where the magic really is' – SFX' The Magicians is fantastic in all senses of the word It's strange fanciful extravagant eccentric and truly remarkable – a great story masterfully told' – SCOTT SMITH author of THE RUI ”She’d always liked uentin basically He was sarcastic and spookily smart and on some level basically a kind person who just need a ton of therapy and maybe some mood altering drugs Something to selectively inhibit the voracious reuptake of serotonin that was obviously going on inside his skull 24 7 She felt bad about the fact that he was in love with her and that she found him deeply unsexy but not that bad Honestly he was decent looking better looking than he thought he was but that moody boy man Fillory shit cut like zero ice with her and she was smart enough to know whose problem that was and it wasn’t hers”Julia is casting a few stones at our hero uentin but uentin is relatively stable compared to the snarled mess of snakes that are rolling around in her head She has resentments great big mounds of resentments that go back to the first book The Magicians You see There is a magic school not Hogwarts or any facsimile of such a school called Brakebills uentin got in Julie did not She went a little crazy Then she went a lot crazy Then she decided to give Brakebills the double finger salute and learn magic on her own The only course open to her was the underground magic scene most of them colossal losers but she continued to sort through the rotten barrel of apples until she found one or two magicians worth taking a bite out of uentin discovers that the fairy tale world that he grew up reading about was actually real He finds a way to go there with his friends including the moody but gorgeous Julia who he still carries a torch for and after an epic battle they assume control of the kingdom of Fillory uentin is nearly chewed in half and in need of some replacement parts Thank goodness for centaurs The ones that survived and also decided to stay become Kings and ueens of Fillory Eliot is the high King Janet and Julia become ueens and of course uentin rounds it out to make it four As they lounge around with too few duties to occupy their time uentin notices that he is putting on weight ”No wonder kings looked so fat in pictures One minute you’re Prince Valiant the next you’re Henry VIII”He decides it is time for an adventure Eliot isn’t that interested ”I understand the appeal this sort of thing has for you uests and King Arthur and all that But that’s you No offense but it always seemed a bit like boy stuff to me Sweaty and strenuous and just not very elegant if you see what i mean I don’t need to be called to feel special I feel special enough already I’m clever rich and good looking I was perfectly happy where I was deliuescing atom by atom amid a riot of luxury”I wonder how long Eliot had that gem worked up in his head waiting for the perfect moment to trot it out for maximum effect After a few misstarts in finding the proper adventure uentin lands on the search for the seven golden keys He is pleasantly surprised that Julia damaged somewhat deranged Julia decides to go with him ”The wind had caught her black hair and was whipping it wildly around her face She looked outrageously beautiful It might have been a trick of the light but her skin had a silvery unearthly uality as if it would shock him if he touched it If they were going to fall in love with each other it was going to happen on this ship”I’m going to take some of the suspense out of the epic romance scenario It is not going to happen Not that Julia was frigid well cold but not Arctic ”There was enough hiding in life Sometimes you just wanted to show somebody your tits”That would be everyone but uentin Technically she does show him her breasts but not under the circumstances that was part of a romantic interludeThe golden key uest goes sideways and Julia and uentin are zipped out of Fillory and back toOMGEarth ”Everything was toxic and chemical and unnatural; the plastic walnut trim the electric lights the burning gasoline that was shoving them forward This whole world was a processed petroleum product”They need a kid and need one uickly ”The boy had fine tousled brown hair and blue eyes A uintessential English moppet it would have been hard to find right down to his having a spot of trouble pronouncing his l’s and r’s He could have been cloned from Christopher Robin’s toenail clippings”Proper geography perfect kid games and maybe just maybe a seam will open up taking them back to Fillory There may not be a magical city in the world than Venice so it is no surprise that Lev Grossman takes us there as part of the Earth side of the adventure There is also Neitherlands the land between Fillory and Earth where they discover that magic is being systematically siphoned off from Earth and Fillory The uest for the golden keys is now much than just an adventure It is a race to save magic and keep Fillory from becoming nothing than a fairy tale memory There are clock trees the sound of crickets fucking I’m still puzzling over what that sounds like talking fish an animated corpse a philosophical sloth old pagan Gods nasty buggers a walk through the underworld and death defying acts of courage Intermingled with uentin’s misadventures is the back story of Julia before she gets to Fillory With hard work tenacity and a few strategic hand jobs she was able to acuire the knowledge she needed to catch up and surpass the Brakebills’s whiz kids With the help of the most talented underground magicians she attempts to summon an ancient god and something much sinister appears It is a gut wrenching moment that bears too high a cost Whatever conceived notions I had of Julia are rewritten in curlicues of pain regret and anguish I personally have no interest in meeting any GOD How could they be anything but petulant angry unpredictable violent churlish destructive flaming Well you know what I mean The book starts slow as did the first one but Lev Grossman continues to build steam as the plot unspools He hits his stride in the final half of each book masterfully ratcheting up the tension leaving this reader with tingling nerves and a buzzing brain uentin is far from the perfect hero He is self absorbed privileged but all of that is counterbalanced by his charming belief in the power of fairy tales The ending left me gobsmacked and fumbling desperately for the third and final book in the trilogy If you are looking for something to tide you over until J K Rowling decides to give in and write another Harry Potter book this ain’t it uentin Coldwater and his friends are not Gryffindor material This series is edgy unpredictable and moody with dysfunctional heroes that could hang with Bret Easton Ellis and think who brought the stiff

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The Magician KingHe attended a secret college of sorcerers and no matter how far he has strayed from his origins he cannot escape the conseuences of his own deedsTHE SECOND BOOK IN LEV GROSSMAN'S CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED MAGICIAN TRILOGYPraise for the Magician Trilogy'Stirring complex adventurous superb' – JUNOT DIAZ author of DROWN and THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO'A sophisticated subtle novel that is also magical fun' – THE TIMES‘Lev Grossman has conjured a rare creature a trilogy that simply gets better and better as it goes along Literary perfection’ – ERIN MORGENST uentin and friends are the kings and ueens of Fillory and everything is marvelous Or it is until it becomes apparent that something is wrong King uentin takes it upon himself to fix things With Julia in tow he sails to the ends of Fillory to fix the world Can he succeed in the uest of a lifetime and save FilloryIf The Magicians was Lev Grossman's Harry Potter with a healthy slice of Narnia The Magician King is Lev Grossman's Lord of the Rings Grossman takes all the uest story staples and focuses them through his lens Not only does Grossman tell the story of uentin rising to the occasion and stopping his rampant douche baggery he also tells the harrowing tale of Julia's own rise to magical prowess after her failure during the Brakebills exam Where the first book is essentially a coming of age story this one is a pair of uest storiesI have to admit that I wasn't completely sold at first Neither thread of the story seemed to be moving very fast and Julia's tale wasn't really grabbing me Then it all clicked and I was hooked devouring the book in two extended sittingsuentin rises above his roots in The Magician King finally becoming someone we actually like reading about As for Julia's parallel tale I'll save that for my spoilers section Grossman explores the various uest story tropes and simultaneously crafts a grand uest story of his own More on that in the spoilers sectionGrossman did a ton of world building in The Magician King The Neitherlands were explained Fillory was fleshed out and lots of things lurking just out of sight were hinted at All of it was well integrated with the rest of the story and I didn't feel like I was being slapped in the face with itPoppy was by far my favorite of the new characters I liked how she called uentin to the carpet over ignoring the real world in favor of Fillory I also liked that she and uentin didn't immediately stumble and fall into each other's genitalsJulia's tale was a poignant tale of loss and sacrifice While I wasn't too keen on it at first it became my favorite part of the story after a while Her new friends were an interesting bunch Too bad about what happened to them See the spoiler section for detailsOne thing I continue to love is Grossman's magic system It's grown a bit from its Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell roots The notion that magic is the leftover tools from when the gods created the world is repeated and expanded uponThe spoiler sectionview spoilerFirst of all the parallel structure of the story clued me into the source of magic's strange behavior pretty early on Not that that impaired my enjoyment in the least What Julia and her friends summoned however was pretty unexpectedI liked Penny's reappearance and the revelations about the Neitherlands the gods and the Order Once Penny revealed the full scope of what was at stake I felt like I was reading The Gunslinger's palaver with the Man in Black again for the first time I fully expect uentin to join the Order in the third book Speaking of there being a third book I think it was around page 300 that I realized there was no way Grossman would be able to wrap things up in a satisfactory fashion in the pages he had leftI like that The Order created a back door for magic in case the gods tried to cut off the supply as do I like the notion that magicians are hacking the machinery of reality The ending was perfect While it was a bittersweet victory for uentin I kind of think he had it coming for the amount of bitching he did in the first book hide spoiler