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D a narrow escape through the streets of Mosul finding shelter in the home of a Sunni Muslim family whose eldest son risked his life to smuggle her to safetyToday Nadia's story as a witness to the Islamic State's brutality a survivor of rape a refugee a Yazidi has forced the world to pay attention to an ongoing genocide It is a call to action a testament to the human will to survive and a love letter to a lost country a fragile community and a family torn apart by w. Well I won't put this in the military non fiction category because Daesh are a murdering bag of bastards only good for killing unarmed opposition and the Yazidi didn't put up a fight I'd call this situation a comedy of errors but there is really nothing funny about this tragic situation It's a disaster that everyone contributed to all the way down the line Ms Murad starts her book with a little family background and fills us in a bit on Yazidism a religion of which I was previously ignorant and now I find I am merely mystified they pray to a peacock angel Yazidism has no book and is passed on by word of mouth but it has one great advantage over other religions they don't want you You cannot convert to Yazidism apparently so they don't want you No evangelism They are perfectly happy to live in harmony with their neighbours and produce children to help in the field but now we have too many mouths to feed so we need to grow so we need children to work the fieldyou get the picture Anyway the head wizards over at the ISIS think tank decide that since the Yazidi have no holy book they are fair game for killing raping basically anything you want to do to them so they surround the village with what amounts to lightly motorized infantry This is where it could have got interesting because the Yazidi are armed It seems every Yazidi household has at least one firearm and they love to shoot them just like every other place in the Middle East I've heard them; they shoot at funerals they shoot at weddings they shoot when their soccer team wins a game Totally ignorant of the laws of gravity they shoot all the time So what do the fierce Yazidi do with this armament Some of it they turn over to ISIS and the rest they bury Then in a scene eerily reminiscent of that other holocaust they take their belongings to a collection point for selection Women of ravishing age are put on transport Any boy with armpit hair is sent off with the men to be machinegunnedThis is where Nadia's story begins really Obviously she survives because she is pictured on the cover but I won't tell you than that You will have to read it yourself and really you should read it I wish the liberal fancy boy Prime Minister of my country would read it because maybe then he wouldn't be letting ISIS fighters back into Canada instead of putting a bounty on them like he should This book made me mad At the United Nations for imposing sanctions that hurt only the people at the bottom of societal strata At the USA for destabilising the region and then taking off at the high port leaving weapons to the Irais which were then dropped and picked up by Daesh Murad says ISIS had American weapons I was angry at the Yazidi polygamous ways that enabled her father to take another wife to produce kids and then house his first wife in a shed And let's not forget a system that makes it practically impossible for a poor woman to get birth control Or the other Muslim people who while they maybe didn't exactly condone Daesh didn't speak out against them And I was especially angry at the Yazidi men who having weapons did not use them on those murdering black clad monsters who had them surrounded They might not be less dead but they would have died fighting They made it easyPeople in the Middle East in general have a tendency to be theatrically dramatic while we in the west tend to prefer a type of stoic approach to hardship This is the only problem I had with the book Murad seems to be either screaming fainting or puking on every other page Even considering that some very painful and wicked things were happening to her it seemed a bit over the top It certainly didn't ruin the book which I endorse whole heartedly

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The Last Girl My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic StateWINNER OF THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE In this intimate memoir of survival a former captive of the Islamic State tells her harrowing and ultimately inspiring story Nadia Murad was born and raised in Kocho a small village of farmers and shepherds in northern Ira A member of the Yazidi community she and her brothers and sisters lived a uiet life Nadia had dreams of becoming a history teacher or opening her own beauty salonOn August 15th 2014 when Nadia was just twenty one ye. This is a 10 star book written by a very brave young woman persecuted by ISIS both the men and the women I wish her health happiness and peace of mind for the rest of her life I had wanted to expand my notes on reading to a proper review but there are many so I just wanted to highlight a few areasI don't understand how ISIS can use Yazidi women they capture as sex slaves when although their ISIS interpretation of the 'uran says that unbeliever kuffar women can be used as such but not Muslim ones and they forcibly convert them first If they are converted to Islam how can they be called 'sabiya' sex slaves and raped and sold by many men sometimes repeatedly in a dayI also wanted to share this about illegal immigrants into Europe pretending to be refugees when they are really economic migrants I didn't realise the system was so simple from the illegal immigrant side and how easily duped the European Immigration services were There is no thought whatsoever to try to emigrate legally it doesn't even occur to them apparently Other than Jilan the girl he loved he felt like there was nothing for him at home and since he couldn’t have her he didn’t see the point of staying When a few other men in the village decided they would try to make their way to Germany where a small number of Yazidis already lived Hezni decided to join them We all cried while he packed his bag I felt terrible about him leaving; I couldn’t imagine home without any of my brothersBefore he left Hezni invited Jilan to a wedding outside Kocho where they could talk without the locals whispering She arrived and separated herself from the crowd finding him He still remembers that she wore white “I’ll be back in two or three years” he told her “We’ll have enough money to start a life” Then a few days before we were to start one of our two yearly fasts Hezni and the other men left KochoFirst they crossed the northern Irai border on foot into Turkey where they slowly made their way to Istanbul Once there they paid a smuggler to take them in the back of a tractor trailer into Greece The smuggler told them to tell the border guards that they were Palestinian “If they know you’re Irai they will arrest you” he said and then he closed the doors to the truck and drove across the borderEasy ehISIS idea of 'morality' stinks not just this sex slave thing but the Christian and Yazidi thing too I cannot understand why anyone would support such a corrupt and murderous regime especially womenAfter ISIS arrived many Christians said that soon there would not be a single one of them left in all Ira When ISIS came to Kocho though I felt envy for the Christians In their villages they had been warned that ISIS was coming Because according to ISIS they were “people of the book” and not kuffar like us they had been able to take their children their daughters to safety in Kurdistan and in Syria some had been able to pay a fine rather than convert Even those who had been expelled from Mosul without anything at least had been spared enslavement Yazidis had not been given the same chanceAfter the establishment of Israel many Jews were deprived of their property and expelled from Arab lands others fled Is this to be the fate of the Christians too Is it to be as eually unknown as the Jews I think so it is already happening view spoilerPlease do not write pro Palestinian anti Israeli stuff in comments or fake friend reuests if you have to hide behind anonymity This is not about that situation and in any case I am not anti Palestinian If anything I'm anti religion especially those that suppress women hide spoiler

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Free download The Last Girl My Story of Captivity and My Fight Against the Islamic State 109 è WINNER OF THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE In this intimate memoir of survival a former captive of the Islamic State tells her harrowing and ultimately inspiring story Nadia Murad was born and raised in Kocho a smallArs old this life ended Islamic State militants massacred the people of her village executing men who refused to convert to Islam and women too old to become sex slaves Six of Nadia's brothers were killed and her mother soon after their bodies swept into mass graves Nadia was taken to Mosul and forced along with thousands of other Yazidi girls into the ISIS slave tradeNadia would be held captive by several militants and repeatedly raped and beaten Finally she manage. “It never gets easier to tell your story Each time you speak it you relive it When I tell someone about the checkpoint where the men raped me or the feeling of Hajji Salman’s whip across the blanket as I lay under it or the darkening Mosul sky while I search the neighborhood for some sign of help I am transported back to those moments and all their terror Other Yazidis are pulled back into these memories too Sometimes even the Yazda members who have listened to my story countless times weep when I tell it; it’s their story too” Nadia Murad lost her mother and 6 brothers was an Isis sex slave she escaped years of living hell in 2015became a refugee in Germany As a spokesperson she said “my story is the best weapon I have against terrorism” Reading Nadia’s story is grueling and excruciating World thanks to Nadia for her bravery and service as a human rights activist Her voice is being heard Bless this woman for the difference she is making When at times she would have preferred to just crawl in a hole and die This true story is absolutely horrific devastating sad sad makes you so goddamn angry