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The Innkeepers Bride reader Ê Paperback â Bestselling author Kathleen Fuller returns to the Amish community of Birch Creek where an inn provides the perfect backdrop for romanceLevi Stoll moved to Birch Creek with his widowed father sister and grandmother to run a much needed inn in the small town Within this thriving community Levi has S a past and she knows Levi will reject her if he discovers it What she doesn’t know is that Levi is overcoming his own past mistakes while trying to ignore his attraction to his employeeWith Kathleen Fuller’s trademark humor and memorable characters The Innkeeper’s Bride reminds us all that with God’s grace the past is forgotten and love will reign suprem I was so happy to see Selah get her own happy ending She was a complicated character in the previous books in the series so it was nice to learn about her past and understand her struggle with depression I enjoyed the cast of characters which included Levi's family Selah's friends and family and a non Amish guest at the inn with secrets of his own I thought the plot was interesting and added another dimension to the story when it delved into the father son relationship of Jackson the guest and his father who owns a local motel and feels threatened by the new Amish inn We also see the elderly couple Cevilla and Richard hit some rocky spots along their relationship journey Levi is such a likeable guy and even though he and Selah have their own ups and downs their friendship was wonderful and naturally blossomed into This has been a delightful series with fun characters and a heart warming communityI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own

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E also provides him a fresh start leaving behind some mistakes he’d much rather forgetSelah Ropp has returned to Birch Creek after trying to outrun her own unhappiness Genuinely glad to be back with old friends Selah starts to work at the inn and can’t deny the sparks that fly between her and the handsome innkeeper He’s like no man she’s ever metBut Selah ha 45 starsThe Innkeeper's Bride by Kathleen Fuller is a heartfelt and engaging Amish romance Although this newest release is the third installment in the Amish Brides of Birch Creek series it can be read as a standaloneAs much as she loves her brother and sister in law Selah Ropp  is ready to move on to the next phase in her life plan  But in order to accomplish her goal she needs to find a job Luckily Levi Stoll and his family are looking for someone to work in their newly opened inn  Selah enjoys her new job and her employers but she is troubled by her feelings for Levi She is cautious about revealing much about her past but Levi is patient and understanding when her issues arise Will Selah open her heart to an unexpected chance for love?Just as the family's inn is about to open Levi must take on a bigger role than anticipated when his father is injured  He grows concerned about the family's finances but he knows that he must trust God's plan for them Levi is not looking for love and certainly not with an employee but he is uite smitten with Selah   Not wanting to make her uncomfortable Levi retreats when their relationship ventures into romantic territory But will a little help from a pair of crafty matchmakers change his mind?Octogenarians Cevilla Schlabach and Richard Johnson are still deciding the future of their relationship Cevilla tries to give Richard the time and space he needs to plan his next step but she is becoming impatient with his lack of communication with her  A decision made in haste threatens their happiness but will a little well meaning interference from her friend Delilah Stoll help the couple work through their problems?The Innkeeper's Bride is a delightful romance with a wonderful undercurrent of faith Selah's battle with depression is realistically depicted and her fears about a relationship with Levi are understandable Levi is an outgoing young man with an optimistic outlook on life The Stoll family is close knit and supportive with a strong faith that guides and sustains them as they launch their Inn Old and new fans  are sure to love this heartwarming addition to Kathleen Fuller's marvelous Amish Brides of Birch Creek series

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The Innkeepers Bride Amish Brides of Birch Creek #3 Bestselling author Kathleen Fuller returns to the Amish community of Birch Creek where an inn provides the perfect backdrop for romanceLevi Stoll moved to Birch Creek with his widowed father sister and grandmother to run a much needed inn in the small town Within this thriving community Levi has found his purpose and joy in the new inn It doesn’t hurt that the mov The Innkeeper’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller is the third novel The Amish Brides of Birch Creek It can be read on its own if you have not read The Teacher’s Bride and The Farmer’s Bride I found The Innkeeper’s Bride to be well written with realistic characters I liked that the characters had their own struggles doubts and fears Selah suffers from clinical depression which is not uncommon Depression is hard to understand unless you suffer from it yourself Selah feels ashamed that that she has depression and needs the aid of medication and a health professional She also made a mistake with a man and does not want the unfortunate incident brought to light Levi has his own doubts and has made mistakes in the past She wonders if working at the inn is the right job for him Levi would like to get to know Selah better but he does not want his family to know His sister Nina will tease him and his grandmother Delilah will meddle Cevilla Schlabach has tried to be patient while she has waited for Richard to make a life changing decision Unfortunately after spending her whole adult life single Cevilla finds she is no longer content Cevilla is afraid to tell Richard how she feels I love the relationship between Richard and Cevilla They are an adorable couple I have enjoyed their relationship Cevilla and Delilah have become friends of sort Delilah has been doing a little meddling and barges in on Cevilla to get her feedback as well as complain when things do not go as she expected There are some humorous moments between the two of them and I like their conspiring Jackson Talbot and his father Trevor are in The Innkeeper’s Bride Trevor Talbot owns the Stay Inn which has been the only place to stay in Birch Creek until now He does not like this new competition and sends Jackson to get intel on the Stoll Inn I like Jackson and his journey I would like to see of Jackson I enjoyed reading The Innkeeper’s Bride in which the author gave us delightful characters and a beautiful setting along with faith and humor I like how Kathleen Fuller incorporate faith into the story I am hoping that we get Nina Stoll’s story next time The Innkeeper’s Bride is a charming witty tale of course I expect nothing less from Kathleen Fuller