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PDF â BOOK The Grimm Chronicles FREE ç NATURALTREATMENT ☆ 200 years ago the Brothers Grimm changed everythingFor 200 years the hero's magic pen has been passed on from generation to generation The newest hero is Alice Goodenough an 18 year old junior from Washington High School While her friends spent their summer Make matters worse a school bully has taken his terrorizing too far a friend is in trouble and the mysterious ship in Alice's nightmare holds a terrible secret Episode six The Order of the Golden DragonThree mysterious golden coins What is their purpose? Alice must find out and in order to do so she will need to use all of the skills she's learned so far She cannot fail Failure means a fate worse than deathAgnim the Mage haunts her dreams using his terrible black magic to plague Alice with nightmares Once a character in the Grimms' fairy tales his magical powers have grown stronger and stronger the Corrupted he has become He has foreseen a cataclysmic event that could mean the end of the world and only the hero stands in his way But in order to stop him Alice will have to find him And soon Before Agnim steals her sanity and destroys her mindAgnim knows her weakness He knows her fears He controls her dreams He is the most dangerous Corrupted Alice has ever faced There is no guarantee she can defeat himIn these trying times only one thing is certainThe Golden Dragon will awakenBonus materialThe Lost Journal of Eugene WashingtonAssorted fairy tales by the Brothers GrimmA Legacy of R FunLots of fun to read entertaining and keeps you wanting I enjoyed the take on the various faerie tales

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200 years ago the Brothers Grimm changed everythingFor 200 years the hero's magic pen has been passed on from generation to generation The newest hero is Alice Goodenough an 18 year old junior from Washington High School While her friends spent their summer working and having fun Alice found herself doing battle with creatures most human beings don't even realize exist A giant snake A blood sucking prince A terrifying half man half hedgehog Dastardly dwarfs intent on mind controlling everyonewho uses a cell phoneNow senior year has begun With it comes a new challenge at school where bullies have grown bolder and classes challenging As if that's not enough Alice must face off against a collection of Corrupted who all share a terrible secret one that might awaken a creature capable of doing untold damage To uncover the secret Alice will have to face off against a man eating lizard a bloodthirsty sea captain and a mysterious wizard who can see into the future This book contains the following episodesEpisode Four The Orphanage of DoomAfter facing off with the dreaded dwarf named Sam Grayle Alice finds her dreams plagued by two separate visions In one she's floating through a massive m Originally I hadn't planned to read the second installment in The Grimm Chronicals series I was browsing through my kindle after reading the first and saw I had it so I thought why not? The storyline of the first wasn't bad and maybe they made an extra effort to correct the grammarNope Not a chanceAt first I was enjoying the volume It's a good spin and hey who doesn't like a silly rabbit? But there are some things that really killed it for me These things are bad enough I won't bother to get the next I've added a few examples belowThe story Besides the annoying cliffhanger endings for every book there were several inconsistencies Past events didn't match the explanations from the first book villains were often out of character and the authors' grasp on how certain things work was flawed For example the main character asks if coal builds furnaceshuh? What kind of a lame uestion is that?And the sports seasons were skewed Baseball is a spring sport not fall And having Football start halfway through the semester is weirdThen there's the nail gun Most nail guns need power andor an air compressor to work They are not as portable as one would think and the Adam Sandler Happy Gil version of using one for target practice obviously inspired this little segment It made it hard to take the storyline seriously when the weapon of choice shouldn't have been an option Shooting a nail gun from far away with any accuracy and enough force to do what is described is nearly impossible Nail guns are designed to be placed against the wood then shot Seth would have done a lot damage to people And by the way nails for nail guns come in cartidges It's not exactly plausible that they would be small enough to fit in a purse along with all the other stuff she had packed in there But hey maybe her purse was actually a duffle bag I'm sorry this flaw than derails it for me and the nail in the coffinpardon the pun is the grammarThe grammar This one was worst than the first It really really rankles deep when there are so many grammar mistakes I can handle a few here and there but this was so freuent it killed me Do a read through before you publish In fact do SEVERAL read throughs This many mistakes should not happen Over 35 And it wasn't just missing or added words this time There were punctuation mistakes galoreFor my clean readersThe language was toned down in this one but still had some Mentions teen drinking but doesn't actually have scenes with it Violence and bullying seems to be the main theme here It isn't too bad on cleanliness however

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The Grimm Chronicles Vol 2 The Grimm Chronicles #4 6 Ansion filled with old dusty furniture and drafty windows Shadows dance across the wall Children cry out in terror A mysterious animal growl echoes through the hallsIn her second dream a terrible smoke like creature roams the streets of Minneapolis feeding off human victims while it plots a terrible revenge that threatens to have far reaching conseuences Alice must decide which dream to pursue does she foil the smoke creature's plot or try to rescue the children from an unseen evil?Episode five Blood and ThunderUpon making a surprising discovery in a Corrupted's lair Alice finds herself torn between her responsibilities as the hero and her desire to live a normal life She's been granted a uniue opportunity to leave the entire world of the hero behind But before she can make her ultimatechoice her nightmares return A ship is coming And aboard that ship is one of the most terrifying Corrupted creatures Alice has faced yet In order to face her foe Alice will have to do without the help of her scorned friend Br'er RabbitAt school a miraculous recovery by the star of the baseball team prompts uestions all of them bringing Alice back to that fateful encounter at the orphanage of doom To the Grimm brothers fairy tales came alive thanks to the magic pen used to write the talesThe pen passes down from hero to heroThe heroes fight the Grimm charactersAlice Goodenough a high school student is the current hero