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O two souls could be different And as Akeela and Lukien entered their enemy's stronghold on a mission of peace neither man could forsee the turmoil this historic mission would wreak on their lives For to seal the peace King Karis of Reec would bestow upon Akeela the hand of his charming beautiful and accomplished daughter CassandraBut Cassandra hid a terrible secret She was experiencing the first symptoms of a disease which would threaten h. This book is nearly 800 pages I told myself I'd give it till at least 200 pages so I could say I gave it a fair shake However I'm at page 158 and I've found myself reading passages out loud for their amusement valueFor exampleCassandra felt herself flush from the heat of their fires and her growing apprehension The wine worked on her brain making it swim Akeela was beyond those fabulous doors waiting for her And she knew that she would not emerge intact and that a piece of her would be left behind never to be reclaimedUh may I share with the author that when a virgin has sex for the first time she doesn't actually leave any body parts behind lying amongst the sheets She's not about to be dismembered Although if she were this book might have been marginally interestingAnother His touch was warm like the coming sun Cassandra felt the stirrings in her body dreading them yet following their lead She lowered her head in offering What are we doing she asked We will be damned for thisNo Lukien leaned in closer no one will ever know Not everJust this once thenHe didn't answer She was glad he didn't Once she knew could never be enoughNo Once could be far too much Enough alreadyIn addition to this overblown Harleuin romance style writing there are also tons of actual grammatical errors and tons of let's say peculiar word choicesThe characters are flat and stereotypical Nothing very interesting has yet happened in the plot I even find the librarian character offensive and turning me against a librarian is hard to do I love librarians on principle Did I even mention the magical 'midget' SighI leave you with one uoteBut it's dreadful to be clever she thought It was like a revelation suddenly as clear as any of the moonbeams To be clever was to be a bitch Akeela wasn't clever He was moral and moral men were never clever It was why they were better than everyone elseOoooookay On to the next book

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The Eyes of GodEr life and cause unimaginable strife for all who loved her For Akeela and Lukien the uest for Cassandra's salvation would overwhelm every bond of loyalty every point of honor every dream of peace For only the magical amulets known as the Eyes of God could halt the progress of Cassandra's illness But the Eyes of God would also open the way to a magical stronghold which could tear their world apart and redefine the very nature of their reali. John Marco gives us a very basic fantasy with Eyes of God There's kingdoms and Good Kings and Bad Kings and Valiant Knights and caricature Middle Easterners and beautiful princesses and all that jazz Then he deconstructs it all for us and things start getting interestingThat is usually the first paragraph of a very good review There's a problem This isn't a very good review This is actually a very bad review for me The problem No follow throughWe start out with the Valiant Knight doing some things that aren't so Valiant the Good King finding out that the world isn't very good the scary mysterious person is a good guy ghosts aren't so bad it all starts great for an interesting twisting drama of political intrigue and trope deconstructionsBut then things just start turning back to regular old fantasy tropes A new run of the mill villain manages to take the reins mid book and there's a uest and there's a growing up story shoved in there for good measureThis book had me throwing up my hands in frustration After such a good beginning it had everything that I hate in a book There's a uest There's a peaceful people that really have no reason to be a peaceful people Character's personalities fluctuate to fit the plot And my major pet peeve we're introduced to characters that don't matter Now I understand that this is the first of a series but I don't need to spend a few chapters getting invested in a character that there's no conflict with until the next book Her role could have been minimizedLong story short this book is very mediocre and considering how many great books there are out or coming out in the next few months it really doesn't make sense to pick this up I won't be picking up the next book in the seriesCheck out my other reviews at my blog

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Eyes of God î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Akeela King of Liiria was a young and idealistic scholar who was determined to bring peace to his kingdom—a land that had been plagued by war with the neighboring kingdom of Reec for decades Lukien the Bronze Knight of Liiria had been taken in by the royal faAkeela King of Liiria was a young and idealistic scholar who was determined to bring peace to his kingdom a land that had been plagued by war with the neighboring kingdom of Reec for decades Lukien the Bronze Knight of Liiria had been taken in by the royal family when at fourteen he saved Akeela's life but he'd never forgotten the brutal lessons of the streets he'd grown up on A bond of loyalty stronger than blood linked these two men but n. John Marco took a break from writing for a little while but is back in the game in April with the next installment in The Bronze Knight series The Forever Knight Sadly part of the reason for that break was because his editor sat on TFK without even reading it for 2 years This kind of stuff gets my blood boiling and if you want thoughts I wrote a little bit hereMarco is a uniue fantasy writer in my opinion He writes adult fantasy but not gritty or over sexualized fantasy as is the current trend He writes uests but not travelogues He writes about library apprentices but not about their destiny for power and glory He writes a uniue tale that's filled with action and thought that skips over the fluff and gets right to the point And sometimes I just need to get my head out of the gutter it's not really all that pleasant a placeFor some reason many fantasy writers have begun telling a story only to feel the need to go back and fill the reader in on backstory Suddenly instead of moving forward the plot stagnates and a 700 page behemoth is mostly filler Not so in The Eyes of God There is so much that goes on I was amazed They travel to and from distant places without any mention of what kinds of dried meat they had for breakfast Then they travel back again There's betrayal tragedy hope madness it has it allBut uite possibly my favorite part about Marco's writing is how real his characters are They are flawed in a very human way that makes them compelling and at times makes you both love and hate them It brings the storytelling to a whole new level to understand the motives of the villain and even pity them to root for the hero and yet despise his or her actions and thoughtsThe Eyes of God is largely about The Bronze Knight Lukien He's a character who has it all looks swagger military prowess He even wins all the tourneys with hardly a second thought He's also a very flawed character that you root for nonetheless Because he's good at fighting he loves war While he can get almost any woman he wants he longs for noble women he can't attain because of his low beginningsThe thing that gets me is that Lukien is a real person Who doesn't want to belong And if the only thing you're good at is war why wouldn't you want wars to continueLukien's best friend is also the king Akeela Akeela is a man of learning and peace He will do anything it takes to not only erect his grand library but to offer peace to his enemies even if that means giving some things up But at the same time Akeela lacks Lukien's looks and grace with the ladies Thus sets up the tale that is really just about the characters one of the ultimate betrayal and constant forward momentumLike I said above there are so many things that happen in this book Everything is precisely planned and worked to the fullest and most efficient Besides the characters and to be honest because of the characters Marco sets up and executes some of the best twists I've seenBecause the characters are so real they can be good one moment and evil the next I'm using those terms in the sense of the typical archetypes hence the uotation marks Not unlike ourselves They can be driven to the point of no turning back and it really makes for some great surprises in where the story goesJohn Marco is an author that I wish people would read I hope you give this series a chance or another favorite The Jackal of Nar This epic fantasy will have you reading for the characters as it breaks your heart and puts it back together45 out of 5 Stars Very Highly Recommended