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The Eye of the World Read Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass What was what will be and what is may yet fall under the Shadow Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of timeShadow Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of tim. 2 stars for the benefit of the doubt because I DNFed this shit at page 10 This is my new recordLook I'm sorry This is another one of those Lord of the Rings moment where I appreciate the effort but this is not for me Within the short amount that I read I had names and random bits of history thrown at me and maybe it's because it's this early in the morning but I nearly fell asleep and I honestly can't recall anything that I've read I have a feeling I'd have a better time reading a textbook

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The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass What. Paternity leave reading for 3 am crying jags Mine and hers There Brian I read it Are you happyMy friend Brian has been telling me to read The Wheel of Time for years It always went like this Brian You should read The Wheel of Time It's really goodMe I've heard that it gets really really bad B The first seven books are really outstandingM Yeah I'm not going to read seven books without an endingB The first one is good but the second one is betterM Mmm I don't knowB The first one stands alone really well Retrospective commentary NO IT DOESN'TM OK lemee borrow itSeveral months passM Here is your book backB Oh you read itM NoI really thought I was never ever going to start this series Everything I read about it screamed at me to run away Tolkien pastiche Incredibly long Characters with stupid names Lots of world building The main villain is called The Dark One WTF trollocsI have nothing against multi volume word bloated epic fantasy Not really Well kind of but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt George RR Martin that one Brandon Sanderson book I liked But even the people who like The Wheel of Time also seem to apologize for doing so or outright resent it for what it became in the draggy middle So why do I want to start reading it If someone told me a show about a mysterious island was really entertaining and interesting for a while there but then totally peed the ending down its leg and really that's a PRETTY BIG DEAL for a mystery show even one that is purportedly focused on a bunch of unlikeable assholes characters first would I immediately run home and start watching that show on Netflix streaming No because I'm the idiot who watched it all along assuming I wasn't wasting my time I think I am getting off trackSo I wasn't going to read this But then I was off work for a few weeks on paternity leave and my daughter was waking up five times a night and I was unable to sleep even though at that point I didn't really have much to offer that she was interested in and I had a copy of The Eye of the World that I absorbed for a uarter somewhere and I've always had a thing for the goofy cover art So I picked it up at 2 am and read the prologue And it was pretty much what I expected what with the stupid names and bad dialogue But it was also kind of fun Of course I also knew based on reading a bunch of reviews and blogs about this book series I never planned to read that the next 150 pages were going to be in the tradition of Hobbiton Chapter One Concerning Ensuring Joel Will Never Read Past the First Section of This Book horrifically boring So I almost put it back downThen I remembered that my brother had the book in his Audible account and that my phone lets you listen to books at double speed meaning I'd get through the 30 hour production in roughly 15 That sounded about right the auditory euivalent of skimming except I actually got really good at listening that uickly; you just kind of have to get in the zoneAnd it was exactly as I'd been led to believe clumsy repetitious prose a few times I had to make sure the audio track wasn't repeating as the same dialogue and phrasing was repeated over and over Meandering pacing and haphazard plotting nothing happens nothing happens SOMETHING HAPPENS same thing happens five times nothing happens rushed climax cliffhanger Bland heroes though in their defense they are stupid teenagers Blatant Tolkien rip offery OH MY GOD THE DAGGER IS OBVIOUSLY CURSED YOU IDIOTS And my favorite the pauses for self indulgent infodumps the best one comes in one of the last chapters and throws in so many weird names and covers so much time I have absolutely no idea what happened and why it mattered enough to put the climax on hold The unsatisfying ending the last chapters are rushed drop in a few villains out of the blue only to defeat them a few pages later via a magical object that isn't mentioned until page 650 even though it's the freaking titleBut Um I kind of liked it The world is pretty interesting I like the way Robert Jordan sketches out the history even some of the infodumps are fun I like his magic system and the powerful women who are feared and respected for tapping into it I don't strictly care about the hero's journey at its core but the weight the epicness of it all Once the big lumbering thing gets moving it really has momentumSo here's where the real test comes Do I read the second book No I do notDo I listen to the second book at chipmunk speedI really kind of want to But doing that will only make me want to read book three and like poor Rand al'Thor accidentally touching the tainted power of saidin dammit Brian see what you did that way lies madness and deathMaybe if Josh has an extra Audible credit

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The Eye of the WorldWas what will be and what is may yet fall under the. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsNOTICE this reread is in preparation for finally biting the bullet and reading book 14 That means I HAVE NOT read book 14 yet Please be mindful of this in the comments both for me and for others who may or may not have progressed past this point in the series Thank youIt's hard for me to review this book and only this book objectively bc1 WoT is my favorite high fantasy series Ever2 I've read the first eight books seven or eight times maybe whispers I honestly don't know how many times I've read them DON'T JUDGEThe first time I was nineteen Ish I read all of the available books back to back schoolwork be damned Then I read them again YES really And I loved them even the second time I thrive on detail you see And Robert Jordan was a master of details I caught so many previously missed foreshadowings clevernesses nuances etc that had flown right over my head the first time It was spectacular Like when Thom Mat and Rand jumped aboard Bayle Domon's ship and Thom spun a tale for the captain explaining how they happened to come upon his ship with Trollocs nasty man beast things on their heels Now it just so happened that he had earlier learned the location of Aridhol from a map given him many years ago by a dying friend in Illian whose life he had once saved Bc didn't know it at the time but Domon is an wait for it Illianer tips hatThe whole series is FULL of things like thatRand al'Thor Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara are three young men on the cusp of adulthood They live in Emond's Field where they have small village concerns and small village livesBut when the previously mentioned Trollocs attack their village it forces them to accept that such creatures of the Dark One are not mere stories made up to scare children And when the two strangers who arrived just prior to the attack turn out to be an Aes Sedai wielder of the One Power and her Warder warriorprotector the manboys learn that a small village life is not in the cards for them HA and are forced to leave their homes to protect their families from the Great Lord of the Dark's minions who won't stop until all three are in their master's graspJordan does an excellent job of keeping you guessing which manboy is the Dark One after and why Is it really just the one or is it all of them If it is all of them are they all eually important or do the degrees vary WHAT DOES IT ALL MEANBc this is not a simple story And one thing we do know is that Rand Perrin and Mat are ta'veren and as such they unwittingly pull others into their uest a so much than a simple gleeman whose past regrets dictate his future actions a young Ogier whose curiosity and wanderlust led him to leave his peaceful stedding home to see the things he's spent his life reading about Rand's sweetheart who refuses to be left behind and longs to become an Aes Sedai herself and the village Wisdom who feels compelled to both protect the young people from Aes Sedai machinations and also to break through the Warder's walls Among many others Each and every one of them vital in their own wayAlso vital are the multitudes of seemingly random observations and commentary that in reality are the foundations of awesomeness to come THESE BOOKS layers and layers and still layers It's truly incredibleAnd despite having read The Eye of the World so many times that I practically have it memorized I have yet to grow immune to the very real and heartbreaking struggles that many of the characters face Whether it's Rand's terrible journey from his farm in the Westwood to Emond's Field dragging his injured father to safety Loial's treesong to preserve a small part of his Treebrother's sanctuary in the Blight or Nynaeve's yearning for a man bound to a never ending battle that he cannot win I still feel it rubs fist over heart DeeplyAnd if you are unaffected by Moiraine's tale of the long fallen Manetheren But some did not flee First in a trickle then a river then a flood men went not to safety but to join the army fighting for their land Shepherds with bows and farmers with pitchforks and woodsmen with axes Women went too shouldering what weapons they could find and marching side by side with their men No one made that journey who did not know they would never return But it was their land It had been their fathers' and it would be their children's and they went to pay the price for it Not a step of ground was given up until it was soaked with blood then you have only a black shriveled thing in your chest cavity SO As daunting as this series may be and I will never deny that it is daunting if you are a lover of fantasy and you haven't read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time you are doing yourself a major disservice The Eye of the World has the best prologue I've ever read IN MY LIFE so I challenge you to read it It's just a prologue And if you don't feel the need to see what happens next then hey all you're out is the 15 minutes it took you to read it ALSO no one is holding a gun to your head There's no law that says once you start you can't stop until THE END Take your time Enjoy it Or don't Whatever But my recommendation is that you do These are the books that spawned my love of reading fantastical things as a adultMy other reviews for this series The Great Hunt Wheel of Time #2 by Robert Jordan The Dragon Reborn Wheel of Time #3 by Robert Jordan The Shadow Rising Wheel of Time #4 by Robert Jordan The Fires of Heaven Wheel of Time #5 by Robert Jordan Lord of Chaos Wheel of Time #6 by Robert Jordan A Crown of Swords Wheel of Time #7 by Robert Jordan The Path of Daggers Wheel of Time #8 by Robert Jordan Winter's Heart Wheel of Time #9 by Robert Jordan Crossroads of Twilight Wheel of Time #10 by Robert Jordan New Spring Wheel of Time #0 by Robert Jordan Highlightsview spoiler1 EPIC prologue from Age of Legends2 List of Gleeman's Tales bc always trying to figure out who Mat and Perrin were the entire Aptarigine Cycle Tales of Artur Paendrag Tanreall Artur Hawkwing Artur the High King who once ruled all the lands from the Aiel Waste to the Aryth Ocean and even beyond Wondrous stories of strange people and strange lands of the Green Man of Warders and Trollocs of Ogier and Aiel The Thousand Tales of Anla the Wise Counselor ‘Jaem the Giant Slayer’ How Susa Tamed Jain Farstrider ‘Mara and the Three Foolish Kings'“Tell us about Lenn” Egwene called “How he flew to the moon in the belly of an eagle made of fire Tell about his daughter Salya walking among the stars”“Old stories those” Thom Merrilin said and abruptly he was juggling three colored balls with each hand “Stories from the Age before the Age of Legends some say Perhaps even older But I have all stories mind you now of Ages that were and will be Ages when men ruled the heavens and the stars and Ages when man roamed as brother to the animals Ages of wonder and Ages of horror Ages ended by fire raining from the skies and Ages doomed by snow and ice covering land and sea I have all stories and I will tell all stories Tales of Mosk the Giant with his Lance of fire that could reach around the world and his wars with Elsbet the ueen of All Tales of Materese the Healer Mother of the Wondrous Ind” The balls now danced between Thom’s hands in two intertwining circles His voice was almost a chant and he turned slowly as he spoke as if surveying the onlookers to gauge his effect “I will tell you of the end of the Age of Legends of the Dragon and his attempt to free the Dark One into the world of men I will tell of the Time of Madness when Aes Sedai shattered the world; of the Trolloc Wars when men battled Trollocs for rule of the earth; of the War of the Hundred Years when men battled men and the nations of our day were wrought I will tell the adventures of men and women rich and poor great and small proud and humble The Siege of the Pillars of the Sky ‘How Goodwife Karil Cured Her Husband of Snoring’ King Darith and the Fall of the House of— ”3 Tam's fever talk wails4 MANETHEREN5 “The rose petal floats on water” Lan recited softly “The kingfisher flashes above the pond Life and beauty swirl in the midst of death” “Yes” Agelmar said “Yes That one has always symbolized the whole of it to me too” The two men bowed their heads to one anotherPoetry out of Lan The man was an onion 6 Lord of the Seven Towers7 BEST SETTING DESCRIPTION EVER Mile by mile the corruption of the Blight became apparent Leaves covered the trees in ever greater profusion but stained and spotted with yellow and black with livid red streaks like blood poisoning Every leaf and creeper seemed bloated ready to burst at a touch Flowers hung on trees and weeds in a parody of spring sickly pale and pulpy waxen things that appeared to be rotting while Rand watched When he breathed through his nose the sweet stench of decay heavy and thick sickened him; when he tried breathing through his mouth he almost gagged The air tasted like a mouthful of spoiled meat The horses’ hooves made a soft suishing as rotten ripe things broke open under them hide spoiler