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Download The Cygnet and the Firebird ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ Following the novel The Sorceress and the Cygnet McKillip's characters the sorceress Nyx and her cousin Meguet are plunged into the mystery of the firebird whose haunting cry transforms objects at random To uncover the identity of the legendFollowing the novel The Sorceress and the Cygnet McKillip's characters the sorceress Nyx and her cousin Meguet. Patricia McKillip is known for writing mostly stand alone novels creating original fairytale realms for each new story Probably the setting of the Cygnet book was too good to let go and so we get to spend time in the company of Nyx Ro and her family and friends in a seuel Nyx is the heir of the Ro Holding the ancient and respect seat of power in a realm infused with subtle yet powerful magics At the end of the first book Nyx returns to the ancient fortress ruled by her mother and protected by the astral constellation known as the Cygnet abandoning her far journeys and her wild experiments with spells and curses A 'happy ever after' is implied as the sorceress Nyx seems ready to accept her adult role as heir to the Holding A pastoral peace should be on the menu but he nexus of power surrounding the Keep built by the fabled wizard Chrysom attracts some uninvited guests The winds of change blow with a mixture of menace and promise from a distant shore Meguet heard a snore from one of the back tables She stifled a yawn A sudden wind tugged at her light mantle The air was a heady mix of brine and sun steeped roses on the tower vines; it seemed to blow from everywhere at once from past and future from unexplored countries where wooden flowers opened on tree boughs to reveal strange rich spices and sheep the colors of autumn leaves wandered through the hills First a wizard who apparently can control the flow of time breaks into the tower looking for a secret key fashioned by Chrysom A few hours later a glorious firebird alights in the castle's inner court crying in despair and shedding tears made of precious gems transmuting people animals and objects into multicolored crystals wherever its wild gaze settles or its harsh cry echoes Nyx Ro is thrilled by the chance to fight back against the intruders and to solve the riddles left behind by her mentor Chrysom With the help of her cousin Meguet she is ready to follow the silver threads of magic and time wherever they may lead Well she said and met the bird's intent golden stare Better sorry than safe The destination is even fascinating than the swamps and mountain fastnesses from the first book with powerful magics and a serious threat to the very existence of Ro Holding Saphier Here Be Dragons How many of us have seen the old medieval maps carefully inked on pergament with godlike figures blowing winds from the corners fantastic beasts swimming in oceans and chimaeras straddling the landmasses unexplored white spots inscribed with the warning that has set so many ships sailing into the unknown The magic of the warrior wizards of Saphier has its source in the shifting red hot sands of the Luxour desert a place where it is impossible to distinguish between mirage and reality where powerful beasts loath to be disturbed from their millenial slumber and weave layer after layer of illusion to protect heir nests They get into your blood They call you in some secret language spoken by stones They show you a shadow they leave a bone behind And so you spend your life searching for them Stay here until you have seen the dragons fly Until I draw them out of stars and stone until bone and blood cast shadows instead of dreams Stay until you have seen the dragons' fire Nyx and Meguet are both caught up in this dance with dragons both convinced they fight for the defense of their Hold both unsuspecting there is an even subtle assault being launched against their hearts A different kind of fire is kindled in the bossoms of the young women and romance might trump the political and military maneuvers Which brings me to the third reason I love the books of Patricia McKillip second to her original fairytale worldbuilding and her inimitable lyrical prose Meguet watched the dawn unfurl like a wing of fire across the Delta I believe McKillip writes some of the best love stories in the genre In the first volume we had the gipsy man ready to walk through fire and blizzard to rescue his sweetheart and we had a powerful respected warrior knight falling in love with a taciturn low born servant of the castle view spoiler Meguet and the Gatekeeper hide spoiler

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Ntity of the legendary creature who turns into a nameless man at sunrise they are swept to the edge of the worl. Better than The Sorceress and the Cygnet but still not particularly great My main complaint is that during the first half of the book McKillip’s writing style is so densely metaphorical and the subject matter she is writing about is so fantastical that it is often extremely difficult to tell whether something is happening literally or metaphorically The writing style is even frustratingly dense in The Sorceress and the Cygnet than in this book but I find that when reading a novel in which the overall narrative ought to be the focus I don't want to have to spend the same kind of time unpacking the meaning of a sentence as I would in order to read a lyric poem That problem did get better as it got along however perhaps because once you are midway through the book you are familiar with what kinds of spells and magics exist in this story and are able to sort through what is literal and what is metaphorical with a bit less effort Once you start to get a bit further into the story and see all the pieces to the puzzle but not yet how they all fit together the story takes on a faintly mystery like atmosphere as the characters and reader struggle to figure out who it was that cast the spell on the young man who spends most of his time in the shape of the firebird The ending was somewhat deus ex machina ish but again not as bad as this book’s predecessor and I thought it struck a reasonable balance of neither simply giving the villain what he deserved nor letting him off the without any conseuencesOverall it is a book in which women are the movers and shakers in the world at least in Ro Holding and can do everything that men can The male characters in this book are often important but in this book it is usually the women who rescue them not the other way around Unfortunately Meguet who was extremely formidable in the previous book spends an inordinate amount of time in this one completely helpless However overall the women are very capable they make their own decisions and they do not need men to give their lives meaning or the story resolution

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The Cygnet and the FirebirdAre plunged into the mystery of the firebird whose haunting cry transforms objects at random To uncover the ide. I didn't like this one as much as I remembered liking it possibly because I spent most of my reading time trying to remember the plot instead of just reading it The Cygnet and the Firebird picks up only a few months after The Sorceress and the Cygnet when a strange magician slips into the house of Lauro Ro without anyone but Meguet the guardian and Nyx the sorceress noticing He's searching for a hidden key that Nyx discovers is linked to the great mage Chrysom a key that probably opens his missing book of magic On the stranger's heels comes a magical bird whose scream turns anyone who gets caught in it into jeweled trees This is after all a Patricia McKillip story Both the mage and the firebird are central to the plot which is like in The Sorceress and the Cygnet divided this time between Meguet and the mage and Nyx and the firebird As usual McKillip's writing is lush and evocative though I think it may not be to many readers' taste; for me it's as important as the story she chooses to tell There are also dragons I like these dragons a lot Not my favorite of McKillip's books but still entertaining