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Download ´ The Butcher's Wife Peter Owen Modern Classic ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ä Chen Jiangshui is a pig butcher in a small coastal Taiwanese town Stocky with a paunch and deep set beady eyes he resembles a pig himself His brutality towards his new young wife Lin Shi knows no bounds ThAre supposed to be tolerant and put their husbands above everything else According to an old Chinese belief all butchers are destined for hell an eternity of torment by the animals they have dispatched Lin Shi isolated despairing and finally driven to madness fittingly kills him with his own instrument a meat cleaver A literary sensation in the Chinese. Notes on DiversityDiversity is the wrong word here1; this is a Taiwanese book written for a Taiwanese audience populated by Taiwanese people It's authentic If you're looking to read outside of Western authors and you're looking for something particularly dark and excruciatingly feminist then check this outThere are no ueer characters but Western notions of ueerness may not fully apply here so I may well have missed some subtext There are characters who deal with physical disabilities Auntie Ah Wang hobbling to and fro on her bound feet is a particularly striking example  This book deals explicitly and vividly with sexual and physical abuse It is not an easy book to read Much of the plot and much of the text is devoted to detailing how Lin Shi the main character tries and fails to cope with her husband's continued abuse ReviewLi Ang's The Butcher's Wife is harrowing And feminist And brilliantI first read this book in college I worked at the library circulation desk; someone turned it in and I picked it up and read it I didn't know anything about it I read it and it was horrible and fascinating and etched itself into my brain I've thought about it off and on in the years since and recently ordered a copy and reread it It definitely held up to the rereadThe Butcher's Wife is about a woman Lin Shi in a small village in Taiwan who is sent off to marry a pig butcher by her uncle Chen Jiangshui Right from the start she's traded like cattle treated like goods ownership of herself her fate her body is clearly not hers Her husband is a brutal man; whether he is drawn to the slaughterhouse day in and day out because of his inherent brutality or whether  his brutality is a response to his murderous line of work In either case his brutality remains a fact He rapes Lin Shi He beats her He psychologically and emotionally berates her He does these things it seems simply because she's there Simply because she exists and because she now belongs to himThe structure of the book is such that we know how the story ends before it even begins In my copy Pig Butcher Chen's fate is revealed in the Author's Preface If you skip that then it's revealed on the very first page of the book in a fictitious news report2 Lin Shi kills Chen Jianshui This isn't a spoiler; this is the conceit of the book The book isn't about what  will happen to Lin Shi We go in knowing The book is about why she does it And in that narrative design Li Ang gives Lin Shi and immense amount of power and agency within the storyThis is in keeping with the book's overall themes of control and power The book zeroes in on women their interiority how they relate to or don't relate to each other There are occasional scenes from the perspective of Lin Shi's husband but even those are mostly his ruminations about the women in his life either Lin Shi or the prostitutes he freuents3 Lin Shi spends a lot of time alone trying to fill the utterly boring hours before her terrifying husband come home Every day she goes out to do laundry and through that chore we come to understand her relationship to and her place among the village's other women It's a complex and shifting situation that Lin Shi never uite successfully navigatesWhat I am left with most though is the way The Butcher's Wife spells out how utterly suffocating and unrelenting patriarchal control iscan be Lin Shi endures and endures and endures until she can't any And she snaps; she kills her husband She metes out this great and terrible and vicious act this irreperable and irretreivable act that is hers and hers alone Or so you would think But even that is stripped from herChen Lin Shi's confession defies all reason and logic for since ancient times a murder of this sort has always been the result of an adulterous affairOn the very first page of the book we have proof that Lin Shi's act has been drastically rewritten in the social narrative of the village She didn't really do it on her own she must have been sleeping with another man She must have killed her husband at his behest That's how it always is That's how women are Even if they kill you it's not really them killing you it's really the other man wielding them as a weapon against youEven in her own confession Lin Shi is silenced In a book absolutely chock full of horror this is one of the most horrifying elements to meIf you'd like to check out about this book I highly recommend this review on Goodreads1I've got a post brewing about diversity and the way this term is loaded Watch this post if that's a topic that interests you2Li Ang in her Author's Preface makes clear that the news report though fictitious has roots in actual reported cases in mainland China Another observation the structure of this book along with its length and use of diegetic extra textual elements like the fake news clipping here's the ending here's how it happened from several points of view reminded me uite a bit of Herman Melville's Billy Budd on this reread Which was not a comparison I was expecting to draw So now I want to go reread Billy Budd3One of the most interesting parts of the book to me was the contrast between Chen Jiangshui's relationship to Lin Shi a woman he doesn't know at all and doesn't care to know who he treats solely as an object and his relationship to his particular favorite whore Golden Flower With her he is companionable almost sweet They know each other as people Is this because their relationship is still transactional It's unclear but it's certainly different than how he treats Lin Shi

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Chen Jiangshui is a pig butcher in a small coastal Taiwanese town Stocky with a paunch and deep set beady eyes he resembles a pig himself His brutality towards his new young wife Lin Shi knows no bounds The she screams the he likes it She is further isolated by the vicious gossip of her neighbors who condemn her for screaming aloud As they see it women. 5 Unforgettable brutal heart breaking Li Shi stars Wow I just finished reading the book One of the best books I have read in a while This review is full of spoilers If you intend to read the book please do skip my review This beautiful gem of a book chronicles sorrowfully the gradual mental deterioration of a woman who was dealt with a harsh hand in life It explores evasion of female oppression set against the backdrop of the savagery of butchering pigs I am tempted to write this review like an essay but I shall refrain from doing so and discuss simply The book was inspired and based on a true story that happened in Shanghai in 1930s Li Ang moulded her story carefully using the sensational story as a palette It is believed by the Taiwanese basically the Chinese that women murder their husbands to be with their lovers But in this particular story the murderess claims that she killed her husband to escape his abuse and so the story of Li Shi begins It even begins with a tragic note Li Shi’s father died when she was nine years old According to the laws females are not allowed to own property or money Her paternal uncle chased them out of the house and they were forced to live on the streets doing odd jobs They often went hungry for long periods of time and were forced to take shelter in the ancestral hall One day a soldier came by and sensing danger she runs for the help On their return her mother is caught exchanging sexual favours for food and it is implied she killed herself or was killed along with the soldier Killing a woman to preserve honour was often done back then which similar to honour killings done on Indian land in Asia and also in the Middle East It shows how women without a man in their lives barely survive I am sure if a man in the same town or village was caught the conseuences would have been different I was also kind of surprised no man in the family came forward to help the women out Li Shi is sent to live with her same uncle who chased her out of her own house She is treated as a servant to look after the uncle’s wife who is an invalid and her 8 cousins She is treated as a servant who had to do a lot work and had no one to guide her in the world She did not have any contact with anyone else She begins her mental deterioration as she is often lost in her thoughts trying to cope with her trauma I sensed she felt she was responsible for her mother’s death and she is carrying the guilt Everyone else assumes that in her trance like state she is advertising her sexual interest and her willingness to have sex with men Her uncle marries her off to a butcher who is than twice her age and butchers pigs for a living I found the juxtaposition of the opression of women with butchering of pigs rich on many levels Like animals who raised to be killed women are raised to serve men The animals are put a gross disadvantage as they are unable to protect themselves or escape the slaughtering whereas in the wild the animals can choose to fight back in a herd or run off to save their lives They do have a chance at survival in the wild But at a slaughterhouse they have no chance at allJust like predicament of women who are unable to escape their dependence on men due to the laws and culture They are put at a gross disadvantage unable to fight back or survive with dignity Other Observations regarding the juxtaposition of women and butchering pigs Women and meat and treated as commodities Pigs and women are a man’s possessions do with as he pleases It is implied that Jiangshui rapes his wife with the same precision he slaughters his pigs He seems to know how to hurt her It is mentioned that when Jiangshui butchers the pigs the spurting of the blood has a similar effect on him as his ejaculations When a pig is butchered it bleeds its life force warm blood which carries oxygen just like Li Shi who bleeds her pieces of her soul and sanity each time she is violated beaten or starved There are many interpretations to the rich juxtaposition like pigs are fed well so that they have as much meat as possible when they slaughtered and hence profits Li Shi is fed for her sexual favours and whatever else benefits she could of to him Or else there would be no reason to provide foodThroughout the whole book there is a lot of foreshadowing shown through her dreams She always dreams of blood and phallic symbols Some psychoanalysis could be done on the dreams The dreams are rich material Li Shi is an introvert who is unable to express herself and is also unable to understand people around her socially and society She is socially stunted She is unable to make sense of it all which seems so desolateShe moves in with her husband who rapes and brutalises her He verbally and physically abuses her along with rape She copes Sometimes he rapes her many times in a day or every other day or every day Each time he rapes her he is brutal enough to make her scream The screams are interpreted by her neighbour Ah Wang as her reuests for sex and her blatant enjoyment Ah Wang is perhaps a somewhat typical character in the Asian culture I have always read about The nosy neighbour who needs to know about everyone and everything Ah Wang is always spying on Li Shi The Dynamics of women Vs women is typical In a society where women are so oppressed one would expect women to form stronger bonds to survive But not here Everyone is always gossiping about each other comparing competing and causing doubt and insecurity with each otherI always steer clear of these women You know the women who always to have one up you or is jealous of you or constantly spreads gossip about you I have always had this kind of women around me Like when you tell them you are not married they will say they are married in a tone to make them seem better than you When you tell you have no kids they will say they have kids in a tone to make them feel better When you tell them you have a child then they will say they breast fed and claim to be better than you They always attach your worth as a person to what other think or say Well take these insecure competing women and put them in the Taiwan set in the early or mid 20th century when women are so oppressed and appearances are everything it seems to brutal There are no camaraderie and everyone is only kind so that they gain favours with karma spirit or gods or whatever they believe in Li Shi does gets eaten alive Women turn the other cheek and refuse to blame the men You know have you heard those girls tell you how another woman deserved to be hit or brutalized by a man Those girls will justify it and go on to tell how exactly the man is not in the wrong I had an Indian neighbour when I had to work in New Jersey for 2 months She was a sweet Indian girl uiet soft spoken and shy All she ever did was stay at home and was an obedient girl She always had a shy smile for me whenever she saw me She was tiny and skinny and didn’t look any older than 16 Her husband would get drunk and hit her sometimes Once I happened to be home I called the cops and took my baseball bat and went over She was bleeding from a gush on her head and from her nose which broke Her husband called me every name in the book for forcing my way in by pushing his mother away His mother claimed a husband can do anything he wished with his wife and she deserves it I took her to my apartment and waited for the cops who took their bloody time I was even further shocked when she tried explaining in broken English that this is the norm and she deserved it in exchange for the better life she has here and that I am ruining things for her She herself supported his abuse My jaw dropped Anyways that is the exact same situation here The women think whatever a man does it is fine and it is ok He can even murder and it is justified in the name of honour How can Ah Wang interpret Li Shi’s screams of pain and agony for pleasure Or the brutal bruises Just like the Indian women I mentioned above They think a husband can do no wrong and it is somehow the women’s fault and it is ok It is the norm They break the action down and justify it or interpret in the positive terms The women in the book blame Li Shi for being a nymphomaniac and enjoying sex and advertising it to the whole world which consists of the nearby neighbours Li Shi finds out what the women really think of her by overhearing them They don’t think anything nice of her and seem jealous of her Something in her breaks even I observed that in the beginning Ah Wang prays and chants for Li Shi whenever she screamed clearly knowing she is being raped but somehow claims othe

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The Butcher's Wife Peter Owen Modern ClassicLanguage world with its suggestion that ritual and tradition are the functions of oppression this novel also caused widespread outrage with its unsparing portrayal of sexual violence and emotional cruelty This tale has made a profound impact on contemporary Chinese literature and today ranks as a landmark text in both women's studies and world literatur. Using dispassionate and exceedingly simple prose Li Ang vividly put me into the mind of Lin Shi the titular wife I cannot recall any book I've read recently that so fully made or allowed me to experience the feelings of its protagonist vicariously to such a degree It was unpleasant In fact this is one of the most utterly unpleasant novels I've ever read Yet to me it is still a masterpiece