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Book ↠ The Burglar 158 pages Download Ñ David goodis ã A dreamlike masterpiece of crime honor and perverse loyalty by the legendary author of Shoot the Piano PlayerNat Harbin is a family man  His family happens to be a gang of burglars Now Nat has met a woman so hypnotically seductive that he will leave his paId Goodis one of the great practitioners of the hard boiled crime novel a haunting identification with life's losers and a hero who finds out who he is only by betraying everything he believes Loyalty And NoirThe noir novels of David Goodis 1917 1967 should receive widespread attention with the publication of a new Library America volume of five novels Goodis wrote in the 1940's and 50's David Goodis Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and 50s Library of America As I work through the LOA volume I have been enjoying reviewing each individual book in detail than would be possible in a review of the single volume of five novels Written in 1953 when Goodis had left Hollywood and moved back to his native Philadelphia The Burglar was published only in an inexpensive paperback edition It was the sort of book sold in bus stations or at newstands for a short entertaining read Like some other art Goodis' books were not written or sold with the expectation that they would one day be found of long term value In 1957 a movie version of The Burglar was released directed by Paul Wendklos with stars including Dan Duryea and Jane Mansfield and with the screenplay by Goodis himselfGoodis' novel is set in Philadelphia and Atlantic City in the late 1940's For a short book The Burglar includes a considerable number of well developed characters and addresses several important themes in addition to the robberies and murders of a crime storyThe primary character Nat Harbin 33 is the leader of a group of four robbers who live together in an old house in a shabby area of Philadelphia Harbin's confederates are two slightly older men Baylock and Dohmer and a young woman in her early 20s Gladden whose relationship with Harbin is developed in the course of the book As the book opens Goodis' gang of four meticulously pulls off a heist of 100000 in emeralds from a safe in a wealthy Philadelphia home Tensions break out among the four members and the loyalty and cohesiveness of the group is severely tested A major source of the tension involves Harbin who falls heavily for a wealthy woman named Della whom he meets apparently by chance in a cheap restaurant Della invites Harbin to live with her in an idyllic home in rural Pennsylvania The group appears to be about to dissolveThe search for love and its elusive character is a major theme of The Burglars as Goodis creates a poignant surprisingly thoughtful love story The major theme of the book however is loyalty Although I doubt that Goodis was aware of the connection the emphasis on loyalty in The Burglars reminded me of the American philosopher Josiah Royce who put the virtue of loyalty at the heart of ethics When Harbin's parents died during his adolescence he was taken in by a thief named Gerald Gladden who treated him kindly and taught him the trade When Gladden died in a robbery Harbin took responsibility for the care of his young daughter then six whom he called simply Gladden Gerald instilled in Harbin the value of loyalty in addition to the tools of theft Here is how Goodis describes Gerald's teachings to young HarbinThis big thing Gerald would say this thing of being honorable was the only thing and actually if a human being didn't have it there wasn't much point in going on living As matters stood life offered very little aside from an occasional plunge into luxurious sensation which never lasted for long and even while it happened was accompanied by the dismal knowledge that it would soon be over In the winter Gerald had a mania for oyster stew and always while he ate the stew he would complain the plate would soon be empty and his stomach would be too full for him to enjoy another plate All these things like oyster stew and clean underwear and fresh cigarettes were temporary things little passing touches of pleasure limited things unimportant things What mattered what mattered high up there by itself all alone Gerald would say was whether things are honorableIn Goddis' novel Harbin has to examine both his personal relationship to Gladden and his relationship to his fellow thieves and assess them in light of his passion for Della These themes are developed in the context of a noir story which includes as well passages of acute description of run down Atlantic city hotels furious storms and poor Philadelphia bars and restaurantsThe Burglars is a thoughtful difficult novel in the unprepossessing guise of a throwaway paperback The Library of America did a service in publishing its volume of Goodis novelsRobin Friedman

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As met a woman so hypnotically seductive that he will leave his partners and his trade to possess her But you don't get away from family that easily The Burglar has the hallmarks that made Dav The Burglar by David Goodis is a direct transport vehicle into the minds of characters seen in film noir movies like the Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity That mindset values a clarity that can be brutal but also beautiful All fat is trimmed away here The characters are primarily known by one name their last Goodis can build dramatic tension at will and there are some nail biting scenes but this novel is interior than the others of his I've read Harbin the protagonist is like an American Tarzan rescued and raised by a kind of wolf as he was starving adrift as an adolescent in the concrete jungle of Depression America He had been an infant sixteen years old but all the same an infant an orphan sixteen years old with nothing in his mind but a drastic need for food and the piteous bewilderment of an infant begging for aid from a world that wouldn't listenHis literal savior is a burglar named Gerald who asks what laws could control the need to take food and put it in the stomach No law Gerald would say could erase the practice of taking According to Gerald the basic and primary moves in life amounted to nothing than this business of taking to take and get away with it A fish stole the eggs of another fish A bird robbed another bird's nest Among the gorillas the clever thief was the king of the tribe Among men Gerald would say the princes and kings and tycoons were the successful thieves either big strong thieves or suave soft spoken thieves who moved in from the rear But thieves Gerald wold claim and power to them if they could get away with itIn accepting this description of society however Harbin does not abandon morality Instead he does the opposite fashioning a morality that is not rife with hypocrisy This is the essence of what attracts me to this genre a philosophy that is forged from the raw material of experience Gerald would say that aside from all this aside from all the filthy dealing involved the stink of deceit and lies and the lousy taste of conniving and corruption it was possible for a human being to live in this world and be honorable within himself To be honorable within oneself Gerald would say was the only thing that could give living a true importance an actual nobilityYep

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The BurglarA dreamlike masterpiece of crime honor and perverse loyalty by the legendary author of Shoot the Piano PlayerNat Harbin is a family man  His family happens to be a gang of burglars Now Nat h 45 stars really Call it serendipity or whatever but I read THE BURGLAR 1953 while revising my own work in progress which is about thieves pulling off a diamond heist Goodis has his gang of five thieves 4 men and a lady rip off a cache of emeralds from a mansion in a posh enclave of Philadelphia Nat Harbin the boss and brains fools a pair of cops who come nosing around during the robbery to get lost The gang manages to finish the emerald caper and return to their seedy hideout they call The Spot Things unravel fast from that point After all this is classic noir For one thing Harbin is over protective of the waifish lady thief simply called Gladden while he romances a rich divorcee named Della That right there produces sparks galoreTHE BURGLAR didn't shine uite as much as the other Goodis novels I've read It was published by Lion not his usual publisher Gold Medal Perhaps GM had given it a pass At any rate several convenient coincidences have to occur in the plot to make it work right That said now I can gush The ending will haunt me The prose is poetic and stark as always The back story of Nat's thief mentor Gerald also Gladden's father defines who Nat is The steamy sticky Atlantic City setting is ideal to cast a noirI have not seen the movie versions so I can't comment on them Buxom Jayne Mansfield seems an odd casting choice for the waifish Gladden howeverFor two nights I loved reading THE BURGLAR in spite of its minor flaws Is it a re read for me Definitely