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READ & DOWNLOAD The Brat ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã LAS Reviewer “Ms Gloag's writing is stylish gentle given the subject matter almost poetic at times and she manages to engage the reader's emotions with apparently little effort”Will their past tear them apart Or will their love triumph over adversityWhen someone starts dSomeone starts digging into her past Gina Williams is determined to discover whether it is Ben Kouvaris the son of her childhood tormentor or a sinister ghost from her pastBen can’t deny his attraction to the beautiful woman at his estranged mother’s fune. This books starts out like a mystery but it’s not long before it becomes than that It’s a testament against child abuse of the worst kind child prostitution Anna Kouvaris’ one act of love for her son—sending him to his father after he is nearly molested—is also the worst cruelty imaginable as she buys a child to take his place and forces that child into the same position The story is also about sins of omission and the fact that not acting when one is aware of a crime is as evil as the crime itself Ben is depicted as a strong willed tenacious businessman with that one flaw in his psyche his belief his mother didn’t love him Gina is also just as strong in her own way but her independence comes from a vow never to be under anyone’s domination again Marrying into an Old World Greek family—even for the wrong reasons—severely tried her promise to herself since those men tend to dominate and smother their women to protect them Whenever she feels herself experiencing love for Ben and his family she considers she is weakening Both she and Ben have to learn to compromise and realize that letting someone in and having them care enough to offer support doesn’t indicate weakness but strength because it shows trust The discovery of the identity of the mysterious stalker doesn’t solve their problems but instead makes new ones as two people unknowingly scarred by the same event struggle to come to terms with their lives and each otherThis is a story about trust betrayed love found lives nearly ruined and resurrected It’s a mystery a love story and a testament as well as a plea for abused children everywhere

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Ral When his father orders him to find a bride immediately Ben’s thoughts turn to her He starts digging for background information but is it sometimes it’s better to ‘let sleeping dogs lie” or to face ghosts from the past and challenge the conseuences. This book was amazing It was the first one I have read of Sherry Gloag She captures the horrors of childhood trauma terrifically Watching Gina come to terms with everything seeing her life in upheaval and seeing her come out stronger once she faced it is a testament to her resilience For some like me it will definitely strike home with how true to life this is Watching as Gina gets strong enough to let someone in especially someone she thought of as an enemy is such a transformation but I love how you got to see every step of her journey It wasn't just one day she is broken one day she is fixed and you the reader are left shaking your head in confusion When Gina finally gets to meet her mom I bawled like a baby watching the agony both of these women have went through every day For a mother the guilt of knowing what she did to her child For the child to spend her life thinking her mother didn't love her or want her which immediately made her undesirable and unlovable to find out that wasn't the case at all Then watching her spread her wings with Ben is a memorable experience You will not be able to put it down I certainly couldn'tI received this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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The BratLAS Reviewer “Ms Gloag's writing is stylish gentle given the subject matter almost poetic at times and she manages to engage the reader's emotions with apparently little effort”Will their past tear them apart Or will their love triumph over adversityWhen. Mary’s Review Why would someone work for an older lady if they hate them Why would you spend your whole life wanting to find out secrets long lost buried That is something that Gina Williams is trying to understand Em Kouvaris was an evil woman and one who deserved no love Yet one person feels differently and that is her son Ben Kouvaris As a children’s author Gina can weave stories to hide her pain but now Ben wants her to do appearances No one must know who she really is and now she must decide what do in her life Not only must she need to keep her identity from Ben but decide whether to marry himBen Kouvaris hates his mother ever since he was a child He has no idea why she wanted to be rid of him those years ago Now that she is gone he has uestions that are unanswered and why a woman beautiful one at that attended his mother’s funeral Something about the woman reminds him of Gina but can’t understand the connection to his mother All he knows is his father is threatening him by removing his legacy He must marry Ben knows he’s a good catch but has no idea who would want to marry him and just walk away without any prenup Each time he considers another woman Gina’s face appears in his mind She is beautiful sexy smart and definitely so opposite from him in every way Can he convince Gina they belong togetherBen and Gina two people so different yet share something in common I loved that even though they shared something in common they try to let it stay in the past The heartache they suffered is what makes them stronger each day Through it all though I have to say that their romance was slow yet it speeded up once they’re true identities are revealed The love between them is strong yet they have many things to overcome Sherry did a great job in creating these two yet shows that even though they had no love at a young age they embrace whatever love they can find Loved it3 Tea Cups