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In 1971 fed up with the politics and culture of America Terry Tarnoff packed a bag a guitar and sixteen harmonicas and headed out on an eight year journey that would take him into the jungles of Africa the mountains of India and beyond Smoking a chillum around a funeral pyre with lepers battling fist size cockroaches in Mombasa Africa or driving through the p. You'll never find another book like this because this world is gone forever Tarnoff's adventures in this book occur at a time when hippies poets musicians wanderers with rucksacks populated special places in the world Terry Tarnoff is a harmonica player from the Midwest who falls in love with the beautiful Annika in Stockholm travels with her to Amsterdam and Paris then loses her in Greece The rest of the book is an existential philosophical epical voyage through Africa and Asia a crazy psycho chemical interweaving of the cultures of Nairobi Calcutta Kathmandu Laos and Bali with a fierce introspection the obsession of a hyper romantic poetic young man Tarnoff's observations of the intercsection of the hip international youth with the local population of Nepal India and Laos is a funhouse of brilliant comedic revelation He reaches points of hilarious situational absurdity which one could never imagine in today's googlized global world Tarnoff's writing is magical hypnotic in its rhythms spilling out in cascades of bright cinematic eruption as we see the wonders of the east through his eyes He constantly reacts with razor sharp cynical wonder at the insanity of the conundrums in which he finds himself The elusive Annika is always out there just beyond his reach as he searches through the exotic outposts the youth of the time have established in various capitals of worldwide hippiedom Along the way he tackles his demons within often caught in a drug infused swirl of smoke and powder during those hot humid monsoon filled somehow innocent times There is an ecstatic and deeply humorous laugh out loud convergence with Tarnoff's mind and the reality of the bizarre situations in which he finds himself We're along for the ridebouncing from page to page as he bumps up against some of the wackiest most otherworldly characters in literary history It's a mad dangerous thrill to be inside this mind exploding with insight wit depth and downright interestingness Who is the Bone Man of Benares What could possibly be a Bone Man And what does he have to do with Tarnoff There's only one way you'll find out Read this book and I guarantee you like me you'll know when you close it that sometime somewhere you'll have the unuenchable desire to pick it up and start the fantastic journey all over again You'll need to revisit Tarnoff's amazing trip through the 70's in Asia again because you know there will never be a time or place like this again

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The Bone Man of Benares A Lunatic Trip Through Love and the WorldOppy fields of Thailand with a kamikaze cab driver each adventure leads Terry further into worlds unlike those he has ever known Through an eclectic coterie of like minded expatriates from a heroin junkie in Bangkok to the girl of his dreams in Stockholm Terry begins to discover the true purpose of his travels An energetic exploration of one drop out's search. The Bone Man of Benares is my favorite book by Terry Tarnoff The uixotic exotic adventures are told in Terry’s all too human voice; you will want to read the book over and over again and you will wonder if this really happened It did Reading one of Terry Tarnoff’s novels is remarkably akin to listening to him play harmonica It is like listening to some great blues song; you begin to smile along as Terry takes you on the ride of a lifetime and you just want to keep going This word maestro lets the reader into an exciting exotic adventure of a lifetime Terry travels the globe unraveling the mystic and peering in to every corner from the mundane to the divine This is a book that makes you laugh out loud in surprise and moan in empathy as Terry is caught up in his uest For that is what the book chronicle – a uest made by a tribe of North Americans Europeans and others in the pursuit of the meaning of life or at least a good time As Terry says in one of his lines we did not travel to conuer we returned to learn This book documents Terry’s travels in Europe India and Africa; from Greece to Nepal; from Bali to Bangkok and everywhere the reader is invited along The author holds nothing back as he moves from one hard won lesson to another His unflinching honesty gives the reader a glimpse into the human heart and psyche in addition to taking us on one awesome road trip In the end we are left feeling a little human; just like we do when we listen to the blues – and we want to take a trip sing along or at least read the book all over again

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Read ´ The Bone Man of Benares: A Lunatic Trip Through Love and the World 102 å In 1971 fed up with the politics and culture of America Terry Tarnoff packed a bag a guitar and sixteen harmonicas and headed out on an eight year journey that would take him into the jungles of Africa the mountains of India To find answers in a world that poses only uestions Tarnoff's journey is an exploration of freedom and an effort to push the limits of human experience With wit irreverence and than an ounce of pathos The Bone Man of Benares traverses the chasm of time and through his startling adventures speaks to readers young and old about the universal need for connectio. One of the prototypical draft dodgers of the Vietnam War era American student Terry Tarnoff left the States in the early 1970s and embarked on a worldwide journey of self discovery Lest you think this book is filled with platitudes and Buddhas however allow me to set you straight this is a fiery drug fueled voyage from The Netherlands to Scandinavia to Greece to Africa to India and beyond with Tarnoff romancing women and blowing blues harmonica the whole wayIt's an interesting juxtaposition his very grounded addictions to sex drugs and rock 'n' roll contrasting with the inner peace he seeks and the spiritual locales in which he finds himself The book is filled with apocryphal encounters and conversations he couldn't possibly remember decades later so in one sense this is partially autobiographical and partially fictional But one still gets the sense that Tarnoff has covered the essentials and really put himself out there warts and all for the reader to judgeAs for me I was also once a young American who left the States and ended up lonely and confused in Asia so I guess you could say I'm the ideal audience for the book But it may have hit too close to home because I found myself frustrated by his initial carelessness with his lovers' hearts and his self centered posturing Was I rooting for him or for my younger self to find their way That confusion added an emotional element and the book has stuck with me since I finished it two months ago This book isn't necessarily for everyone If you're uncomfortable with the idea of a flawed main character and a boatload of serious drug use this tome will turn you off very uickly But those readers with a modicum of wanderlust and a habit of introspection will surely find themselves in good company After reading the book I was glad to discover that Terry is still very much alive and well has written books and even shared some of his vintage music recordings online Now parked in California he's still expressing and discovering himself through art For some it seems the journey never ends