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The Bishop's Daughter Free download Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB å WHATEVER HAD POSSESSED HER TO EMBRACE A MAN IN SUCH A WANTON FASHION And then to actually box his ears like some brawling tavern wench was certainly not expected of a lady let alone the bishop's daughter Granted Kate had provocation Few dead men appear Ng rogue who sent her heart racing But Harry knew his well bred even tempered Kate would not have carried on so if she didn't care for him a little And he vowed to show the bishop's daughter theirs was a match made in Heaven. Really enjoyed it Would recommend it to those who like to read good characterization and expression It is clean in tradition of Georgette Heyer who I particularly love and has witty exchange between the hero and heroine

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WHATEVER HAD POSSESSED HER TO EMBRACE A MAN IN SUCH A WANTON FASHION And then to actually box his ears like some brawling tavern wench was certainly not expected of a lady let alone the bishop's daughter Granted Kate had pro. 3 12 stars Harcourt Arundel Earl of Lytton was wounded at Waterloo and now he's on his way home to his estate for the first time in a year He knows no one will be waiting for him because his stepmother is always ill his vicar cousin thinks harry is consigned to hell and his one true love Kathryn Towers coldly refused his offer of marriage Harry arrives home just in time to discover he's late for his own funeral literally The entire neighborhood has come out to Harry's favorite spot for a memorial service Harry's momentary shock at everyone's believing he is dead gives way to mirth When Kate Towers hears that laugh she thinks she's hearing a ghost and promptly swoons into Harry's arms When she realizes he's alive she throws herself into his arms for a passionate kiss and then realizing what she had done slaps Harry Harry understands that Kate truly loves him or she wouldn't be so angry He also understands that a Bishop's daughter would never marry a hell born babe like Harry was He's reformed now; if he hadn't already been bored with his dissipated life Waterloo would have cured him of it uickly How can he convince the very proper Bishop's daughter they belong together Kate is stubborn and clings to her father's notions of proper behavior It will take some help to bring these two lovebirds to the alter where they belongThis is a straight up romance There's no adventure or a true villain causing problems There's are some minor villains who cause problems along the way but not a central mystery or villain The story involves courtship and romance At first I feared it might be a reworking of The Taming of the ShrewKiss Me Kate but it wasn't fortunately It moves a little slowly I could have used courtship and less of the middle It would make a cute novella if it was tightened up a bit It's not a long novel but it felt like it at times The emotions of the story stay largely on the surface The author keeps it very light and I wanted a bit of an emotional connection The hero and heroine share a moment at the end that I would have liked to have seen sooner and developed better The romance is very clean The sensuality is implied rather than spelled out We know what Kate is feeling from her actions rather than thoughts I especially liked this techniue Kate is a very proper young lady She cares for her invalidish mother all by herself brings aid to the parishioners who need it and behaves just as a Bishop's daughter ought That makes her really annoying in my opinion She's always claiming to be so proper and not wanting to do anything her father wouldn't have liked but she possesses an inner rebellious spirit I liked her better when she allowed her passion to show through She supposedly loves Harry but she's uick to make assumptions listen to gossip and pass judgement I kept wishing for her to talk to Harry They're supposedly very close and she's supposedly in love with him but she doesn't act much like it I found her difficult to likeI loved Harry I usually do like rakes but Harry is done with all that before we meet him He's handsome charming an excellent sportsman good with people of all ages and social classes and trying really hard to do the right thing He's a great hero who doesn't deserve such an annoying heroine The secondary characters are all mostly two dimensional stock characters One reminds me of a character in Pride and Prejudice This person got very interesting at the end and I wanted to know of their inner thoughts and feelings I especially liked Lady Deane Kate's formidable Grandmama She adds some humor to the story I liked this novel but it was largely forgettable

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The Bishop's DaughterVocation Few dead men appear alive at their own funerals such raucous behavior was out of the uestion For the man who loved the bishop's daughter would be as her father wished sober and steady and not Hellfire Harry a charmi. This has been sitting on my kindle for ages I think I may have even started it at one point because it seemed very familiar to me It starts of with a fun opening Lord Harry returning home from war only to discover his whole village thinks he’s dead I admit Harry and Kate’s reunion is probably the most uniue I’ve read Even with the fun start I just had a hard time connecting to this one I don’t know if it’s the book or that I’ve read so many regencies in a row and I’m getting burned out I didn’t care much for Kate and I’ve found when I don’t connect with the Hh it’s hard for me to enjoy the rest of the book Ended up skimming to see what happens Cute enough story and if the synopsis grabs you I’d recommend giving it a try Content Clean