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EPUB Ã MOBI The Ballad of Peckham Rye ó 9780811214087 Â NATURALTREATMENT Ä The Ballad of Peckham Rye is the wickedly farcical fable of a blue collar town turned upside down When the firm of Meadows Meade Grindley hires Dougal Douglas aka Douglas Dougal to do human research into the privaThe Ballad of Peckham Rye is the wickedly farcical fable of a blue collar town turned upside down When the firm of Meadows Meade Grindley hires Dougal Douglas aka Douglas Dougal to do human research into the private lives of its workforce the 'There was I' sang out an old man in the public bar 'waiting at the church waiting at the church'His wife said nothing nor smiled'Now then Dad' the barmaid saidThere must be many ballads about brides abandoned at the altar but none of them could be uite as strange as The Ballad of Peckham Rye And that's pretty much all I have to say about the story part of this book If you're interested in what Muriel Spark can do with such an age old theme you can read this short book for yourselfI do have a few thoughts about another aspect of this book however While reading some of Spark's other novels I'd realised what a fine observer of people's behavior and movements she was and I began to look forward to her descriptions of characters almost as much as to the stories they found themselves in While reading this 1960 story spotting such descriptions became my main focus The old man in the uote above is a good example After he'd sung the line about waiting at the church and been reproved by his wife and the barmaid each in her own fashion he took a draught of his bitter with a tremble of the elbow and a turn of the wristIt's such uick sketches I love to come across They make the words on the page rise up and form themselves into a picture Spark's descriptions are often remarkable for their efficiency too Her characters may babble and blather and her Peckham people than most but Spark can describe their body language with the fewest of words In a scene where a woman in a Peckham grocer's shop offers a torrent of advice to a new comer called Dougal the grocer looked away from the woman with closed eyes and opened them again to address Dougal Those closed eyes are just so elouentDougal himself is a character capable of an entire dictionary of body language Soon after arriving in Peckham he goes for an informal interview and while the interviewer paces the floor droning on about his company Dougal sat like a monkey puzzle tree only moving his eyes to follow Mr DruceDougal changed his shape and became a professor He leaned one elbow over the back of his chair and reflected kindly on Mr DruceDougal leaned forward and became a television interviewer Mr Druce stopped walking and looked at him in wonder 'Tell me coaxed Dougal 'can you give me some rough idea of my duties'Later there's a description of Dougal standing in a hallway listening to someone talking on the phone He breathed moistly on the oak panel of the hall and with his free hand drew a face on the misty surface We see how bored he is Nothing needs to be addedThen there's an episode in a Peckham dance hall which could be straight out of a David Attenborough nature documentary The girls had prepared themselves with diligence and as they spoke together they did not smile nor attend to each other's wordsMost of the men looked as if they had not properly woken from a deep sleep but glided as if dragged and with half closed lids towards their chosen partner This approach found favour with the girls The actual invitation to dance was mostly delivered by gesture; a scarcely noticeable flick of the man's head towards the dance floor Whereupon the girl with an outstretched movement of surrender would swim into the hands of the summoning partnerAfter reading this book I came across the following paragraph in Muriel Spark's autobiography Curriculum Vitae I was fascinated from the earliest age I can remember by how people arranged themselves I can’t remember a time when I was not a person watcher a behaviouristHer characters and how they 'arrange themselves' is one of the chief things I will carry away from my long rambling ballade with Muriel Spark

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Y are in no way prepared for the mayhem mutiny and murder he will stir up Not only funny but startlingly original declared The Washington Post the legendary character of Dougal Douglasmay not have been boasting when he referred so blithely to The art of the impeccably constructed comedy lean and mean from scene to spleen is Muriel’s MO This one concerns a sharp tongued Scot who invades Lyon’s Corner House era Peckham and upsets the apple cart with his multiple machinations Spark’s perfect ear and skill at crafting a knockabout romp is on a par with Mr ueneau and this short novel induces in this reader a state of toe tingling rapture

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The Ballad of Peckham RyeHis association with the devil In fact this Music Man of the thoroughly modern corporation changes the lives of all the eccentric characters he meets from Miss Merle Coverdale head of the typing pool to VR Druce unsuspecting Managing Directo Muriel Spark on good form as characters show weakness judgement envy and concern with class love work and loneliness all thrown inPost war Peckham is alive with employment and opportunity and gossip at the factories and shops The opportunity for some is limited through social standing but for others commercial pressures and a background in research offer our central character Dougal Douglas chances and influenceAs Dougal gets to know Peckham its companies and people the story unfolds Can he help some; can he offer others new beginnings and why do some people dislike himMuriel Sparks sharp eye prose brings a enjoyable yet waspish story together over 140 pages My edition is one of the lovely Spark Centenary edition published by Polygon in 2018 to mark her birth