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FREE PDF Ø BOOK La caverna de las ideas ✓ JOSé CARLOS SOMOZA ò In classical Athens one of the pupils of Plato's Academy is found dead Suspecting this wasn't an accident his teacher asks Herakles the Decipherer of Enigmas to investigate A second plot unfolds in parallel through the footnotes of the translaIn classical Athens one of the pupils of Plato's Academy is found dead Suspecting this Wildly original Bizarre but hypnotic and enthralling on every page There are two plotlines one the Straightforward story of murder in ancient Athens right after the Peloponnesian War in an ancient Greek manuscript by an anonymous author COUPLED WITH periodic footnotes by never named Translator with his comments feelings and reactions He feels the strange metaphors and similes in each chapter point to SOMETHING hidden in text Somoza uses a device he calls eidetic imagery repetition of metaphors or words which calls up images independent of the original text but giving extra layers of meaning Each chapter presents one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules not necessarily in orderThe Decipherer of Enigmas Heracles Pontor note the similarity of name to a modern day fictional detective physical description is similar too and Diagoras a philosophy teacher from Plato's Academy investigate murders The first victim a student from the Academy is supposedly killed by wolves while out hunting and his heart torn from his body In some sense the novel is also philosophical; Heracles represents REASON and Diagoras the IDEAThe Translator becomes obsessed with finding a key secret message and finally enters the story physically; the two plotlines converge Now the book takes a frightening turn; two classmates of the first victim are murdered or in one case is it suicide as well as a slave Our intrepid duo sets out to solve all four murders There is violence and a final confrontation The novel's a balance between Reason and the Platonic Idea Plato's Theory of Forms There's some of the cave allegory cf second paragraphCharacterization wasn't as important as the whodunit and the philosophy I liked the way the book was set up; the footnotes led me by the hand; and the symposium in Chapter 7 was most informative Sometimes I thought Somoza had boxed himself in but manages to escape with ingenious twists The Spanish title La caverna de las ideas I felt expressed better the content than the bland The Athenian Murders I recommend this book highly but don't read it at night

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A second plot unfolds in parallel through the footnotes of the translator of the text Like The Club Dumas this book is not what it appears to be To say would spoil one of the most ingenious literary constructs I've had the pleasure of reading suffice it to say that it's one of those books that you immediately want to start again when you get to the astonishing ending just to see if the author cheated at any point Which he never does and in fact this makes the second reading almost pleasurable than the firstYes at heart it is a murder mystery and if you don't like the genre then this will probably annoy you than usual since it is also a part of the historical murder subgenre but if you can look beyond that you will find something that takes a joy in crossing borders this is most definitely literary fiction that makes demands of the readerAbout the only thing I would note is that I read this in an English translation which for a book with a major plotline about translation added a whole extra layer of appreciation to the story

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La caverna de las ideasWasn't an accident his teacher asks Herakles the Decipherer of Enigmas to investigate I was handed this book by a friend and started reading it without knowing anything about it not even having read the backcover I love it when that happens because everything is a surprise and there can be no prejudice at allSo I started and immediately I thought eeek a period book I generally tend to dislike writers who pretend that we know enough about an era to be able to write about its every day life realistically I had issues especially concerning the language because I read it in translation A Modern Greek translation of a Spanish novel set in Ancient Greece something was bound to go wrong And I really wish I could read the Spanish original because I'm really curious exactly how pompous and flowery the language there was It can't possibly have been that annoyingAnyway the plot seemed interesting enough and I felt like reading so I read on And slowly the ingeniousness of the book hit me I'm trying hard not to write spoilers so I'm just going to say that it has been a very long time since I read anything with that many levels that many ideas and that much inspiration Most of it works too and the parts that don't are still excitingThe ending was good although not as brilliant as I expected it to be That and the writing translating style might have cost it a star but then I realized that a few days had passed and I was still thinking about this book I am still excited about it although I've finished it and that's rare and priceless So there you have it five out of five let me rant in Greek about the annoying translator nowon the Greek translationΕίμαι 99% σίγουρη πως η μαντάμ που πήρε λέει και πέρσι βραβείο ΕΚΕΜΕΛ ##^# αν και δεν έχω διαβάσει το βιβλίο για το οποίο το πήρε έχει αλλάξει το ύφος γραφής Η γλώσσα της μετάφρασης είναι σαν κακοβαμμένη τραβεστί μιλάμε για νεοελληνική βέβαια αλλά διανθισμένη με αρχαιοπρεπείς ή σκέτο αρχαίες ή και καθαρευουσιάνικες λέξεις και εκφράσεις σε υπερενοχλητικό βαθμό Άσε που χρησιμοποιεί ορισμένες αρχαίες λέξεις που χρησιμοποιούνται μεν ακόμα αλλά με διαφορετική σημασία Και εννοείται πως τις χρησιμοποιεί με την αρχαιοελληνική τους σημασία ΟΚ θα μου πεις αυτό ήταν μια μεταφραστική επιλογή μια άποψη που σίγουρα ικανοποίησε πολλούς δε θα μιλήσω για το ποιόν όσων ικανοποιήθηκαν όμως και τελικά τη συνήθισα Επίσης ήταν άθλος της μεταφράστριας να μεταφράσει έτσι σε αυτό δε διαφωνώ καθόλου Υπάρχουν σοβαρότερα προβλήματα όμως εξόφθαλμα μεταφραστικά λάθη τα οποία δεν είναι οτι ψάχνω με μεγεθυντικό φακόΟΚ έχω ψώνιο το δεχόμαστε αλλά όταν τα βρίσκω με κάνουν να μην πιστεύω πια πως διαβάζω μια μετάφραση που σέβεται το πρωτότυπο και το ακολουθεί όσο πιστά μπορεί Τέτοια είχαμε πολλά Αλλά μ'άρεσε τόσο που τα αγνοώ γιατί βαθμολογώ το βιβλίο όχι τη μετάφραση ήταν τόσο καλό που δεν κατάφερε να το χαλάσει η μεταφράστρια