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That Time I Got Kidnapped doc õ Paperback Read × naturaltreatment Û Second hilarious novel from the author of the funny filmic and fast paced crime caper HOW TO ROB A BANKFourteen year old Jacob is thrilled when he wins the chance to feature in the next Marvel movie shooting in Hollywood But after missinCting flight in Chicago he tries to complete the journey by Greyhound bus – and there he meets JenniferJennifer is an American teenager on the run with a mysterious package she’s guarding with her life – and an enigmatic figure known only as Copy provided by the publisherJacob is a fourteen year old from England who has won a contest he gets to be an extra in a super hero film Not only that but the studio is paying to fly him to the US and he gets some merchandise as well His family is supportive well except for his older sister and sends him on his way to the US with a pink sparkly suitcase labeled Princess Hey it fits the reuirement for a carry on His father wants him to be sure not to miss his connecting flight and his mother wants him to stay hydrated Of course when he lands in Chicago he gets a little distracted and misses his flight Not to worry There's a snow storm and flights get delayed so Jacob decides to take a Greyhound bus Things go okay until he meets Jennifer She trips over his suitcase and injures her arm so when she realizes she is being followed she feels that Jacob should help her She has a mysterious cardboard box that she won't let out of her sight and is being followed by the Cowboy whom she tells Jacob is in the employ of her grandmother Jennifer is traveling to LA to visit her father and the two fall into an uneasy camaraderie When the Cowboy show up the two get off the bus in a hurry and start on an uncomfortable journey that includes stealing coats traveling with zombies and hitching a ride with UFO logists As his chance of making it to the movie studio in time gets slimmer and slimmer Jacob finds out information about Jennifer's journey and becomes invested in it The first rule of road trips is that nothing goes right; will Jacob be able to make to make it to the filming in time Strengths Jacob's reactions to the situations in which he finds himself are so perfectly portrayed Fourteen year olds have just enough knowledge to get themselves in trouble and Jacob's plans are Such a Good Idea Snowed in Take a bus While the parent in me was shaking my head I really appreciated that Jacob acts generally like a good kid He calls his parents to reassure them he doesn't think that Jennifer has a good plan and discusses this with her but in general he goes where the moment takes him This was just pitch perfect in that regard He's worried about missing the film but genuinely concerned about Jennifer's well being and unwilling to abandon her In his heart he's enjoying his adventure but it is overshadowed a bit by his worry that his parents are concerned There are so many good details about the uirky people that they meet and even the Cowboy has his moments Jennifer doesn't always tell the truth in order to further her own agenda but this just adds an appealing layer of mystery Definitely an amusing bookWeaknesses While this was funny and spot on when it came to adolescent thinking it wasn't uite as original as this author's How to Rob a Bank I would have preferred a trip across England but I'm sure a trip across the US seems exotic to readers in the UK What I really think We are living in stressful times and this is the sort of book that my students desperately need Many of them are watching the news feeds constantly and reading a print book that is gently amusing is something that would have a positive impact on their me

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‘the Cowboy’ is hot on her heels Jacob soon finds himself on the road trip of a lifetime as Jennifer’s unwitting partner in crime Will he make it to LA in time – and in one piece A funny filmic page turning adventure ideal for readers aged Jacob British kid won a contest to star as an extra in a superhero movie in Hollywood His parents put him on a flight by himself to travel to America and in Chicago the flight is delayed Instead of staying in a hotel and catching the next flight he gets on a bus where he accidentally covers for Jennifer an American teenager with a mysterious package who is on the run from the mysterious Cowboy and her Lex Luthor like grandmother As the children make their way across America trying to dodge ex US Marshal The Cowboy Jacob worries about missing his chance at Hollywood fame through his role as an extra while falling a little in love with Jennifer and wanting to help her take her mother's ashes supposedly the contents of the package to her father who is at a prison in Los Angeles I always enjoy Brit humor so this was a funny enough book but the readers must keep in mind the multitude of implausibilities from the parents and movie studio allowing a young kid to travel internationally on his own to the lack of supervision on the part of the airline to Jacob losing all his money and his phone and his parents not answering the phone because they are sleeping instead of being frantic with worry Through the eyes of the age group this was directed at it would be a grand adventure I'm curious to see where Mitchell is going with the endI don't know that Jacob ever plans to return home or if there is a possible seuel planned

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That Time I Got KidnappedSecond hilarious novel from the author of the funny filmic and fast paced crime caper HOW TO ROB A BANKFourteen year old Jacob is thrilled when he wins the chance to feature in the next Marvel movie shooting in Hollywood But after missing his conne A huge thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a free eARC in exchange for an honest reviewI was a bit underwhelmed with this book to be honest and I can't really put my finger on why I had to consciously set aside any thoughts of reality to be able to enjoy this Which was totally on me and the mindset I was in when putting on this audio book because once I changed my expectations I really uite enjoyed this Even if Jacob is really uite an idiot; gotta love himThe humor was something I enjoyed a lot and the references I had expected a bit Marvel stuff especially near the end but said end still had me flailing so I suppose it wasn't a total loss hahaThe relationship between our two main characters was also something I found really well done and I'd like to think they both found life long friends in each otherIt's been over a month since I read this and I don't remember a whole lot of specifics to write in this review so you'll have to be content with me saying I enjoyed it the humor was fun the characters were great and there were even some little plot twists here and thereAm definitely interested in reading future works by Mitchell and his first novel