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Swimming at Night Free download ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó People go traveling for two reasons because they are searching for something or they are running from something Katie’s world is shattered by the news that her headstrong and bohemian younger sister Mia has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff iIster’s life and page by page country by country begins to uncover the mystery surrounding her death Weaving together the exotic settings and suspenseful twists of Alex Garland’s The Beach with a powerful tale of familial love in the spirit of Rosamund Lupton’s Sister Swimming at Night is a fast paced accomplished and gripping debut novel of secrets loss and forgiveness. In the end this book gave me goosebumps Absolutely loved the narrative one sibling's literal stepping into the shoes of the other sibling to figure out the whys Poignant love of siblings the friendships the attractions human need for closure and absolution of guiltall woven together into a captivating story

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People go traveling for two reasons because they are searching for something or they are running from something Katie’s world is shattered by the news that her headstrong and bohemian younger sister Mia has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali The authorities say that Mia jumped that her death was a suicide Although they’d hardly spoken to each other since Mia. Despite being written by a British author The Sea Sisters was first published in the US where it was given a elegant title Swimming at Night and a mysterious minimalist cover indicative of literary fiction I'm mentioning this because had I not seen the American edition first I probably wouldn't have wanted to read this book the UK title and cover evoke images of some chick litfantasy hybrid in which the sisters turn out to be secret mermaids or something The book is actually neither literary nor ridiculous it is a fairly standard mystery that's elevated above the genre with the addition of an evocative travelogue Katie Greene is woken in the middle of the night to find the police at her door delivering the devastating news that her younger sister Mia who was in the middle of a round the world trip with her childhood best friend Finn has been found dead She's instantly puzzled by the place this has happened Bali a destination that wasn't on Mia's planned route But a further blow is dealt when the police claim Mia committed suicide For Katie this explanation isn't enough and when her sister's backpack complete with travel journal is returned to her she makes the spontaneous decision to follow in Mia's footsteps in the hope that she can piece together the real storyI got off to a bit of a bad start with this book because I found the opening chapter jarring we've barely been introduced to Katie when the news of Mia's death is thrown in and with no investment in the characters it's difficult to care much about this However once the plot kicks in properly with Katie's decision to travel to the countries her sister visited the story becomes much engrossing and the narrative comes into its own Moving from San Francisco to Maui Western Australia to Bali the book's journey evokes both places and emotions with surprising effectiveness The prose is so descriptive that you can vividly imagine the sights sounds and smells of each location Many of the main twists view spoilerFinn being in love with Mia Katie being in love with Finn and Mia's one night stand with Ed hide spoiler

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Swimming at NightSuddenly left on an around the world trip six months earlier Katie refuses to accept that her sister would have taken her own life Distraught that they never made peace Katie leaves her orderly sheltered life in London behind and embarks on a journey to find out the truth With only the entries in Mia’s travel journal as her guide Katie retraces the last few months of her s. I'm pretty conflicted on this book Initially I enjoyed the premise Mia sets off traveling after the death of her mother and dies whilst in Bali a country that was never on her original route The authorities tell her sister Katie her only remaining family that she committed suicide but her sister knows this cant be true and tries to retrace her steps using Mia's travel journal to uncover what really happened At first I didn't like any of the characters and I was really hoping that it would change and that they would become complex as the story unfolded But as the story continued and characters entered the story I just found that none of them appealed to me at all and this made the story feel almost stagnant I also grew a little tired of all the plot twists which in my mind were all lazy easy options for trying to add drama into the story and ended up verging on the ridiculous as it emerged that eventually they'd all ended up sleeping with each other That said I was reasonably gripped and wanted to keep reading on One of the biggest things I enjoyed about it was the travel element and the description of the places that the sisters has travelled The author has been to all these places herself and it shows; her travel writing is very evocative Also ultimately I just wanted to know how Mia had died as my curiosity had been peaked The Sea Sisters was an easy read and would no doubt be perfect if you were laying on a beach somewhere and wanted something light and non taxing I only hope that in Lucy Clarke's next book she manages to weave a engaging narrative around her very promising travel writing