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Stone Fox kindle ñ eBook 9780439095105 Free õ John Reynolds Gardiner ↠ Based on a Rocky Mountain legend John Reynolds Gardiner's story like it's hero Little Willy has all the ingredients of a winner right down to the unforeseen drama at the finish line Willy has a big job to do When his grandfatherNational Dogsled Race where he must beat the Indian Stone Fox and his five beautiful Samoyed dogsAllen Brewster has an amazing idea for his school science project human photosynthesis turning sunlight into food for humans Everyone laughs at his outrageous scheme until Allen turns green sprouts roots and develops an overw Note Dec 6 2019 I edited this just now to correct a minor typoMy oldest grandson Philip age 10 the same age as Willy the protagonist of this very short kid's chapter book is an avid reader who reads above grade level an interest I obviously encourage He recently read this book himself and was excited about it enough to want to share his copy so I could read it too Being about to be between books anyway and being interested in connecting with him in a shared reading experience I agreed It proved to be a very uick read an adult could read it inside of a half hour It has 81 pages but they're small pages with relatively large text and wide margins and lots of black and white illustrations this 30th anniversary edition reproducing the original ones by Marcia SewallThe deceptively simple but extremely emotionally evocative story was suggested to Gardiner by an actual legend handed down in the area though vague on names and dates no date is given in the book though the details suggest the late 19th century Jackson Wyoming is a real town and the annual sled dog race depicted here is also a real event it was apparently the precursor of today's International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race though the modern race covers a much wider area in two states Gardiner tells his story with skill and with an economy of words His vocabulary and diction should be well within the command of intelligent middle school kids but the style doesn't have a feeling of being condescending The characters are easy to like and care about the stakes in the conflict are high and the narrative pace perfect for sustaining tension As short as the book is it won't bore adult readers; I responded to the story line basically the same way any reader young or old wouldIn some ways the premise here is similar to that of the later Disney movie for adults Iron Will though the two story lines and the settings and exact circumstances are different The idea that Willy's beloved 10 year old sled dog Searchlight could be a serious contender in a race like this isn't implausible; Gardiner ably brings out the facts that she was extremely fast and that both dog and boy knew the course well and ran it freuently while he also makes the points that a one dog sled is lighter and less awkward to handle than the cumbersome outfits of the adult mushers and their teams It's impossible to fully understand the emotional impact of the book without a spoiler view spoilerSearchlight dies near the finish line her heart failing her at last from the exertion though the result lifts the story into something other than pointless tragedy hide spoiler

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Helming desire to soak up the sun instead of eating his dinner Allan is turning into a plant No one seems to believe that he isn't just playing a practical joke no one that is except the President of the United States who declares Allen a threat to national security Suddenly Allen Brewster and his discovery areTOP SECRET Book Review Stone Fox by John Reynolds GardinerI read this book aloud to my kids today and let me tell you I was a blubbering fool I used to roll my eyes and laugh when my mom cried at emotional stories Now I'm her Except this time Bubs nearly 7 wasn't rolling his eyes He was crying tooAre you familiar with this very short chapter book Here's a brief overviewLittle Willy may only be ten but that doesn't mean he can't run a potato farm His grandfather has become very ill Willy is determined to make everything better by harvesting the potato cropWhen that doesn't help matters Willy discovers a debt that his grandfather owes for 500 Against all odds Willy enters a dog sled race where he'll compete against the best racers in the country including the huge Indian Stone Fox who has never lost a race Will his determination and courage be enoughAs mentioned this book is a tear jerker However it spurred great conversation great enough to make me forget I had an appointment and I'm glad we read it togetherSee hundreds of reviews of Deliciously Clean Reads at my blog

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Stone FoxBased on a Rocky Mountain legend John Reynolds Gardiner's story like it's hero Little Willy has all the ingredients of a winner right down to the unforeseen drama at the finish line Willy has a big job to do When his grandfather falls ill it is up to Willy alone to save their farm from the tax collector Willy enters the I honestly have not gotten whiplash like that in years The First 95% Me This is a classic novel A book to be read with dignity and grace Young William needs to save the farm the crops and above all his grandfather Also me They call him Little Willy uncontrollable giggles The Last 5% What The Absolute HellThat was NOT how you do a book The Summary Little Willy's grandfather gives up on life Willy holds down the farm brings in the crops and cares for his depressed grandfather all at the tender age of ten with the help of his faithful dog SearchlightThe farm is going under Grandfather hasn't paid taxes in years and the only way Little Willy can come up with the money is to enter himself and Searchlight into a dog sled race Stone Fox an Indian who races dogs also entered Will Willy win Or will Willy lose the farm My issues I'm so angry with the author about that ending It was about a 25 star book pretty bland writing characters telling rather than showing and a fairly unbelievable plot ten year old handles an entire farm in his own really And then we get to that shit ending I'm beyond furious with the author Willy should be locked up for animal abuse view spoiler Willy ran Searchlight so hard and long for the race that the dog's heart burstIt was made out to be this big grand gesture Searchlight loved Willy so much that she gave her life But once you take the romanticism that the author tried to throw at the story the ten year old forced his ill prepared dog into a race she could not handle And she died because of it hide spoiler