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Oneliness displacement or disconnection and find themselves in unexpected dire and sometimes unfathomable situationsA father’s life is upended by his son’s night terrors and disturbing memories of the first wife and child he abandoned; a foster child receives a call from the past and begins to remember his birth mother whose actions were unthinkable; a divorced woman experiences her own dark version of “empty nest syndrome”; a young widower is unnerved by the sudden inexpl I was in the middle of the title story when I realized that Dan Chaon had written a collection of horror tales In these stories human beings perpetrate horrors such as abandonment abuse neglect upon each other Relatives are left to clean up the emotional refuse after events such as a house fire or parental suicide I came across one review that labeled Chaon an evil puppet master and I suppose that is because he puts his characters through the wringer Some stories in this collection are stronger than others but I gave the overall collection four stars because Dan Chaon writes fiction that works on me at a very personal level There is always a line in his work or a mood that he evokes that rings very true to me and my own experiences

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Stay AwakeIcable appearances of messages and notes on dollar bills inside a magazine stapled to the side of a tree; and a college dropout begins to suspect that there’s something off something sinister in his late parents’ houseDan Chaon’s stories feature scattered families unfulfilled dreamers anxious souls They exist in a twilight realm in a place by the window late at night when the streets are empty and the world appears to be uiet But you are up unable to sleep So you stay awake I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep Stan LaurelThis amazing collection of stories provides readers with words and ideas to promote life reflection I absolutely love Dan Chaon's magical ability One of my favorite books ever I have read Stay Awake several times since it's publication in February 2012 I am excited for any new work by Dan Chaon I highly recommend Dan Chaon's books especially Stay Awake and Await Your Reply if you like stories that keep you thinking and don't give you all the answers then you will appreciate Dan Chaon's writing Stay Awake provides 12 short stories rich with meaning mystery Particular ideas objects re occurring in multiple stories include Suicide Open Mouths Severed Fingers Astroprojection Babies Falling Asleep Waking Up Death Cleveland Characters with J Names Characters with C Names Painters Messages Nurses Children Coffins Lillies Hospitals Group Homes Eyes Opening Eyes Closing Alternate Realities TimeSeuence Distortion Figurines Fuzzie Field Mouse Hard Truths BreakupsDivorceDeath of SpouseParenthood We The final story The Farm The Gold The Lily White Hands serves as a culminating summarization interconnecting to previous characters story elements WARNING TEASERS including full paragraphs from stories CONTAINED BEYOND THIS POINTHere are my favorite passages from various storiesThe Bees Here is a high empty wail that severs Gene from his unconsciousness like sharp teeth It is the worst sound that Gene can imagine the sound of a young child dying violently falling from a building or caught in some machinery that is tearing an arm off or being mauled by a predatory animalIt isn't a headache he says It's like bees he says Buzzing bees He rubs his hand against his brow Inside my head He considers for a moment You know how the bees bump against the window when they get in the house and want to get out Gene she says after a moment People don't usually wake up naked on their living room floor and not know how they got there That's just weird don't you think Oh please he thinks He lifts his hands shrugging a posture of innocence and exasperation though his insides are trembling I know he says It was weird to me too I was having nightmares I really don't know what happenedPatrick Lane FlabbergastedI could relate to this story because both the character I worked in a small grocery store It had occurred to him that if the undead don't realize that they are dead he might easily be one of them himselfthe world had begun to seem as if it wanted to communicate a dreadful dire message uncomfortable words and letters began to emerge for example the long vine from his mom's pathos plant in the kitchen was curling down in a way that appeared to be unreadable cursive writing possibly Arabic and the shingles on the neighbor's roof seemed to be arranged so that they formed H's and I's in a pattern H I H I H I H I H I which freaked him uite badlyBoth he and Zachary Leven had gotten paranoid and begun to imagine that their brains were going to turn off Like suddenly they would become vegetables And both he and Zachary Leven were crying and his mom said I am so ashamed of you I hope you remember this when I'm dead after all I've done for you this is how you repay me I hope you think about this moment when I am gone and his father had looked pained and said Oh Cathy that kind of talk isn't necessary and the doctor gazed at them and said I am going to prescribe some clonazepam that should do the trick and his mother said with enthusiastic disgust They are both of them throwing up and they both have diarrheaA conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinkingHe could imagine that there was a way in which all the pieces came together and interlocked some kind of lines that could be drawn from the funerals of his classmates to the plumbing problems in the house which also connected the clutter of hair dryers in the abandoned beauty academy with his old grade school teacher which was associated with the time he and Zacharay Leven had watched the zombie movie which was linked to the scattered tiles of the Scrabble game and the graffiti in the grocery store bathroom and the note that his parents had left him it was a map he thought a net that cast itself outward ad if he only applied himself he would see how the weather would lift and he would get the house finished and the economy would shift again and he would go back to college and meet some new friends and the wars would come and go and he would move to a new place and maybe get married and he would tease his own children about how they never seemed to grasp cause and effect very wellStay Awake title story while the moon drifts in the skies stay awake don't close your eyes You want a child because it is a piece of yourself that will live on after you are dead That is one answerYou want a child because it is a link in the bridge that you are building between the past and the future a cantilever that holds you so that you are not aloneEven when our death is imminent we carry the image of ourselves moving forward alive into the futureLong Delayed Always Expected He was a better lover as a brain damaged person All the things that people longed for seemed a little stupid she thoughtYou have brain damage I have no idea what your thought processes are likeIt's so stupid It's like trying to explain something to a catHmm Jeffrey said Cats don't really understand human languageThe story ends with this haunting paragraph Outside the sleet had gotten thicker You could hear it pebbling against the large glass windows you could see it swirling wildly through the spotlights of street lamps It was the kind of night when you might expect to see a skeleton flying through the air its ragged black shroud flapping in the windI Wake Up the pictures my brain would send me often didn't make much sense I'd conjure up a vivid image of a row of brownstone apartments and a cobblestone street; I'd imagine that I recalled an organ grinder and his monkey on the corner and people passing by in clothes from a hundred years ago I'd call forth a farmhouse in the middle of cornfields and I'd see myself walking on a winding dirt road looking up as a pterdactyl slowly flapping its wings passing across the moon I'd picture a crumpled potato chip bag or a snowy tundra where a woman was pinning white sheets to a clothesline in the wind or the sound of something scratching on the door in the night Maybe I thought the memory recording apparatus in my head had been damaged in some wayI've had nightmares every single night of my life since it happened she said God All of us have Poor Cecilia Joy said that she was contemplating suicide for a while before she met her husband She thought about killing herself just to get away from the bad dreamsOh I said Hesitantly I touched the stump where my finger used to be In my mind something almost remembered itself but the fumes of turpentine were making me a little lightheaded; whatever memory was on the verge of coughing itself up was gone even before it materialized Out the window I could see a suirrel was stumbling erratically around in circles underneath the old basketball net Then I realized that it wasn't a suirrel; it was a brown paper bagWhen Cassie said things about craziness mental illness schizophrenia that sort of thing I couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious Concerned I thought about the way the world played tricks on me suirrels for example that transformed into paper bags phone calls that seemed half whited out when I woke up memories spotted with imaginary pterodactyls and organ grinder monkeys and glacial lakes little things that perhaps added upSuch things might give a person pauseI was glad that I didn't know that first night that I was going to be sleeping in the room of a dead boyI got into the bed in between the cool dry sheets and put my head against the thick pillow and folded my hands over my chest as if I were in a coffinview spoiler The day I lost my finger was something like that One minute I was on the ladder three stories up painting along the frame of the old round window near the peak of the house; the next minute a swimmy feeling trickled up my spine and into my brain The window was empty and then the face of a woman floated up like a transparent reflection on the surface of water moving toward me pressing up against the glass a face like someone who had loved me once leaning over my bed at night to kiss my hair I don't even remember falling though I recall the feeling as my ring caught against a nail the finger separating from my body not so much pain as a kind of gasp I hit the ground and the wind knocked out of me For a second I thought I felt my soul my spirit bounce out of me and fly up a few feet before fluttering down and settling back into my body hide spoiler

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Stay Awake Book Ê Download ´ Dan chaon á Before the critically acclaimed novels Await Your Reply and You Remind Me of Me Dan Chaon made a name for himself as a renowned writer of dazzling short stories Now in Stay Awake Chaon returns to that form for the first time since his masterly Among the Missing a finalist for the NationalBefore the critically acclaimed novels Await Your Reply and You Remind Me of Me Dan Chaon made a name for himself as a renowned writer of dazzling short stories Now in Stay Awake Chaon returns to that form for the first time since his masterly Among the Missing a finalist for the National Book AwardIn these haunting suspenseful stories lost fragile searching characters wander between ordinary life and a psychological shadowland They have experienced intense love or loss grief or l People must be warned If you hate depressing stories you should never ever read Dan Chaon I have heard him described as an author of Midwest Gothic and I can think of no better term This is a depressing collection with stories that rear up out of their tragedy so that they may drag you deeper The endings will leave you without satisfaction either They do not give you resolution though they do point the way down the road where that resolution may lay hint you don't want to go there though you must they do not hold your hand and they do not want you to be happyIf you have persisted however you will find a truly wonderfully collection of stories that digs into the flesh that hides behind social graces that torments the people that smile and say fine thanks and you that sits within our hearts at low moments But what is there though it is dark and the world I would venture is not nearly as dark as Chaon's stories would imply thank goodness is true to life true to experience and it is so well rendered so expertly crafted that it sinks into you and it grabs you Don't read this on the beach but on that dark and cloudy day where the rain drizzles and there is no hope of joy read this be horrified and then emerge seeing just how beautiful a rainy day can seem in comparison