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The Princess Sisters doc ã Paperback read è naturaltreatment × The only thing she stands to lose are her shoesCinderella is an ordinary teenage girl with an extraordinary name But because of that name she and her cousins Belle Aurora Ariel and Snow White suffer years of torment from their peers Then as the By embracing their names the girls discover an inner strength they never knew existed And by putting everything they have on the line maybe just maybe they will discover there really is such a thing as ‘happily ever after? THE PRINCESS SISTERSBY STACY LYNN CARROLLFrom Back of BookWhat happens when you mix five modern teenagers with five fairytale princesses? Belle Cinderella Aurora Ariel and Snow White Princess are cousins and best friends stuck with names they are not too fond ofand now together they must face the challenge of getting ready for high school a world where fitting in is definitely a must But how will they ever fit in when they’re destined to stand out? Or perhaps importantly how will their friendship ever survive when the five Princesses all set their minds on one Prince? A young mother “Princess” who loved fairytales told them to her four young “Princess” daughters as they were growing up Her favorite story was about her “Prince” their father whose last name was really Princess had swept her off her feet and rode off with her into the sunset on the back of a moped Then one day her “Prince” turned into a toad and left her to raise her daughters alone When the mother Princess died the daughters Princesses decided that in her honor they would name their babies if they were girls after each of the Disney Princesses So where is the problem? Their last name is Princess Belle Cinderella Aurora Ariel and Snow White It’s enough that they have to be subject to uniue first names but to have the last name Princess What were their mothers thinking of? Not only that but each has a personal secretfear that only the cousins know about Now they were in high school Middle school had been hard enough but high school was where they definitely had to fit in It was not going to be easy when a handsome young “Prince” moves in across the street they all like him and a vindictive young lady who doesn’t like them sets out to make their life in high school miserable How do they overcome these two obstacles and turn the tables on everyone?When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure if I would like it It really isn’t the genre that I read I was really surprised The book is delightful It was refreshing and I enjoyed the interplay with each of the girls I love the closeness they have with each other It brought back memories of my high school days I really felt for Snow White I was shy and very uncertain of myself in high school I stayed to myself was not outgoing wished I was like Belle They could be mad at each other say what they wanted about each other but heaven forbid someone else did I love the reference made in the book that says “they say before you find your prince you’ll kiss a frog or two” It reminded me of the class I taught in Young Women on dating When the girls met Dave Prince each one fell for him Was he a Prince a frog or a toad? When they started high school how were they going to live down not only their names but the ugly stigmas found on the poster taped to their lockers? How did the vindictive young woman who taped the poster to their lockers find out their own inner personal secret? No one knew them but the cousins themselves How do they turn the tables and use the vindictiveness to their advantage? If you are looking for

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The only thing she stands to lose are her shoesCinderella is an ordinary teenage girl with an extraordinary name But because of that name she and her cousins Belle Aurora Ariel and Snow White suffer years of torment from thei 25 stars Overall it was a cute premise for a book There were a lot of unneeded stuff in there that ruined the book for me I guess this one is supposed to be about Cinderella but I thought Belle was the main gal 50% of the time Without giving too much away 4 sisters have 5 daughters born around the same timethe girls are 15 at this point These sisters either had them out of wedlock or are divorced and all live next door to each other Their last name is Princess The sisters all name their daughter's princess names Belle Cinderella Snow White Ariel Aurora last two are twins The daughter's get a lot of grief in school for their names and so stick together There were some older content in this book so I wouldn't recommend to teens but that is definitely the target audience I finished it so that is saying something A coming of age story Moral Note A poem with whore in it making fun of the girls and calling the girls that High school bullying Underage drinking mother lets the daughter try some One of the girls gets a belly button ring Girls mention other girls chests ex she has big breasts One of the girls uses a fake id to get into a club just dancing and then stays overnight in a college co ed dorm So a lot of poor choices for teens thrown in there I know it happens but that doesn't mean I have to like it or read about it

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The Princess Sisters R peers Then as the girls enter high school and the enticing world of dating a life altering decision must be made Is it finally time to stop fighting and surrender to the fairy tale clichés that have been holding them back? This is the ultimate in light reading fun No complicated characters Very little teenage angst simply a perfect Sunday afternoon read Do not expect than a light fast fun read However It has been awhile since I last enjoyed a YA read this much Bella stole the story though which came as a surprise to meWaAr