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Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Catherine Ryan Hyde Vida is 19 and has never had much of a life Struggling along with a life threatening heart condition her whole life has been one long preparation for death But suddenly she is presented with a donor heart and just in time Now she gets to do something she never imagined she'd have to do liveRichard is a 36 year old man. Vida is 19 years old and dying She's been dying her entire life Not in the vague way that we are all destined to die but in a way that has led her through multiple heart surgeries in her short life This time it's for real Her doctors are talking weeks if she's lucky She's been bumped to the top of the waiting list for heart transplants And then she gets a new heart and she's able to start livingOn the flip side Richard has everything A job and a wife that he loves Until he loses Lorrie in a tragic car accident He chooses to donate her organs and Vida gets her heart Vida's and Richard's lives are forever entwined after that The first time Richard walks into her hospital room after the transplant Vida tells him that she loves him She's never met him before but she feels a deep romantic love for himAt my old job I was the tiniest of tiny cogs in the transplant process I did electrocardiograms on the donors so that doctors could make sure the heart was in good working order from an electrical standpoint I was glad that the families had chosen to donate their loved ones' organs but I hated that part of the job I never saw the recipients the actual transplant happened in larger hospitals so I only saw the donors and I knew that this beautiful child wife father loved one would not be going home to his or her family They were all beautiful and they were all young I didn't do it often but I was never able to detach myself from the sadness on that end It was hard for me to say the least It was nice to read a book where I could really sort of experience the life that comes out of such a tragic lossbeautiful gift Vida meaning life in Spanish is a perfect mix of wisdom and innocence She's led a very sheltered life by necessity She hasn't been able to get out and run around and play simply because her weak heart wouldn't let her She's experienced most of her life from the inside of her house looking out at the world through a window Staring the reality of death down daily has led her to realize what is important in life though Relationships fairness and honesty are always important to her After the transplant she wants to see as much of the world as she can and face everything on her own terms She knows how much she's missed and she's making up for lost time Richard says something that really made me think Vida's mother asks him why he decided to donate and his first response is a stock reply of Wouldn't anybody He talks through it a little and eventually comes to a reason that feels real I know why I donated I wanted people to never forget her As many as possible This way I knew you would never forget her and neither would Vida And anybody who loved Vida And the woman in Tiburon who got her corneas she'll never forget Lorrie and neither will her family and everybody who loves her And I could go on with the other organs but I wanted as big a group of people as possible to think about Lorrie on an ongoing basis Not just get over it and forget That's possibly one of the most compelling reasons I've ever come across for organ donation Sure saving a stranger's life should be the best reason but in the throes of grief it's got to be hard to think about that Something that helps others remember your loved one That might get throughVida's best friend is her neighbor Ethel a 90 ish concentration camp survivor You know I'm drawn to concentration camp stories so I liked the element There was a reason for it though After Vida's transplant they have a thoughtful conversation about the purpose of a life that came so close to death Ethel has lived her life in a bubble almost afraid to live Vida is choosing to seize the opportunity she's been given and sueeze everything she can out of itThe biggest part of the book revolves around cellular memory I don't think I've ever heard about this but I'm curious Apparently there's a hypothesis that our memories do not reside solely in our brain; our very cells might retain memories Think about what that would mean in organ donation Scientists are studying recipients who suddenly develop traits similar to the donors whose organs they've received or even remember things that never happened to them but did happen to the donor It was pretty fascinating There's a brief overview at the San Francisco Medical Society page I liked the way things turned out I won't go into it I just wasn't sure that I was very happy with the obvious ending but there was a twist that made me very happy I was expecting sort of a light chick lit book when I started this I'm left with a lot to think over and I'm very happy about that There's a lot going on in this short ish novel I recommend it

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Free download Second Hand Heart 100 ↠ Vida is 19 and has never had much of a life Struggling along with a life threatening heart condition her whole life has been one long preparation for death But suddenly she is presented with a donor heart and just in time Now she gets to do something she never imagined she'd have to do liveRichard is a 36 year old ma Who’s just lost his beloved wife Lorrie in a car accident Still in shock and not even having begun the process of grieving he is invited to the hospital to meet the young woman who received his wife’s donor heartVida takes one look at Richard and feels she’s loved him all her life And tells him so Richard assumes. I like the main character and loved her voice in the beginning of the book The story line itself was a little lacking for me some things just didn't feel right and felt forced or just didn't seem to go along with my thoughts about what the characters would really do or say Had potential with how it started just didn't follow through with the depth I expected Loved the Esther character also disappointed with how her character was sort of dropped

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Second Hand HeartShe’s just a foolish young girl And maybe she is Or maybe there’s truth behind the theory of cellular memory and maybe it really is possible for a heart to remember at least for a time on its ownSecond Hand Heart is both a story of having to learn to live for the first time and having to learn to live all over aga. Vida means “Life” in Spanish Ironic enough the actual Vida has a life that revolves around death or at the very least the almost near certainty of it in her near future When Vida is suddenly given a second chance at the hand of another she does what comes naturally she seeks out the one her new heart has lost – Richard It’s Richard’s loss and Vida’s gain that moves them both forward in life their paths intertwining but not exactly in the ways you’d expect Both seeking something just beyond their grasp but important than either can comprehend in their current situations LifeObviously I’d be remiss to fail to mention how Second Hand Heart initially drew me in because of its similarities to the popular movie Return to Me It’s one of my favorites But outside of the fact that both the book and the movie have heart transplant patients as the central character and a love story of sorts they truly are very different One major difference being that Richard the husband who lost his wife chooses to remain in open contact with whomever receives his late wife’s organs This is crucial because were it not for this very uniue interaction between Vida and Richard the story could be completely different Both are excellent though mind youVida Her character was so well developed Honestly You could tell from the very beginning she’d had a lot of time to think She was okay with death which for most of us is uite the opposite Once she’s given the opportunity to be free of this daily burden she hardly knows what to do with herself and it’s evident even in the way she speaks In the beginning of the story you almost want to shake her she’s so passive After a while though I came to realize that was just another way of coping of helping those around her deal with the death she’s already come to grips with After her life “begins” she’s like a kindergartner asking a thousand uestions making demands and always seeming to wander aimlessly but with a purpose By the end she finally comes to a certain easiness with her new life and I loved the transformationRichard was a completely different situation all together for me I felt like I could relate so well to him in so many situations His fear for his wife’s heart now in Vida’s small body and his utter confusion at how to proceed with life I think so many of us are like this We live life taking for granted the things we hold most dear until one day they are just gone Most of us don’t get the opportunity for long good byes like Vida thought she had although I’m not sure it entirely matters I think what I was reminded of most with Richard was the importance of truly loving those we care for like we may not see them even a few moments later Make sure we appreciate them tell them and be mindful of them Because you never knowSecond Hand Heart was than a story about a girl who got a second take on life and fell in love because of it It’s about living and appreciating and loving Never letting go but remembering that life stops for no one Both Vida and Richard had incredible journeys to struggle through both extremely different in ways and so similar in others And once they’d realized they needed each other they were finally able to move forward and live