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read Rush by Joan Swan doc Ý Paperback Ê Jessica Fury Washington lobbyist has money connections and her own firm But five years ago she had something better happiness Her firefighter husband uaid was handsome courageous and crazy about her Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno—and never walked out Jessica has been through hell Jessica Fury Washington lobbyist has money connections and her own firm But five years ago she had something better happiness Her firefighter husband uaid was handsome courageous and crazy about her Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno and never walked out Jessica Towards the end of Blaze a new character was introduced to the Phoenix rising series He was simply known as Everything points to the fact that he is most likely the one member that was deemed dead The simplest solution would be to ask if he really is uaid The problem there is the sicko’s that declared uaid dead are the same freaks that are experimenting on humans all for the purpose of filling their coffers has no recollection of who he really is The former hazmat team that is family than teammates have decided not to leave one of their own behind and they go after who they hope is uaidJessica had buried and is still mourning the loss of her beloved husband The information that Teague and Keira present her with cannot be true She knows how horrific the explosion was that claimed her husband’s life She is also filled with such guilt that denial is so much easier to deal with She has lived a uasi life while she believed her husband dead While she has not exactly moved on and put the past behind her she certainly hasn’t lived the life of a woman who could possibly have a living missing spouse Rush is heartbreaking in so many ways Jessica has done things since burying her husband that fill her with guilt and uaid are two very different people The commonality between the two is Jessica may not remember uaid and Jessica but his heart tells him she is something very important to him Reading them reuniting and trying to find their way is so tragic yet Joan tells their story in a way that leaves you impossibly hopeful for them from the very beginning I think every series I’ve ever read I pick a guy and impatiently wait for his book I’m perfected the art of choosing the hero who is destined to have the last book If the teaser at the end of Rush is any indication January will not get here soon enough I do believe my guy is getting the next book and I am beyond excited about that possibility

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The mercy of a cabal of ruthless men who blank his memory test him like a lab rat and tell him lies Although his past has been erased and his future looks grim instinct tells him he has a woman to live for What his mind can’t remember his body can’t forgetThe heat is on My Reviewuaid supposedly died five years ago His wife Jessica might as well have died with him since she sank into depression and drugs and a non life just to cope with life without him She's been on the road to recovery for a year now so when her friends come to tell her that uaid might still be alive she can't allow herself to even hope She wouldn't survive his loss againThis book made my heart hurt so much for both these characters uaid and Jessica had a perfect loveno not a perfect marriage They fought and were normal people but they were so much in love They were on the same firefighting team when the warehouse exploded That explosion killed uaid and left the rest of the team changed with paranormal abilities Ever since then Jessica has separated herself from the team Her whole goal for her life now is revenge She is literally the walking wounded and her pain is so heartbreaking as you watch her struggle was a character who showed up in Book #2a man with no memory and no identity who's been the subject of medical experimentation for the last 4 years He doesn't remember his life from before or anyone from that life including Jessica His only knowledge of her has come through his dreams They have a connection even with all the damage that's been done to them And these two are definitely not the same people they were before the warehouse explosion Angst and emotion and suspenseif you like your books full of those things you will like this one Both these characters are so wounded there are times I wondered if they were truly going to be able to come back from that And they don't go back to where they werethat's an impossibility but they grow to know each other anew in this book and find there way to a new level of relationship It isn't easy or without heartache but it makes for a beautiful love story and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading it The other part of this series that is so good is the entire team aspect of it This particular story line is tough on everyone from that team because they all lost and mourned uaid As he and Jess find their way back to each other tensions are really high because it certainly isn't easy for them There are moments when neither one can cope and I loved the whole support aspect that came into it This is a team that has been to hell and back and they are much better as a whole because of it and because they've stood together They let Jessica slip out of that when uaid died but are determined to not let that happen again and I enjoyed that aspect of the story and that it was recognized as an issue I liked the realization that they let her down by not protecting her from herself when he died This has been just an excellent series so far

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Rush by Joan SwHas been through hell to get back on her feet And then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or shatter her world – again has been a prisoner forever He’s honed his mind and body into weapons He’s developed abilities no one else understands But he’s still at This review now available on my blog at Rush is book three in Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising series a paranormal romantic suspense series With smokin’ hot firefighters Everything is better with firefighters? Five years ago the firefighting suad went into a burning government building and came out changed Unfortunately some rogue elements of their government decided the best way to cover it up was to get rid of themuaid was one of the first to enter the building and got an extra blast of chemical so Gil Schaeffer decided he’d be the best person to experiment with in regards to abilities This is so evil I can’t even They the governmental conpiracy types had to knew what the chemicals might do but they didn’t warn anyone they just watched to see what would happenJessie was uaid’s wife and took his loss badly Really badly She denied her abilities as best she could and ended up a drug addict as she tried desperately to forget her loss She was devastated by his loss When Keira and Teague come to her office in Washington to try and convince her uaid might be still alive she refuses to believe it Teague tricks her into scrying for and she refuses to believe that he is uaid even after astral projecting to him And I was so drawn into her that despite reading Blaze and being 99% sure that was actually uaid I wanted to shout at Teague and Keira to leave her alone because I sympathised so strongly with Jessica and her inability to cope with her loss on the other hand is broken He is a seething mass of instincts and fear with no memory of how he learnt any of his skills He doesn’t know about his abilities at all so thoroughly have Schaeffer and Gorin fucked him over My heart broke as he tried to understand who he once was and who he is now The rage he went into when he realised how much of his life was stolen is amazing His utter devastation as he realises that he was married to Jessica and he doesn’t even rememberAs far as the series’ plot goes we have a fair amount of resolution and plenty of set up for the next part of the series I will say this the ending is so fast I’m not sure if uaid remembers his life before the fire or not I don’t know if Scaeffer and Green are dead or not and the ending is so uick that it’s closer to a HFN than a HEABottom line everything you thought that this book might not do it does uaid comes back from the dead and you feel the emotions that it causes the relief and worry the fear and expectations You see uaid trying to understand how to live without being an experiment Jessica’s fear that he’ll disappear that she’s not strong enough to live if she loses him again or if she doesn’t is so real Read Rush I received this book as an ARC from Kensington via NetGalley