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Y adventures of Rocket and GrootCOLLECTING Tales to Astonish 1959 13 Groot story Incredible Hulk 1968 271 Rocket Raccoon 1 4 Marvel Preview 7 Sword in the Star story Annihilators 1 4 Rocket Raccoon Groot stories Annihilators Earthfall 1 4 Rocket Raccoon Groot stories Nothing like enjoying a good comic on a sunny day I loved seeing what Rocket and Groot were up to when they weren't with the Guardians I loved seeing Deadpool Spider Man Thor and other marvel characters show up The graphics were fantastic and easy to follow The dialogue had me laughing throughout the stories I just loved it

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Rocket Raccoon GrootAfter the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded Rocket Raccoon settled into a uiet life with a steady job in a mailroom But when a killer clown made of sentient wood attacks him at work the trigger fingered and uick witted hero must journey to Planet X home of his old bu The original Rocket mini series is great full of wonderful references But the other stories are uite frankly a bit boring

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read Rocket Raccoon Groot kindle º Paperback Ç bill mantlo Å After the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded Rocket Raccoon settled into a uiet life with a steady job in a mailroom But when a killer clown made of sentient wood attacks him at work the trigger fingered and uick witted hero must journey to Planet X hoDdy Groot the giant tree creature in search of answers The cosmic dream team is reunited at last Then Mojo bloated entertainment mogul of the Mojoverse battles Rocket Raccoon and Grootonstage It's a high stakes campy cosmic free for all Plus get caught up on the earl Sometimes you can't go home againThe first comic books I ever bought were at a convenience store across the street from my house They had one of those periodical turnstyles by the cash registers next to the magazine rack and it was full of comics From those earliest purchases two comics stand out an issue of Marvel Tales which was a reprint of Amazing Spider Man #19 that's the first issue with the Scorpion and Rocket Raccoon #1 It came out in the summer of 1985 when I was just about to turn ten and I didn't have a concept of comics being a reprint or an ongoing series or a limited series I just knew there was a walking Raccoon on the front cover with a laser gun shooting the shit out of monkeys and clowns What ten year old wouldn't love thatCut to 2014 when Marvel releases The Guardians of the Galaxy film By this point Marvel was printing money at the box office so they decided to make a comic based on Abnett and Lanning's comic book When I saw the first promotional poster for the film not having read comics in a very long time this was around the time I got a library card and started reading every trade paperback that struck my fancy and there he was Rocket Raccoon Ten year old me went crazy inside almost forty year old me Rocket was going to be in a movie A walking raccoon The one that got me into comics thirty years before The one that I have a LEGO figure of on my keychain The one I have a pin of hanging outside my cube at work Rocket RaccoonRecently I have been on a Guardians of the Galaxy kick and so I have been reading all of the trades and it hasn't really been as great as seeing that first movie was for me But as I had been reading all of plethora of Guardians related books out there I was wondering if Marvel had got around to releasing a trade paperback of that original Rocket Raccoon series from my childhood Does a raccoon eat out of a trash can and then go shit in the woodsOf course Marvel had released a trade paperback of it Rocket Raccoon and Groot is a collection of pre MCU Guardians Rocket and Groot stories including both of their first appearances Groot's first appearance kicks off the first volume with a bog standard killer walking tree comic from a pre Fantastic Four era Tales to Astonish that fits with my recent plunge into reading Warren horror magazines rather than a superhero book Rocket's first appearance is even ignominious as he is part of a story arc in Marvel Preview that is advertised as continuing if you the reader demanded it Obviously no one did because the next story is an issue of The Incredible Hulk which while a throwaway for The Hulk himself sets up the plot line for the Rocket Raccoon series that wouldn't be published for another five years Then we get to the mini series itselfAt this point we need to take a uick aside into Rocket's originsnot as a character but how Bill Mantlo came up with the character in the first place In the Hulk issue where Rocket appears Mantlo effectively has all of Rocket's backstory be a riff on the song Rocky Raccoon off of The Beatles also known as The White Album Now in 1985 I had no concept of that particular song my mom made me listen to the Beatles essential from my first breath but we never had a copy of The White Album and honestly as Beatles songs go that song isn't that great But in that issue of the Hulk all of the elements of the song were there Rockety Raccoon Gideon's Bible you have it And for a Hulk filler story I guess that is fine But then Marvel green lighted the mini series staring just Rocket and Bill Mantlo decided to double down on Gideon's Bible stuff All I know is that when I re read the mini series thirty plus years after I had first read it I found myself wondering what acid Mantlo was dropping when he wrote the series On the upside however the mini series is some of the first work by Mike Mignola Hellboy and already he had the distinct style he would show on later work Finally there is another limited series called Annihilators that is effectively the first Rocket and Groot team up book this time by Abnett and Lanning who were who brought the Guardians back to prime them for their MCU success Unfortunately this series just serves to prop up the Mantlo stuff even further heading back to the scene of the original Rocket mini series while also referencing that original Groot story from 1960 It probably would have been just better off left alone as the MCU counterparts don't have to carry around this ridiculous baggage and there is already a precedent for this as Star Lord went from gutter trash to sexy Chris Pratt in the comics after the film was a smash Why Rocket and Groot weren't afforded the same treatment I don't knowSo after re acuainting myself with the origins of Rocket and Groot maybe I should have just left it buried in the box of comics I have in storage instead of trying to relive ten year old glory Sometimes the memory is better than the reality