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Book ↠ Richard Stark's Parker Slayground Æ 96 pages Download Ñ Darwyn Cooke's masterful and multi award winning series of Parker graphic novels continues with Slayground Parker whose getaway car crashes after a heist manages to elude capture with his loot by breaking into an amusement park that is closed foOn it's a game of cat and mouse one played out through closed rides of the abandoned carnival a game that slowly starts to favor the mouse Includes the Eisner award winning short story The 7th previously only available in the Martini editio First thought I had when I received this book from was Huh Why is this book so thin The reason for this is that this fourth Parker book as adapted by Darwyn Cooke compared to the first three really has less story to it and there's only so much of stretching it out that could be done Thankfully Cooke doesn't stretch it out and the result is a low page count 96 pages What the That even includes the 12 page adaptation of The SeventhFor this reason this adaptation can't stand up to its predecessors in the 'size' department So yeah a bit disappointing considering the length and the expectationsanticipation re Cooke's last Parker adaptation but an otherwise entertaining read I've read the original novel of Richard Stark's 'The Seventh' and it seems to me at least to increase the total page count of the book a elaborate adaptation of this story could have been included this short adaptation was first produced for and included in Richard Stark’s Parker The Martini Edition Darwyn Cooke's art is great as always but there's just not enough this time around hence the 3 star rating Oh wait one thing at least the book has a lower price point than the first three books so that's good; but the book is still too short

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D for the winter But his presence does not go unnoticed a pair of cops observed the job and its aftermath But rather than pursue their suspect they decide to go into business for themselves with the help of some business associates From then Darwyn Cooke’s Eisner Award winning series continues with the fourth installment Slayground Following a botched robbery Parker escapes to an amusement park closed for the winter Boxed in by gangsters and crooked cops will Parker be able to devise a successful escape route or has his number finally come upI received an advanced copy from IDW Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewCooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s iconic character Parker has been nothing short of tremendous I was actually a little shocked to see it completed so soon considering that back in August when I had the good fortune of meeting Mr Cooke he had indicated he was still working on it and he had in fact left it at home on his kitchen table to attend the Dartmouth Comic Arts FestivalIt goes without saying that the artwork continues to impress In keeping with the atmosphere of a cold winter’s night Cooke selected various shades of blue and black as the predominant colors giving us a perfect backdrop to the conditions endured by Parker as he plans his escape Cooke’s signature style is tailor made for a period such as the 1960s so there’s no doubt that given this is his fourth installment he’s here for the long runThere’s not much else to say about this other than if you’re not already reading the series you’re missing out Slayground may be his strongest effort yet so get caught up before Christmas Eve and grab this when it hits store shelves

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Richard Stark's Parker SlaygroundDarwyn Cooke's masterful and multi award winning series of Parker graphic novels continues with Slayground Parker whose getaway car crashes after a heist manages to elude capture with his loot by breaking into an amusement park that is close A re read 32818 after finally reading the novel on which it was based and loving it Original review 82016 edited a bit The fourth and I presume last of the adaptations made of Richard StarkDonald Westlake's Parker crime novels since Cooke died this year Parker is one of the hardest of hard boiled detectives and somehow you gotta like that if not uite like him I liked this volume least of the four books Cooke adapted in part because it is very short getting at the essence of the tale but missing some of the play in it It takes place on a Fun Island after all Aren't playgrounds supposed to be fun Okay there is one terrific fun thing in it; Cooke creates a fold out park guide for Fun Island The Happiest Place on Earth heh you didn't read the fine print complete with a map which is wonderfulThe art from Cooke remains strong to the very end retro sixties design though really stylized and hip And while the rendition of Stark's story is a little straightforward than Cooke's first three adaptations there is an attraction in that too; it's lean and mean stripped down to its bare essentialsThe idea in this story is that Parker and two other criminals seem to have pulled off a successful heist of an ard car But the escaping car ends up in a wreck and Parker heads out alone hiding out in an amusement park that only has one entrance with a satchel of cash Parker sets up traps for all the crooked cops who are trying to catch him as you might expect him to do and this is fun a Fun Island for crime fans Primarily because the art is just so good I raised by initial 3 star rating to 4 in site of the leanness and predictability of the storyCooke also adds a short story version it's really just a vignette of Stark's seventh Parker story The Seventh which is way too short but still well done and fun But if you like crime stories you have to check out these 4 book adaptations for which Cooke deservedly won Eisner awards Comics like this also excellent includes work from Brubaker and Phillips Criminal The Fadeaway Kindt Mind Mgmt Dept H and Tardi Like a Sniper Lining up His Shot West Coast Blues