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Summary Replacement è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Replacement his only novel published two years before Ulven’s suicide is a miniature symphony wherein the perspectives of fifteen unrelated characters are united into what seems a single narrative voice each personality having reached a point of stasis in their lives direcNg reached a point of stasis in their lives directing the book in turn These people reminisce dream reflect observe and talk to themselves; each stuck in their respective traps each fantasizing about how their lives might have. Read this because of a mention in Oslo August 31 a highly recommended recent Norwegian film that mentions Proust currently streaming on Netflix Put down on page 86 than midway through Wrong book wrong time Too elusive too recursive too many parenthenticals and parentheticals within parentheticals offset by parentheses instead of brackets I prefer brackets

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Replacement his only novel published two years before Ulven’s suicide is a miniature symphony wherein the perspectives of fifteen unrelated characters are united into what seems a single narrative voice each personality havi. ' What you’ve got to understand is that meaning can be found in meaninglessness and that these meaningless words hold all that you need to know'Every moment we are moving forward on a collision course with death Everyone and everything ‘ will eventually disappear on it’s own not partially not selectively but completely and all inclusively disappear’ a grim fact that we must all come to terms with Tor Ulven’s only novel Replacement addresses the difficult facts of life not only that we must all come to an end but that we must make peace with the time spent while alive Ulven pits the reader toward the feeling of sorrow felt looking back at a life that is ‘ empty of all the basic necessities or to put it another way it’s full full of everything but the one thing it should be full of’ Embracing and garnishing the human condition in a robe of intensely emotive figurative language Ulven dives into the dark recesses of troubled consciousness and resurfaces with pearls of wisdom and hopeOften cited as one of Norway’s greatest poets Tor Ulven 1953 1995 left behind an impressive poetic body of work Replacement written just two years before Ulven’s suicide is difficult to analyze without tripping up into an Intentional Fallacy as the narrative probes the hard issues of life death and acceptance of our fate However the ultimate hopeful conclusion of the novel transcends Ulven’s own tragic conclusion and it is his career as a poet that is unshakeable from the readers mind as they light upon each breathtaking combination of words Written through short fragments of consciousness orchestrated together to express a full condensed lifespan Replacement reads much like a collection of prose poems collected together by a common narrative thread Any paragraph could be broken up into a traditional poetic form I highly recommend feeding the desire to do so within the margins this book is pure poetry with every idea being illuminated through brilliant poetic language and long flowing metaphors that run wild branching out evolving and flowering into an expression of thought much greater than the original idea He exploits small details of life unpacking a vast horizon of meaning and imagery from each thought There are seemingly endless examples’ perhaps that’s the best of all stages when you’re falling in love the stage that is where everything is still a cascade of unrealized potential like when you’re standing outside an enormous amusement park of silence just the distant sound of an orchestra tuning their instruments from somewhere beyond the trees and you close your eyes and sigh in expectation standing there before the main gate where lightbulbs gleam brightly against the dark before you go inside where the few attractions will just become noisier and noisier and vulgar as the jostling crowd grows even larger the hawkers bolder the entertainment simpleruntil your reaction becomes a nightmare as though these fancy traditional firework displays were going off inside a prison cell Finally the gleaming lightbulbs and the fantastic displays go out one by one until the miraculous wonderland lies empty and abandoned and the leaves begin to fall suddenly it’s autumn then the frost comes it’s winter now it’s snowing the amusement park is buried in snow covered in darkness and buried in snow until the snow is the only thing left gleaming’Each fantastic image resonates with an impression of life’s progress towards some inevitable conclusion As the novel progresses down the lifeline the reader experiences a consciousness forever grappling with the implications of death Each stage of life is marked by a reflection on what lies beyond the wall of death with an accruing acceptance of our fate Initially what the character believes in is pushed aside by thoughts of what the character rejects finding ideas of predeterminism to be offensive ‘ life strictly speaking was just a superfluous symptomatic demonstration of what had already been decided and would remain so from eternity to eternity; in which case you think earthly life might as well be declared null and void’ and completely dismissing the notion of a soul at least in the sense of heaven and hell ‘ The most absurd most meaningless thing a person can dream up is that there is an immortal soul and that soul can go to hell’ he thinks terrified by the notion that someone he loves would be made to endure eternal torment Ulven pushes towards a cyclical lifeline as opposed to a linear one circles wheels and pond ripples being a major motif upon which the narrative builds – and constructs the novel in such a fashion that the first few pages and final few pages meet up with the events of youth and late life being a strange thematic reflection of each other One of the earliest scenes on the lifeline is of a late night lovers rendezvous in which he steals away in the night down winding roads whereas the elderly man near the conclusion embarks on an epic by elderly standards walk down the road to call an old lover on a payphone The cyclical nature causes past and present to bleed together much like watching a drop of ice cream on a bike wheel eventually turn into a blur as the rotation speeds up ‘ the spots of ice cream documented the wheel’s circumference though each spot grew smaller and fainter with each rotation smaller and fainter until at last there was only a grayish white smudge then nothing' Past present and future and the many binaries found in the book are carefully blended in the novel through phrases like ‘ the grave as a cradle’ ' ringing silence'¹ or his expression of having a nostalgia for the future Ulven enjoys exposes the ironies in our lives mocking existence Such as the way the young with a seemingly inextinguishable number of days to burn through destructively seek the future while the old are painfully aware of their limited heartbeats and reflect back on the past It is this irony that makes life so heartbreaking and cruel Take the youthful perspective’ Those are the people who are going to build their hopes in the Future; a future oddly enough that they regard in nostalgic terms because it’s something they yearn for they yearn and yearn it’s something they’re actively working to produce in a pleasant large though not overly large happiness factorytherefore there’s no point in looking back there’s just a compost heap of bygone days days which to them are nothing but junk rubbish shit good for nothing but fertilizing the ground from which their glorious future will spring’Compared to the elderly panic at looking back’ It’s not the thought of death No that’s not the reason you ache in the springtimeit’s not an ache either but a sorrow a stab of worryover life unlived; not the anger and angst about the fact that in the near future you won’t be experiencing anything at all your fear of death actually decreases as you get older but the nagging feeling that you haven’t experienced enough that you’ve never really lived life and even worse that it’s to late to experience anything that the experiences you’ve had weren’t the experience you were meant to have that somewhere along the way you took a wrong turn and now it’s too late and as a result your life has in one sense been wasted’The ache of a life mislead is shown as the great existential dilemma greater even than the acceptance of our own demise The great uestion then is what now He both urges us to use our time wisely but also asks if the emptiness we feel the sorrow can be filled even after our time for experience and adventure has gone by The true tragedy is that every experience we have every moment of life is gone by the time it reaches us The second an event occurs it is gone lost forever from the present only to be looked back upon in our collected past We cannot choose the events that befall us only the paths that take us there ‘ the extraordinary implications a few chance words can have how a brief succession of syllables can become the slender strand of spider web holding up a whole theater a theater namely with an empty stage where soon you’ll both appear each from your own wing pause and look each other in the eye’ In a sense life is an elaborate game of chance; each moment is a spin of the roulette wheel Gambling imagery freuents each key moment in the novels timeline reminding us we are victims to chance Or if time is circular are we actually predetermined Can we change our destinies Or is that the beauty in life how we spin forever like the ice cream spot onward into oblivion The most peaceful or ‘tranuil’ to use Ulven’s terminology moments in the novel are scenes of silence in a world blanketed in snow The moments we remember most are the ones that ‘appeared out of the nothingness of falling snow’ that standout from the blur of reality These are the things to cling to; these are the moments we live forIt is debatable if the novel follows one man through his life or multiple characters linked through vague similarities Being unable to pin the reflections and memories onto one solid character allows the ideas to take on a universal uality as opposed to a focused singular one The ideas are able to seep into all of us and the way Ulven switche

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ReplacementTurned out differently A masterpiece of compression and confession Replacement dramatizes the tension between the concrete realities we think we cannot alter and our interior lives where we feel anything might still be possib. If Karl Ove Knausgaard has done nothing else for me he's helped me find some interesting looking North European writers The hipper hipsters probably didn't need KoK's help finding Tor Ulven who's apparently very well respected in Norway But this is the only work of his in English so far Replacement was precisely what I needed when I started to read it so keep that in mind when considering my recommendation But this is really freaking good despite sounding really boring apparently the Norwegians specialize in sounds really boring but isn't kind of books To begin with we're in the head of a lonely old man at night thinking about his past Then with no obvious signposts we're no longer in his head but in the head of a younger man And so it goes for the rest of the text Each man all men do something fairly unimportant and reflect on their almost uniformly sad lives This should be awful It's the kind of thing I hate But here it works perfectly The form is the most interesting thing going on but there's also a surprising amount of emotional heft as if Ulven really wanted to make sure we saw every possible minute variation of the blues regret and nostalgia; fear of the future and delusions of grandeur based there; loneliness and agoraphobia Again usually this would go straight on the trade in pile but Ulven and his translator Kerri A Pierce pull it off thanks to the sentences paragraphs and small variations In that way it's a bit like the minimalist theist composers that are so popular I mean popular among a very small group of people right now But because it fit my mood just a bit too well I'm knocking off a star Because I'm objective like that