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A is a headstrong princess longing to be a knight who finds her way to modern day California But her accidental return to her family's kingdom and a disastrous romance brings war along with her Two Moon Princess is an excellent interesting and well executed young adult novel with all the hallmarks of a good read as well as a rare depth in its underlying themes The twists and turns in the story kept me so enthralled that I read late into the night in order to finish itThe story weaves a web of events that develop as the surprising conseuences of Andrea’s innocent actions The author skillfully lays out the telling details of Ariel’s family history like a trail of addictive crumbs that lead us deeper into the story and whet our appetite for I particularly liked the idea of two worlds separate but accessible each full moon via a door hidden in a cave The door is kept secret for good reasons Reasons that relate to every clash of cultures throughout time and that Andrea discovers when she visits the modern world through the doorway Her perception of our world and John a young Californian’s reaction to being in her medieval world is believable and thought provokingThe characters are all richly rendered enjoyable or interesting company and easy to relate to Andrea’s development throughout the story is one of the novels strong points We watch the process of a teenager growing up as she discovers that the world does not revolve around her She goes from thinking only about herself and what she wants to a much greater understanding of how her actions affect others She also learns that there is a lot to the world that she doesn’t know about and there are some powerful moments in the story when her perception of a person or situation changes as she discovers new knowledgeAs the story progresses the concept of friends and enemies become delightfully blurred Andrea discovers that there is good and bad in both her family and their supposed enemies and that people who act as a friend in one instance may suddenly act as an enemy in another situation especially if they aren’t aware of the full truth of a situationThe romantic element was beautifully teased out and the ending made a satisfying conclusion to all the story threads The first few chapters didn’t grab me but I became hooked the moment the story took it’s first turn From that point on the writing also became immediateI give this book 5 stars and recommend it for all lovers of YA fantasy especially those who like a mix of modern and ancient worlds

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Two Moon PrincessDiscovery of some dark family secrets Readers will love this mix of traditional fantasy elements with uniue twists and will identify with Andrea and her difficult choices between duty and desi Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen ueen for TeensReadToocomAndrea is a Princess but she feels like she doesn't fit in She wants to join the knights but her father refuses her reuest and instructs Andrea to visit her mother for lessons on becoming a lady Ladyship is boring and uneventful and Andrea tires of her lessons uickly On the night of her kingdom's ball Andrea has had enough of being a princess and decides to run away She stumbles upon a doorway that leads to modern day California Xaren Ra Andrea's world resembles medieval Spain so seeing a new world is an adventure Andrea adapts to her new fast paced life in California She makes friends attends classes and starts to fall for a local boy During a storm Andrea takes shelter in the same cave that brought her to California Only this time she accidentally re opens the passage bringing with her an American boy Andrea's return to her kingdom sets off a chain of events that ignites a war on her world uncovers family secrets and endangers her family and friends Now Andrea has to find a way to stop the war and find her place in her world TWO MOON PRINCESS is a wonderful book that kept me up turning its pages and reading well into the night I was transported into Andrea's world and didn't want to leave There was never a dull moment or a bland character The author's parallel worlds were richly described and all the characters grew throughout the story Andrea is a great strong character she recognizes her duty to her kingdom but also has a bit of a rebellious streak in her She's not a damsel in distress at all but at the same time she's not afraid to show her soft side This story was full of adventure and the romance was an unexpected surprise This is a great pick for readers who enjoy fantasy but also great for readers who like romance in their stories I'm excited to see the author is working on a seuel which I hope to read soon

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Two Moon Princess eBook ß Hardcover Read ✓ Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban ë A Spanish PrincessAn American BoyA King set on revengeAn unreuited loveand a disturbing family secretbring a World to the brink of WarIn this coming of age story set in a medieval kingdom Andrea is a headstrong princess longing tA Spanish PrincessAn American BoyA King set on revengeAn unreuited loveand a disturbing family secretbring a World to the brink of WarIn this coming of age story set in a medieval kingdom Andre A nice coming of age story about a girl caught between two worlds Princess Andrea is the rebellious princess that doesn't want to be a lady but would rather shoot arrows and ride horses with the boysShe discovers a path to our world and adventures ensueAs a first novel for the author it was a good tale of the headstrong Andrea I found myself pulling for her and hoping she'd find her niche wherever that might be Some great character development takes place over the course of the novel as well I like the glimpses of world building we get in Andrea's worldShe almost seemed to blend in too easily with our world but the reasons for that are explained They seem a bit convenient but they workAs far as characters go I had a little trouble connecting with any besides Andrea That's probably okay as Andrea herself had trouble connecting with most people I liked her Mother the ueen I liked Don Julián I wanted to like Don Romero but I couldn't get comfortable with his freuent hot and cold switches One minute he'd be praising and supportive and the next he'd be standoffish and critical I disliked the King Don Andres as well as JohnDon Juan I wished someone would hit them both in the head with large blunt instrumentsThe story flowed well after an introduction to the main character had me wondering if we'd see some common fantasy tropes But there were unexpected turns in the story and it came together nicely