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Princess Sultana's Daughters Free read  PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Readers of PRINCESS were gripped by Jean Sasson's powerful indictment of women's lives behind the veil Now in the compelling seuel Jean Sasson and Princess Sultana turn the spotlight on Sultana's two teenage daughterDesperate measures Throughout Sultana and Sasson never tire of their uest to expose the injustices which society levels against women Princess Sultana once strikes a chord among all women who are lucky enough to have the freedom to speak out for themselv. Considering it took me six years to get around to reading this book after reading Princess A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia I should have taken it as a sign not to move through with the seriesPros This book is a good introduction to Saudi culture The vast divide between Western culture and Eastern culture is spotlighted in this series There is also a constant struggle between fundamentalist Muslim culture and mainstream Muslim culture is also on display I wish Sutltana had spent time talking about the morality police the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice It is a uick easily consumable read Sasson's writing style was uick paced and interesting As far as nonfiction goes it didn't reuire too much concentration or brainpower It read much like fictionCons Sultana constantly touted her life's goal to advocate for women's rights However her only concern in life is to live the life of a spoiled princess with mansions compounds maids and drivers She blamed all of her problems in her life on the people around her her father brother husband corrupting influences of her children's friends She refused to take any responsibility for her spoiled and neglected children's many troubles but figuratively threw up her hands in a what's a parent to do attitudeSultana's issues with her husband were less severe in this book than in Princess When she had disagreements with her husband instead of having a calm adult conversation with reasoned arguments she came off like a hissing spitting shrew of a wife Like her reactions is Princess she always seemed to use scheming underhanded moves to get her own way as a first resortAlthough she claimed to be a defender of women's rights I could only find one example of a time she helped any women outside of her immediate family and that was after extreme begging on her maid's part This book was similar to Princess in that the book was basically a series of loosely bound anecdotes that Sultana was recounting from family and acuaintances There were so many horrific tales of abuses of women children and animals Sultana's recounting of these tales were oddly lacking in empathy Knowing this book was written by a princess it's hard to get a real picture of the common women of Saudi Arabia which undoubtedly are far less pampered and sheltered than those in Sultana's circleUltimately Sultana's selfishness narcissism and over the top lifestyle made her unrelatable My interest in reading and learning about her culture kept me reading although a little less enthusiastically For a fictional take on Saudi culture from a much comprehensive take I would wholeheartedly suggest the Nayir Shari Katya Hijazi series by Zoe Ferraris

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Members of the royal family who have benefited from Saudi oil wealth Maha and Amani are surrounded by untold opulence and luxury from the day they were born And yet they are stifled by the unbearably restrictive lifestyle imposed on them driving them to. Princess Sultana lost a bit of my sympathy towards her in this second book of hers It's hard to feel for her when you read her bragging of her expensive vault protected jewels her extravagant homes all over the world her spoilt daughter feeding luxury foods to cats and dogs her laughing about laughing when two men died at Hajj and her macing of her own cousin to name but a fewIt's obvious that the women in Saudi Arabia are treated as inferior to the men but the fact remains that this is the story of a princess someone who lives a comfortable life than millions of people on this planet Although it's easy to feel sorry for many of the women she talks of in her book I find it difficult to feel sorry for Sultana herselfStill it's very easy to read and compelling enough to keep you interested through to the end

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Princess Sultana's DaughtersReaders of PRINCESS were gripped by Jean Sasson's powerful indictment of women's lives behind the veil Now in the compelling seuel Jean Sasson and Princess Sultana turn the spotlight on Sultana's two teenage daughters Maha and Amani As second generation. Much as I thought the first book Princess was well written and an important read I was disappointed in this second book about a Saudi princess While the behavior of both of Sultana's daughters is shocking what I really got a taste of by the time I finished the book was how poor of a mother Sultana is I understand that having grown up with wealth and ease she probably doesn't know any different but it was surprising to me to hear all of her daughter's problems blamed on the male dominated society or her mother in law in the case of their older daughter or their in born personality traits and their Saudi culture their younger daughter So many of the problems described seem like they are simply the result of children growing up spoiled and without any limits and similar problems would happen in other cultures if children are allowed such latitude as they are in this home For example Sultana's younger daughter becomes extremely religious and starts a group of like minded young women determined to overthrow the monarchy and restore strict religious rule Despite Sultana's dislike of this behavior in her youngest daughter the group continues to meet at her house over and over It seems to me that the simplest thing to do is to forbid the meetings If you read earlier about this same daughter's interest in animals you can see the extent she is indulged to an extreme allowed her own zoo of exotic pets Not even punished when she insults her uncleIt also seems that for his time Sultana's husband is uite enlighted yet every time he disagrees with her she describes him with a bold brush as like all men when sometimes his arguments make a lot of sense Yes he is not exactly lily white but he values his daughters as much as his sons and he even seems uite modern compared to Sultana's father It also bothers me that Sultana constantly describes herself as an advocate for women's rights and someone who is actively working for them yet I don't see much evidence of what she is doing In one instance in the book their Egyptian housekeeper has to beg her over and over before she finally relents and tries to help intervene in the female circumcision of the housekeeper's granddaughterPerhaps I'm too harsh in my judgment of Sultana but in this book she seems like a selfish spoiled princess blaming the world for her problems instead of taking some responsibility for herself and her surroundings