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Free read Princess Elizabeth's Spy ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Susan Elia MacNeal introduced the remarkable Maggie Hope in her acclaimed début Mr Churchill’s Secretary Now Maggie returns to protect Britain’s beloved royals against an international plot—one that could change the course of history As World War IAnd deadly than Maggie ever expected The upstairs downstairs world at Windsor is thrown into disarray by a shocking murder which draws Maggie into a vast conspiracy that places the entire royal family in peril And as she races to save England from a most disturbing fate Maggie realizes that a uick wit is her best defence and that the smallest clues can unravel the biggest secrets even within her own family. I was intrigued by the first book in this series Mr Churchill's Secretary I didn't particularly like Maggie in face she seemed to be a bit of a Mary Sue in that book and this book reinforced my opinion of her men instantly falling in lovelust with her; we're constantly told how unbelievably intelligent she is; it seems like she knows or is good at everything except where the plot point reuires that she doesn't though she is always uick to correct that However I loved the supporting characters David Chuck John etc and I thought Susan Elia MacNeal did fairly well with the historical charactersThough it was obvious that the author did research both books were rife with historical inaccuracies I’m the sort of person that is easily bothered by something like that particularly when a five minute google search can correct an inaccuracy view spoiler For instance there were no British fighters flying over Berlin in late 1940 and it must be winter 1940 because of the Coventry raid; the earliest known flight was a reconnaissance flight in March 1941 and operations didn’t begin in earnest until 1943 What was John doing then flying a Spitfire over Berlin How did he get through training in two months anyway The last book was late September and this is one is mid November of 1940 hide spoiler

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Susan Elia MacNeal introduced the remarkable Maggie Hope in her acclaimed début Mr Churchill’s Secretary Now Maggie returns to protect Britain’s beloved royals against an international plot one that could change the course of history As World War II sweeps the continent and England steels itself against German attack Maggie Hope former secretary to Prime Minister Winston Churchill completes her traini. After reading the first book in this series I was excited to pick up the second I expected a enjoyable if not particularly historically accurate novel and that is what I got The characters are fun the insights into life in WWII England interesting and the code breaking tidbits intriguing All was well until the entire sub plot regarding Maggie's parents started to emerge as a fan of the TV show Alias I was shocked to discover the wholesale use of the entire plotline about Sydney's parents Even the lines that Hugh utters about a wall of poppies are lifted from Vaughn's speech to Sydney about the wall of stars at the CIA This was no small similarity in circumstances this is essentially lifting the plot of several Alias episodes and just changing the names of the charactersI was deeply disappointed by this lack of originality and it undermined my enjoyment of the novel as a whole If I were not a fan of Alias I would have given this book four stars but knowing how a central plot element was shamelessly stolen from the TV series I'm only giving it one star because that is as low as I can go

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Princess Elizabeth's SpyNg to become a spy for MI 5 Spirited strong willed and possessing one of the sharpest minds in government for mathematics and code breaking she fully expects to be sent abroad to gather intelligence for the British front Instead to her great disappointment she is dispatched to go undercover at Windsor Castle where she will tutor the young Princess Elizabeth in maths Yet castle life uickly proves dangerous. With the recent celebration of ueen Elizabeth’s Jubilee it’s especially engaging to read a novel about her as a young Princess—set in some of England’s darkest days during the brutal bombing attacks by Germany during WWII While the adventures of Maggie Hope spy and mathematician with the fourteen year old Princess are fictional MacNeal’s portrayal of Elizabeth rings delightfully true Here’s the very young woman who already holds a powerful sense of duty to her people and carries her responsibilities with great love and care even while she’s still a mischievous child as well—and those black and sable corgis No matter that Elizabeth’s favorite dog has the habit of biting the Princess is still devoted to him and riding is her favorite activity The “inside view” from Windsor is warmly entertaining from beginning to end Maggie’s rooms at the top of Victoria Tower come complete with a loo on the roof Creative plumbing added in later apparently Keep checking the closets because the scoundrels have slipped into the castle and it will take all of Maggie’s intelligence and gumption to keep the Princess safe As with her first Maggie Hope book Mr Churchill’s Secretary MacNeal excels both at creating a sense of place in history and at developing characters that draw us in and hold us there She’s particularly good at giving us a cast of characters with multiple people we feel compelled to suspect She’s great at planting clues along with a fair share of misleading but true clues so that you keep turning the page in anticipation of figuring out what’s up but you’re unlikely to catch the Nazis before all is revealed MacNeal’s plot is pleasantly twistedThe idea of betrayal and what drives people to it arises in a number of ways in this book Sometimes blind chauvinism too arrogant to see the value of a woman’s mind causes inadvertent stupid betrayal Sometimes war both on the home front and on the battlefield wounds so deeply and destroys men so thoroughly that they thrash about trying to save themselves from emotional drowning and in doing so betray those around them Sometimes the heart has to have certainty to hold onto love and a kind of betrayal can hide in the shadows among even the most loyal Sometimes people must choose who to betray and who to protect when they are forced by evil circumstances The variations on this theme underlie many of the intertwined plotlines of the mystery but despite this seemingly heavy idea the novel is primarily a fun read with a sense of humor and a playfulness that will entertain you Take for example—at one point Princess Elizabeth takes a cue for defensive action from her Corgi and bites a villain in the ankle If you’re not laughing you’re made of stone and biting your own nails—it’s a scary moment clever of MacNeal to combine with humor I definitely recommend curling up with Princess Elizabeth’s Spy For an interview with Susan Elia MacNeal about Princess Elizabeth's Spy her research the dungeons of Windsor and why the theme of betrayal appears in her books click here