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Princess Sultana's Circle Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á Impressionante e comovente este volume completa a Trilogia da Princesa em ue a escritora Jean P Sasson registra o depoimento de uma nobre árabe ue se esconde sob o pseudônimo de Sultana Os nomes dos protagonistas da história foram; descobre ue o primo mantém adolescentes presas num harém; assiste à brutal execução de duas mulheres sob acusações levianas Cenas de horror como essas acabam por arrancar a Princesa Sultana do torpor e a fazem assumir seu compromisso pela dignidade feminina no mundo árabe um papel ue ela desempenha corajosamente até os dias de hoj. ugh i really hated this i read the first of the series some months ago and although not written well i felt like it was an important story to tell i was disappointed to be reading this third installment about utter misogyny the sultana is a woman who's place in society is that of a victim victim to her circumstance of dirty money and idle time i do not doubt that she is limited to help women a cause she vehemently says she believes in however i do believe with a little self control and the use of the brilliant mind and limitless wealth she has been blessed with could indeed do a bit a bit then spending 338000 at an afternoon shopping spree at bergdorf's don't get me wrong i love a shopping spree but this is supposed to be a book about something than that and unfortunately it heralds a woman who has money and time then the god in which she believes

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Sob o olhar complacente do clero e das autoridades políticas da Arábia Saudita Aui Sultana revê um momento decisivo de sua vida uando uase sucumbiu à depressão e ao alcoolismo Ao seu redor desenrolavam se situações dramáticas entre muitos outros acontecimentos ela vê sua sobrinha ser dada em casamento a um homem de sórdido passado. There is an entire series of these Princess books all of which I have read with an open heart I wish I could say that I have searched for ways to make a difference but I have cherished my many freedoms with a clearer head and open heart

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Princess Sultana's CircleImpressionante e comovente este volume completa a Trilogia da Princesa em ue a escritora Jean P Sasson registra o depoimento de uma nobre árabe ue se esconde sob o pseudônimo de Sultana Os nomes dos protagonistas da história foram trocados mas os acontecimentos são rigorosamente reais revelando as atrocidades cometidas contra as mulheres. Princess Sultana's Circle is the third book in Jean Sasson's Princess trilogy I really loved the first book The second was good But by the time I got to the third book I was starting to feel a little jadedLet me just say that I believe that a lot of events described in this book are things that do occur in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries I believe that women are considered and treated as even lower than second class citizens there and that they suffer greatly because of it That said these books are purported to be the true stories of a single Saudi Arabian woman and I find that fact to be a little difficult to swallow Books reuire tension and conflict to be interesting and these books were nothing if not interesting Every single chapter seemed to outline or highlight some atrocity or violation of basic human rights If this were a collection of women's stories from across the social board in Saudi Arabia I would find it easier to believe But the fact that all of these things happen to or in the life of one woman sounds like fiction than fact to meI think that author Jean Sasson who spent over a decade living and working in the medical field in Saudi Arabia had ample material gathered over the years of women and stories that she encountered in her personal and professional life and chose to attribute them all to one personAnd maybe I'm wrong This is just what I feel I still think that these books highlight important issues that should be seen and heard worldwide I think they can help to educate people about the plight of women in the Middle East And I think people should read them with an open heart and an open mindI just don't think they are the true story of one single woman I feel like they are the true stories of a nation of women