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characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Isobel Starling The new term at Imperial College London see’s Declan taking on the cover identity of Earth Science professor Dr Tobias Hunter and Sam becoming Librarian Kit Franklin Tasked with infiltrating a shadowy Environmental group who recruit Earth Science students at Universities around Europe Sam and Declan attempt to discover the identity. Isobel Starling’s Shatterproof Bond series just keeps getting better and better The dark intriguing story surrounding Sam and Declan continues to build in the fifth novel Powder Burns A wonderfully complex cast of characters keep an incredible mystery flowing along and I’ve been continually stunned by all the twists and turns Meant to be read in order you need to start with As You Wish where it all beginsIf you’re going to take the plunge I highly recommend you do this series in audio Performed by the amazingly talented Gary Furlong I can’t imagine any other narrator could even come close to doing this amazing story justice With the incredible variety of accents dialects and languages Ms Starling includes in this series I can’t help but wonder if she wrote the Shatterproof Bond series just to hear Mr Furlong perform itThe thing I love the most about all of Isobel Starling’s writing is that I can never tell where her stories will go next Little details turn out to have a huge impact things come back to haunt and unexpected events propel the story in a completely different direction from what I’d expect and it makes for an incredible experienceIn addition to the uniue and clever plotline in the Shatterproof Bond series Ms Starling creates spectacular chemistry between the characters There’s an intricate web of personalities in this cast I’m loving the darkness of the secrets these people are keeping and there’s no end to the depth of their depravityOne of my favorite romance authors Isobel Starling outdoes herself with Sam and Declan’s relationship She blends sensual BDSM scenes erotic power exchanges and tender playful games into their coupling and the result is stunning These two men are amazing together and for me there’s nothing better than hearing Gary Furlong bring their lovemaking to life I truly thought Powder Burns was going to be the final episode of the Shatterproof Bonds series and I’m thrilled to find out there’s to be at least one book Starling leaves us with a brilliantly written cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see where the adventure goes from here an audiobook copy of Powder Burns was provided to me for the purpose of my review

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Read & Download Powder Burns ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ The new term at Imperial College London see’s Declan taking on the cover identity of Earth Science professor Dr Tobias Hunter and Sam becoming Librarian Kit Franklin Tasked with infiltrating a shadowy Environmental group who recruit Earth Science students at Unive Of the leader of the organization and the shocking things the most devoted recruits are expected to do to prove their loyalty Declan is thrown headlong into a spy scenario straight out of the thriller novels he loves to read but with a distinct and very kinky sexual twist ​When operation moves from London to Vienna Sam meets an old. I have to say I thought when I started reading this book that it was the last in the series but when I got to the end I discovered there was going to be a book 6This time Sam and Declan enter the world of political activists While Declan is undercover as 1 person Sam is having to play multiple people and its uite amusing when Declan takes a while to recognize SamA good story and a great ending which of course has set up book 6The only minus with this series is that the author sometimes writes as Declan speaks with his Scottish accent Please don't just use normal English It takes me out of the book because I can hear myself trying to do the accent and failing miserably

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Powder BurnsFriend and uncovers shocking information about James’ past that he is sure his father does not want to fall into the wrong hands​With Erik Madsson still imprisoned inside the ALL H James comes to realize that he should have listened to his son Keeping the enemy inside his own home is about to be the biggest mistake he has ever mad. In the fifth book in the Shatterproof Bond series we find Sam and Declan going undercover Declan will be Dr Tobias Hunter an Earth Scientist while Sam will be Kit Franklin a Librarian It does not take long before the two find themselves embroiled in plans to uncover the leaders of a shadowy environmental group which leads to some shocking discoveries As the investigation takes them from London to Vienna Sam finds himself working with an old friend and learning things about his pat he never wanted to know Then he finds some shocking information about Sir James who is home learning that it is not a good idea to keep your enemies so closePowder Burns is incredibly fast paced with twists and turns that no one could expect Sam and Declan remain in love and devoted to each other despite a few bumps along the way You cannot help but fall in love with these two men and route for them to be successful The plot is complex and takes us back to earlier books I love this story with Sam and Declan and look forward to many many delightful hours of entertainment from the phenomenal imagination of Isobel StarlingGary Furlong does an amazing job with Powder Burns He really nails the two men and the side characters His narration will have glued to your listening device He is fast becoming my favorite narrator