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Pleasant Day review è 103 ´ In the town of Hollow Creek South Carolina two separate murders fifteen years apart unite fifteen year old Pleasant Day and sixty year old Clarissa Blackwell As Pleasant struggles with her mother's distance her father's infidelity and the death of her best friend she draws closer to Clarissa an older woman with an uncanny almosIn the town of Hollow Creek South Carolina two separate murders fifteen years apart unite fifteen year old Pleasant Day and sixty year old Clarissa Blackwell As Pleasant struggles with her mother. Good day my fellow prospective reader I am here to tell you that this mystery set in the Southern state of South Carolina will surely have you intrigued and entertained as you read it from cover to cover It is the story of a tough strong teenager named Pleasant Day yes that’s her name who hears about the murder of her dear friend Millie whose body was found in the box springs of the bed of another friend of hers John Peter Now Pleasant is a girl with a lot of male friends instead of galpals There’s Angus there’s Bodean there’s her brother Sawyer who is gay and there’s her dad whom she adores and vice versa named Graham Now it just so happens that with the death of Millie a lot of old skeletons are let out again This includes the murder of a woman named Chloe who previously had an affair with Graham and the coincidental meeting of Pleasant with Chloe’s godmother Clarissa BlackwellThe story feels very familiar when I was reading it because I’ve come across similar novels in the past with a group of teenagers involved in a murder and no one will come forward to claim him or herself as the killer of Millie Clarissa Blackwell has visions and so when she says that she keeps seeing a two headed man kill her goddaughter Graham’s dead mistress I was like this better be good And in the end it was alright There were some elements about it that made me say to myself that I’ve read advanced whodunits but in this case since the location is in the South I figured oh well that’s probably because in the South life is simple and everyone knows everyone there Since this is a novel for women it felt like one of the movies I’d watch on the Lifetime channel The romances that Pleasant Day makes herself involved in is typical of small communities and to my delight Pleasant herself is tough and strong enough to survive an almost rape when she goes with Bodean a bully in the making in his car The killer is rightfully the killer in Clarissa’s visions You will find out why Clarissa saw a two headed man instead of a normal human beingI recommend this book to all female readers who are fans of mysteries and romances gone wrong I also think it will be enjoyed by those who love the Lifetime channel This book was a breeze to get through and you can finish it all in one night although I had to read it for four nights because I am a busy man myself Okay all’s sorted Have a great Springtime and God bless

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's distance her father's infidelity and the death of her best friend she draws closer to Clarissa an older woman with an uncanny almost psychic ability to 'read people'As Clarissa uncovers the st. I just love this author my 4th by her I always know I am going to be in for an eventful evening when I start reading one of hers She writes it like it is she doesn't candy coat anything If you are sueamish in any way swearing sex violence etc her books are probable not for youHer books are not erotic they are raw honest and very grippingHoly cow This one is suspenseful With lots of twists and turns this will keep you on the edge of your seat Once again we are taken to the deep south of SC where we meet Pleasant What a character she is Pleasant is way older than her fifteen years and has experienced much than a usual teen should As usual excellent character development I loved Pleasant as well as ClarissaThere is never a dull moment in this bookHere is a sample of her writing style that I just love Looking over yonder I can see my mama putting clothes on a line There's a bunch of purple flowers between me and her The clothes are all white except for one blue towel It looks so proud to be different Mama's hair is dandelion yellow golden against the daylight She's a compliment to the natural environment around her like an oak tree is to a back yard and like a lone cactus would be to a wide desert Nothing worse that grey light coming in your window on a Sunday morning Personally I don't like the color grey It reminds me of the absence of color I know I know people say grey is a color but it isn't It's grey Grey like smoke like clouds like ash Grey like dirt and shale Grey is Mr Wiley's hair and a cat bit me once was grey Grey is a deadly color Grey gets between me and the sun and threatens rain It is a downer grey is Don't ever wear grey people are likely to avoid you I just LOVE this paragraph I think it may be one of my favorite paragraphs ever I personally hate the color grey And this literally takes the words right out of my mouthSo here I am waiting for the next Vera Jane Cook book She can't write fast enough for meThank you Vera for sending me this copy of your book and Virtual Author Book Tours for letting me join your book tour in exchange for my honest review

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Pleasant DayOries behind the murders both Pleasant and Clarissa's worlds are transformed by the truths they’re forced to accept and both find solace and strength in the shared histories that have shaped th. Disclosure I received a print copy of Pleasant Day in order to facilitate my review All opinions are my own Author Vera Jane Cook once again shows her talented writing with Pleasant Day Pleasant Day is a murder mystery with plot twists that will keep you on you wanting while on the edge of your seatWhen I first heard the title of this book it sounded like a lighthearted read Come to find out not only is Pleasant Day the name of the main character she is not a simple character but rather complex This is one of those books that you think you know exactly what is going to happen next But instead you are taken in a different direction as the book goes onI do not write spoilers when I do a book review I feel this would negate the whole purpose which is to read the book What I can tell you is Pleasant Day is a 15 year old girl who finds out another girl in the neighborhood is found dead From there you will read along as Pleasant tells the story from her point of view You will want to keep reading until the end and if you can't read it in one sitting you will wish you could