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READ & DOWNLOAD Pies Prejudice 107 ´ Right before the start of freshman year Emma’s family unexpectedly moves to England The book club members are stunned—but thanks to videoconferencing they can still keep the club alive and they decide to tackle Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice And when the girls try to bring Emma home by starting a bake sale it bIt becomes a thriving business Pies Prejudice But when the plan they cook up falls short they are left wondering if their club will ever all be together aga. REVIEWHigh school drama I have been reading this series from the beginning when the girls were just starting middle school That was then and this is now The girls start high school and they are in for a whirl wind of change Emma’s family celebrates her father completing his book by moving to England for the year If that’s not enough they do a crazy house swap with a British family This leaves two British boys Tristan and Simon living in Emma’s family’s home The boys are dead ringers for Darcy and Bingley in Pride and Prejudice I love how Frederick works these new characters into the story and how they relate to the classic book the girls are reading Very cleverI bet you are wondering about the pies right Well the girls really want Emma to come back for a visit so they get creative to raise traveling money for her Cassidy’s mother is an expert baker and she teaches the girls to make pies The whole pie making business was my favorite part of the book There are baking mishaps and the mothers get into a serious pie baking competition Pies and Prejudice is a tasty addition to an awesome series Thank you to Heather Vogel Frederick and The Teen Book Scene for providing this book for review Look for my review of Heather's picture book Babyberry Pie coming soonRATING5 Plot5 Characters5 Attention Grabbing5 Girlie Meter5 Ending25 TOTAL5 STARS

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Right before the start of freshman year Emma’s family unexpectedly moves to England The book club members are stunned but thanks to videoconferencing they. i'm in a jane austen kinda mood so i'm going to do the logical thing and read a semi retelling of pride prejudice through the lens of a mother daughter book club

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Pies PrejudiceCan still keep the club alive and they decide to tackle Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice And when the girls try to bring Emma home by starting a bake sale. Like the previous installments the fourth book in The Mother Daughter Book Club series is a mixed bag I really want to love this series and I do enjoy it but perhaps I am just a little too critical and sensitive to its faultsOne thing I liked about this one is how the author wove a lot of Austen stuff into the plot She did this in the previous offerings with Alcott Montgomery and Webster respectively but it really stood out to me than usual in this book It's pretty clear that Tristan is Mr Darcy Cassidy is a sort of Elizabeth Bennet Annabelle is Caroline Bingley and Rupert might even be Mr Collins Then there are the other nods to Jane Austen's works like in a lot of names and titles Knightley Martin School Lucy Woodhouse Annabelle Fairfax a lot of those names are from Austen's Emma This stuff is pretty obvious but it's still kind of fun I do think the author did a good job capturing the spirit of Jane and paying literary tribute to her Although I've watched probably a dozen screen adaptions of her work I have never actually read any of Austen's novels myself shocking I know This book made me want to check them out; I think I might even follow some of the characters' leads and listen on audio book There were uite a few continuity and editing errors which I found slightly distracting but that is probably just me For example on page 341 Mrs Hawthorne mentions Courtney as being her daughter Courtney is really Mrs Sloane Kincaid's daughter I reread that part several times to see if I was reading it wrong There were at least three other different things that didn't seem to line up but that was probably the most obvious error Anyone can make a mistake but it's still confusing As a minor point why doesn’t Emma have curly hair on the cover I know I'm nit picking Another criticism I have is that the narrative voices for each girl could be distinct I continue to freuently get confused by whose point of view I am reading I'm not really sure how the author could improve this though because it's clear that she does make an effort It might just be me that has trouble telling the voices apart I find the fact that the girls have boyfriends to be interesting to read as a plot point but in real life I don't agree with dating at such a young age I feel like it just sets teens up for a lot of heartbreak There is obviously nothing explicit in the books just some kissing and hand holding but I still don't think that is a good idea for kids to get into exclusive dating while they are still maturing emotionally and developmentally I am thankful that fewer barbs are directed at Mrs Wong in this book there are some but overall it's less pervasive Unfortunately we are still subjected to the freuent ridiculing of Mrs Chadwick who is presented as little than a cartoon character and a source of some brand of mean spirited comic reliefMy main problem with this book though was the emphasis placed on getting even among the girls In some cases adult characters even applaud them for humiliating and hurting others That did not settle well with me at all and I hope it is not something that middle school readers pick up on as an okay thing to emulate Some of the characters are just plain vindictive In many cases it's simply laughed off but I think it's damaging to treat some people as okay to make fun of because they are mean themselves different or unliked This book has the same hearty dose of unrealism that appears in the previous installments I have nothing at all against a happy ending in fact I love them but sometimes I feel like these books drag on a bit too long in overstating the fact that a rosy ending was truly had by allwith a cherry on top For example in this book I found it a bit of a stretch that Rupert's great aunt would stumble upon Emma and offer her the possibility of a publishing deal It was just a little too much In conclusion I still find these books kind of fun but clearly they are not without their faults I am really excited now about reading the next one where they read from one of the authors nearest and dearest to my heart the one and only Maud Hart Lovelace