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Download Introduction to Old Testament Theology: A Canonical Approach ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ CONTENTS Part 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Introduction PART 2 THE METHODOLOGY OF OLD TESTAMENT THEOLOGY Chapter 2 Methodology Chapter 3 Text or Event Chapter 4 Criticism or CanTive or Confessional Chapter 6 Diachronic or Synchronic PART 3 A CANONICAL THEOLOGY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Chapter 7 A proposal for a Canonical Theology APPENDICES Appendix A The Mosaic Law and t. Absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in or involved in the discipline of biblical theology and Old Testament studies Sailhamer's methodological clarity is extremely helpful and his proposal is compelling The implications of his approach are massive Worth reading and re reading

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CONTENTS Part 1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 Introduction PART 2 THE METHODOLOGY OF OLD TESTAMENT THEOLOGY Chapter 2 Methodology Chapter 3 Text or Event Chapter 4 Criticism or Canon Chapter 5 Descrip. A Canonical Approach Helpful Reference and Delightful TreasureJohn Sailhamer’s Introduction to Old Testament Theology A Canonical Approach was a different sort of work than anything I had read before While I had thought it would be an entry level foray into the OT itself in reality it was a wide introduction to the many streams of approaching OT Theology; I thought the book would primarily be content and instead I primarily found various methods of study The best parts of the book for me were the chapter on Text and Event along with the appendices Chapter three opened up my mind to think of what it actually meant for the locus of divine revelation to be in the graphe scripture as in 2 Tim 316 itself as opposed to events that we are hoping to piece together from an ancient artifact And then considering I had come to this work expecting to be introduced to lots of content as opposed to method when I finally got to those sections I was deeply satisfied I ended up spending many hours studying the passages that Sailhamer explored in his appendix and after drinking deeply from the wells of the scripture that he exposed I feel both thirsty for and that I have hardly dipped into the surface of the deep reservesI was initially frustrated when halfway through the book all I had read was a history of different approaches to studying the Hebrew Bible with seven eighths of those methods deemed faulty by the author It seemed like a waste to read on and on about how hundreds of dead Germans and nearly forgotten Jewish Rabbis had erred Upon complaining to a friend he gave me the following analogy “Austin think of it like this You’ve gotten your hands on a copy of an Al aeda strategy book When they attack you will already have their coordinates You will be ready to defend and fight back because you’ll know their weaknesses and be prepared to defeat them” While I still have yet to find myself fighting such metaphoric terrorists against truth I have grown to appreciate and the broad overview of the field of study that I’ve been given in this work I initially felt like the reading was a waste of time but I now am glad to have a reference when I do need to engage in said battleDue to limited space my remaining summary will delve most into the parts of the book I found titillating while I will glaze over those I found less soText and EventText and Event is the main attraction of this work Dr Sailhamer first went about defining what constitutes a text a text is a written document it represents the real world it represents an author’s intention it is expressed in a communicative situation Speakerauthor → sign systemtext → Hearerreader it take a literary form and it is about eventsThere are two striking images that Sailhamer has left imprinted on my mind The first is the example of René Magritte's painting The Treachery of Images “This is not a pipe” but rather a representation of a pipe Similarly a photograph of a tree is not a tree but the photograph is a composition in itself taken from a certain angle only capturing a certain side of the tree with certain light and exposure In the same way the text itself is the thing we are to gaze upon rather than to try to peer through the text to the events that lie behind Seeing the scripture this way has shaped my understanding of the Bible and caused me to pay closer attention to the words themselves that the authors choose as well as to consider deeply the authorial intent in word selection The other chapters in the main corpus detailed other categories in binary options for how one could approach study of the OT Criticism or Canon Descriptive or Con

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Introduction to Old Testament Theology A Canonical ApproachHe Theology of the Pentateuch Appendix B Compositional Strategies in the Pentatuech Appendix C The Narrative World of Genesis Appendix D 1 Chronicles 2116 A study in Inter Biblical Interpretati. Very helpful his engagement with Post Reformation sources pre 20th century is particularly valuable and stimulating for thought