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The Thirteenth Sigil review ↠ 105 ✓ Seuel to The Thirteenth Pillar A Section Thirteen Story After his last somewhat disastrous assignment sidhe special detective Tuulois MacColewyn effectively got benched But when a break in at a high tech storage facility leaves no witnesses—alive or Cole’s specialty dead—and just one missing canister hS nice to get to work again with his current flame Inspector Joss Vallimun even if they do have their hands full some mysterious force is cutting a swath through the city in search of that canister If Cole and Joss figure that out there’s the disappearances of employees connected to a local children’s television program to solve Meanwhile Internal Affairs is breathing d. I'm torn I still liked a lot of the story Maybe it was my own headache that dragged meYes a few times in the series I've stopped and thought WHAT and had to re read a paragraph before it clicked what was going on But my head was throbbing and when it happened in this book I though fck it and went on Yes it would all make sense again a couple paragraphs laterHeadache aside I wasn't feeling it as much this round I still love the characters and I'm still invested in the overall storyit just felt a little off this roundThe cheesy sex euphemisms were still hereand again they made me laugh than annoyed me There seemed to be less sex this timeThe story is starting to roll back to the case from the first bookI hope for some relationship growth with Cole and Joss next book This one was low on romance but at least they have admitted their feelings I'm a little worried about their future I don't mind another threesome but I don't want a split upand no open relationships

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Own their necks But while Section Thirteen is working to find the stolen property and figure out what it is something even stranger starts happening Children’s imaginary friends are somehow manifesting themselves and they’re coming after Section Thirteen Even with a newly deputized witch and an ogre to bolster their numbers the detectives have their work cut out for the. 4 12 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoThis story is part of a series and I recommend they are read in order Tuulois MacColewyn Cole is re instated as a special detective for Section Thirteen when a high security storage facility is broken into He’s happy to be working again but finds that Section Thirteen is being monitored closely than he thought Joss Cole and the rest of the gang have to discover who or what stole the canister they find a connection while on another case involving mysterious happenings at a TV studioThis is an excellent continuation of this fantastic urban fantasy series Cole Joss and the gang are back in Section Thirteen a paranormal unit for paranormal crimes Cole is recalled back to the unit when something breaks into a secure storage facility Unfortunately whatever it is has them all baffled but they make a slight breakthrough during another case Cole and Joss are feeling their way through their relationship with Cole fumbling in the dark trying to get a grip of human relationships Staffelbach another Section Thirteen detective becomes involved in the paranormal than he ever thought he could Marcel and Rainette become much closer and lend a huge hand in dealing with the thief And Corhagen well Corhagen is his usually affable charming self Sarcasm is a dying artJL O’Faolain has definitely given us plenty to work with in this book; danger excitement betrayal love hot sex mysterious foes strange fights and so much New foes come to light in this one but they have a tentative connection to previous foes Okay so one of them has an ‘in your face’ connection and flaunts it We discover new paranormals like the Tulpas which come in all shapes and sizes There is a renewal of Naryssa’s child kidnapping and the Internal Affairs and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn are sniffing around So these guys have their hands full all the way through the book and the ending was great I just want the next book so I can discover what is happening to shakes head you all should know better by nowThe characters are again brilliant and Joss and Cole’s relationship seems to be going well Corhagen puzzles me slightly in this one I don’t know why but he seems a bit shifty at times but at other times he is just one of the guys well not with Cole who he is still uncomfortable with We see a lot of Staffelbach and get to know him better; he fits right in Section Thirteen and Marcel and Rainette are interesting characters who round off a great team We find out a lot about Cole’s youth in this one And at times you forget Cole isn’t human until his bafflement at human actions comes to the fore Do not forget the great imagery we are given that has your breath catching as our heroes plunge into danger again and againSo with this one I will recommend it to those who love urban fantasy ogres witches sidhe hope for Joss and Cole fights betrayal new discoveries old enemies and a great ending

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The Thirteenth SigilSeuel to The Thirteenth Pillar A Section Thirteen Story After his last somewhat disastrous assignment sidhe special detective Tuulois MacColewyn effectively got benched But when a break in at a high tech storage facility leaves no witnesses alive or Cole’s specialty dead and just one missing canister he’s recalled to Section Thirteen the NYPD’s paranormal branch It’. 15 stars So so paranormal mm romance continuing the story of Cole an exiled sidhe who works for a secret paranormally focused division of the NYPD The case in this one was pretty weird the romance didn't really work and the sex scenes were p0rny and euphemistic Check out my status updates for specifics on the last