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PDF Í BOOK The Black Rose FREE ´ Calling card of the infamous Romney FoxSmuggler scoundrel probable traitor and spy he plundered the rich and gave to the poor Men toasted him women whispered his name like a prayer Deserted and deceived exuisite Tess Leighton emerald eyed temptress would do anything to save her family estate even masuerade as the Fox Nd adventureIn a storm of treachery and high treason they would be swept into battle on enemy seas From the rugged Sussex coast to the wave swept isles of Brittany a tender torment of remembered passion bound them plunging them into a danger beyond imagining a desire beyond restraininginto the dark rapturous secrets ofBLACK ROSE I decided not to finish this book I don't normally do that but it was so far fetched I decided not to waste of my time

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Calling card of the infamous Romney FoxSmuggler scoundrel probable traitor and spy he plundered the rich and gave to the poor Men toasted him women whispered his name like a prayer Deserted and deceived exuisite Tess Leighton emerald eyed temptress would do anything to save her family estate even masuerade as the Fox himselfA ch Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI scored this book as a Kindle freebie several years ago and it's been languishing in The Library of Purgatory and Laziness ™ for years Lest you get confused by the name in the Kindle store it was originally published as THE BLACK ROSE but the author republished it as SEVEN NIGHTS WITH A PIRATE along with some apparent revisions Comparing the reviews for those who read the original with those who read the updated digital version it seems like some rapey scenes were removed and some sexy scenes were added To what effect I'm not sure as this was still pretty rapeyOur heroine is a woman named Tess who masuerades as a local smuggler called The Fox She also works with the real Fox but dresses up like him when he is busy When she's not smuggling she operates the inn that also serves as their base of operationshideout Tess is haunted by her abusive father who appears to have locked her in the seller and also sold her out as a prostitute to eually abusive and opportunistic men When he died he left her with debts as a last Eff you She's still trying to pay them offOur hero is a viscount named Dane St Pierre Lord Ravenhurst He's a viscount and a veteran of the still ongoing Napoleonic Wars and haunted by the deaths of his friends and his own close brush with death aboard his ship He was a childhood friend of Tess's and when his superiors draw him back into military business to investigate a smuggling operation in the town of Rye where a traitor might be feeding secret intel to the French he is shocked to see the child he knew all grown upUntil about 50% of the way in I thought for sure that this was going to be a 4 or 5 star read Tess was such a great heroine in fact she was everything I love in a heroine no nonsense smart and brave Dane was the perfect dangerous hero and the unresolved sexual tension between him and Tess was off the charts I also loved the cat and mouse between them when she did her smuggling and he did his investigating; you couldn't help but wonder what would happen when he found out??40% of the way in Dane finds out that Tess is involved with smuggling and thinks she's the lover of the Fox and he like loses his sht I think in the original he rapes her but in the update the author tones it down to a civil sexual assault eye roll She flees and ends up hitting her head and her head injury makes her blind When she wakes up she's in the care of love interest #2 Andre an eually rapey pirate who definitely takes advantage of her in her incapacitated stateThe last act of the book was so crazy that I honestly didn't know what to expect Which love interest if any would Tess end up with? And what would happen to the redundant one? Who was the traitor after all? What was the dealio with Tess's dad? And how on Earth would this story end?The ending in all fairness was actually pretty good There was a twist I wasn't expecting although in retrospect I probably should have expected We find out who the villain was and I wasn't expecting that either so that was cool too The heroine even manages to get in a duel with Dane and I am very much pro lady duel I would rate this book much higher if not for the fact that Tess's character development really suffered when she entered the care of Andre I loved how strong she was in the beginning but she really wimped out when that pirate dude did his misogynistic flexesI'm torn between feeling okay about this book and guiltily liking it because I am trash so my feelings are floating between a 25 and a 3 It was action packed filled with swashbuckling smuggling goodness and some twists that really caught me off guard If you like vintage romances and want to be part of the 90s Bodice Ripper Experience ™ you could do worse than to pick this book up 25 to 3 stars

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The Black RoseAllenge to the Viscount RavenhurstScarred by war betrayed in love Dane St Pierre returned from Trafalgar determined to wreak vengeance on Tess the reckless willful woman who had turned his heart to ashes yet still haunted his fevered dreams Now he alone knew her dangerous secret and swore she'd pay the priceA summons to danger a Note by the author that this book was Published by Dell in 1991 as THE BLACK ROSE This ebook edition has been extensively revised to better reflect the author's original vision Since I have never read the original book The Black Rose I do wonder if some parts of Seven Nights with a Pirate might have been easily understood had I read the original work As I was reading I couldn't help but feel as though I was missing out on vital parts of the storyBackground Viscount Ravenhurst was a naval hero hardened by the battles he endured specifically the battle at Trafalgar He has been reuested by the government to travel to Romney Marsh home of a major smuggling operation in order to unearth a spy the Romney Marsh Fox believed to be selling secrets to NapoleonSpoilers Coincidentally Ravenhurst has previous connections to the Romney Marsh area specifically with Tess Leighton with whom he fell in love five years previously and to whom he had hoped to marry at one time He hasn't seen her for five long years but he has never been able to get her out of his blood It's obvious that things didn't work out with Ravenhurst and Tess but we are left to try and figure out exactly how and why things didn't work out throughout the entire book In fact I never was able to figure out exactly what happened except that it Tess's cruel father also lies and secrets that were kept from both parties for five years At any rate Ravenhurst agrees to go to Romney Marsh where he meets up with Tess now trying to work off her father's old debts while attempting to keep her family's inn running by involving herself in the local smuggling operationsI wanted to like this book and in fact I found the primary characters interesting enough there was a lot of fire between Ravenhurst and Tess but he was full of anger and she was determined that she would never be able to have Ravenhurst because of circumstances in her past Apparently her father gambled and wenched away the family fortune and then had nothing left to sell except for Tess and this is one of the major incomplete parts of the story Tess has recurring nightmares which involve being kept in the dark in a tunnel and she can't sleep without a light in her room but we never have the full story of what happened Her cruel father is now dead and she is alone in the world with the exception of a younger brother currently at Oxford This is a major source of contention and frustration with people who love Tess because she works her fingers to the bone and risks her life in the smuggling operations while her brother has all the advantages of a young gentleman without any effort on his partIn Part 2 of the book Tess is the victim of an explosion but is rescued by a pirate which results in her spending a week with him on his ship and on the island where he has a cottage thus the name of the book Seven Nights with a Pirate There is a lot of passion and fire between Tess and the pirate and yet up to this point it's obvious that she still has major feelings for Ravenhurst So there are a lot of uestions that continually go through the reader's mind I will say that by the end of the book we do have an understanding about Ravenhurst's relationship with Tess and also the pirate's relationship with her nothing we didn't suspect of course Finally there are answers to the identity of yet another major character the Romney Marsh Fox and his relationship with TessThis book became somewhat tedious because so much desired information is missing I was constantly frustrated especially by the end of the book when I realized I would not be getting the answers to some of my uestions At one point I actually thought perhaps a huge section of the book was placed in the wrong area of the book because it just didn't seem to fit In fact I felt this way about several sections although to a lesser degree All in all I felt this book had a lot of potential but I would have liked complete information regarding the followingWhy did Tess have nightmares about the tunnel darkness and how did she lose her virginity why didn't she feel worthy to become a wife? Did her father succeed in selling her to one man to several men or did she escape that nightmare?What was the relationship to the woman brought to the island where the Pirate lived and who was obviously raped by the military staff which resulted in her pregnancy and eventual death?Exactly how did it work that on occasions Tess acted as The Romney Marsh Fox was it with the permission and knowledge of the real Romney Marsh Fox? I never uite figured that outWhen Ravenhurst left Romney Marsh to travel to London for a meeting with the government official for whom he was working it seemed as though it was their first meeting He had actually been in his spying role for a few weeks at this pointLast although Ravenhurst was mad for Tess he would leave without any explanation for a few days at a time knowing full well she was in danger with the officials who were trying to capture the smugglers Specifically the leader who kept coming and tearing up her hotel and demanding to be alone with her threatening to have his way with her Ravenhurst's character let me down on these occasions Yes he did manage to show up a couple of times when she was in way over her head but then he would leave for days at a timeI would give this book a 1 star or 2 star rating for the most incomplete and frustrating story line of any book I have ever read except that I really did love the pirate he was awesome therefore my 3 star rating