Free read Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys #1) ñ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

Free read Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys, #1)

Free read Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys, #1) ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Two fractured hearts and a forbidden love they can’t deny You shouldn’t want what you can’t haveFaye Donovan has lost everything After her parent’s tragic death she’s whisked away from her home in Ireland when an unknown Two fractured hearts and a forbidden love they can’t deny You shouldn’t want what you can’t haveFaye Donovan has lost everything After her parent’s tragic death she’s whisked away from her home in Ireland when an unknown uncle surfaces as her new guardian Dropped smack dab into the All American dream Faye should feel grateful Except living with her wealthy uncle his fashion empire owning wife and their seven screwed up sons is uickly turning into a nightmare espe. A Paper Princess by Erin Watt rip off what the hell It's exactly the same and I kept reading thinking it would become original but it never did You had the triplets that were exactly like the twins Her getting close with Kalvin their relationship exactly like Easton and Ella then the douche Kyler that was a lame version of Reed She even makes a friend named Rose that seems a lot like Val even the dad behaves a lot like Callum I know that sometimes ideas end up being similar but this is next to identical this doesn't deserve to have such a high rating at all

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Cially when certain inappropriate feelings arise Kyler Kennedy makes her head hurt and her heart race but he’s her cousin He’s off limits And he’s not exactly welcoming Kyler is ignorant moody and downright cruel at times but Faye sees behind the mask he wears recognizing a kindred spirit Kyler has sworn off girls yet Faye gets under his skin The he pushes her away the he’s drawn to her but acting on those feelings risks a crap ton of prejudice and any whiff of sca. 35 starsThis was my first book by author Siobhan Davis and I know it won't be the last If you loved Paper Princess then you'll enjoy the first book in the Kennedy Boys series Finding Kyler has it all family drama twisted secrets teenage angst forbidden love a takes no shit main character and a beautiful boy with a tortured soul The story sucks you up in a whirlwind spits you out and by the end you'll be gasping for air and raging war inside your head I'll start by saying that this book will not be for everyone The main characters love interest is her cousin that's right cousin If this is a subject you feel very strongly against then I probably wouldn't recommend reading this one But if you go in with an open mind or feel like pushing your own boundaries I say get ready for one heck of a ride Faye was a great main character Coming into a new town and new school as the cousin of the legendary Kennedy's she already has a target on her back but she's not about to let them bully her She's not afraid to speak her mind and the shit she receives and believe me there's a lot of shit she's not afraid to give right back Though she certainly has flaws that make her relatable and I love that about her not to mention her perseverance Kyler is just one of 7 Kennedy boys and the one who catches Faye's eye Truthfully he was a really frustrating character One minute I was screaming at him for his stupidity and secretly warning Faye to keep her distance then the next I was yelling for him and Faye to finally give in to their feelings for each other I was very conflicted with my own feelings for Kyler and found it hard to get on board with the whole cousins dating thing most of the time By the end I was rooting for the two of them and then the author goes and leaves me hanging like that Besides the two lovers we are introduced to Faye's aunt and uncle and all 7 of their boys Their names all start with the letter K which made it very confusing at first Thankfully only a couple of them had larger roles and it was easier to keep them separated I'll just say it this family is messed up I was shocked at the sexual advances and comments they used towards Faye and their parents reaction or lack of I should say was not at all what I would expect in this situation Which actually kind of makes sense later on Even so these boys grew on me the I read What can I say I'm a sucker for dysfunction Overall Finding Kyler was a very entertaining read It was a rollercoaster of messy secrets and emotions I fully enjoyed the ride and believe most others will as well even if you don't agree with the subject matter My only complaint is while there are distinct differences between this group of characters and The Royals the similarities are very much there especially in the first 20% of the book Even so after that cliffhanger ending I cannot wait to see how the story plays out in the next book I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Finding Kyler The Kennedy Boys #1Ndal could damage the precious Kennedy brand Concealing their feelings seems like the only choiceBut when everyone has something to hide a secret is a very dangerous thingFull of scandal dysfunctional families teen soap opera style angst and drama secrets and lies mean girls and catfights lust and love book one in the unputdownable Kennedy Boys series will have you flipping the pages’ way beyond bedtime Only recommended to readers aged 17 due to mature content and langua. Disclaimer I received a copy of Finding Kyler from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review In terms of romance novels there are surely worse novels Except now that I think about it this is one of them As a warning this review DOES contain spoilers Finding Kyler starts by introducing us to Faye Donovan although she doesn't use her last name until approximately 65% through the novel so that's real helpful a girl who lives in Ireland and yet does not act like any Irish teenager I've ever met She doesn't talk like an Irish teenager either Instead choosing to use a mix of very old fashioned slang terms and American collouialisms That's interesting She's in a lawyer's office and her parents are dead She doesn't seem too broken up by it leading me to suspect she is at least weird and at most a sociopath She learned that she has a secret uncle James Kennedy lol who lives in America who is going to come get her Cool ok that's how wills work She goes on to hang out with her two friends and her ex boyfriend where she proceeds to get drunk in a scene that suggest to me that Siobhan Davis had never actually been in a room with teenagers who are drinking In the morning Faye wakes up to find that she's dyed her hair red Gasp Also her ex boyfriend is inexplicably in her bed Her super rich uncle is also there to take her back to America because OF COURSE They have a super weird exchange and it's all very embarrassing Not for Faye or her ex boyfriend or even her uncle For us the readers It's truly terrible This is just the start guys Buckle up Ok here's the first issue the hair dye That's not how red hair dye works If Faye was a brunette which she says she was then her hair wouldn't just go bright bright red It would only go a bright natural red if she had bleached her hair first which I SINCERELY hope two drunk teenage girls weren't bleaching her hair because wow That's a hospital visit WAITING to happen But whatever she now has super bright red hair because it's an alternate universe I guess Her uncle says she looks so much like her mom and it's kind of weird and awkward Faye THEN finds out that her uncle is married to a woman named Alex who is a fancy schmancy fashion designer obsessed with their last name You find out later that they are related to THOSE Kennedys which is simultaneously hilarious and head scratching because I mean LOTS of people are distantly related to THOSE Kennedys especially in Ireland The Kennedy brand is becoming popular in Ireland so that's fun When Faye gets to America she's introduced to her 7 count em 7 male cousins all of whom have K names Honestly I can't tell any of them apart The only ones who matter are Kyler Keaton and Kalvin The others just blend into the background It's whatever There are triplets too because that happens Ok a lot of stuff happens from here out and I'm going to break this down into a few points Here's why it's just all so contrived It's trying so hard but none of it works Bless Davis but none of this is working The dialogue is stilted; the interactions between characters are mind boggling; and not only is Faye a rigid unlikeable character who seems designed to make girls feel bad about themselves she's also kind of an asshole in the book as well Like girl no wonder no one in this new town likes you; you're a full fledged bitch I think Davis is attempting to make her seem like the kind of girl that stands her ground and speaks her mind but her monologues to characters just come off as contrived and like she's talking down to everyone No one likes a character who speaks from a pedestal that's for sure 1 First things first the dialogue in this book is just no one talks like that This is my most freuent criticism of romance novels and novels in general because dialogue is very hard to write But please Work harder The characters in this novel all make the mistake on going on monologues to each other Everyone talks for paragraphs It would be nice if we all spoke to each other like that but we just don't No one goes on and on explaining things like that It's just not realistic nor is it how teenagers talk at all I suspect Davis wants her characters to sound smarter than they are which I mean everyone in this book definitely needs to be held back a few grades so I can't blame her But maybe alter the characters instead of just making them talk like idiots 2 Faye's internal dialogue is also she's just telling us things Not showing us There is not recalling scenes with her parents No observing She just thinks about things ad nauseum over and over and then observes how hot Kyler is Which Like Ok Realistically humans DO think in words but portraying that is going to look like scenes Also Faye uses several phrases that make no sense within context But my absolute FAVORITE was when she thought about how she was going to uestion Kyler like the Spanish Inuisition You're gonna torture him until he converts to Catholicism The Spanish Inuisition wasn't just uestioning; it was the torture and genocide of POC in Spain Please Davis learn some history here 3 All the other female characters are portrayed through a veil of misogyny They are all so shallow and unpleasant that I start to suspect that Davis just got bored with trying to write characters that appeared than two dimensional Addison is depicted as this bloodthirsty slutty ugh girl who wants to run the school; her cousin Peyton who goes to the public school is nearly the exact same This is not how real girls behave even popular girls This is not how any human has ever behaved And Faye's continuous and unrelenting slut shaming of them is beyond disgusting Clearly Davis has some issues but she needs to stop it; the portrayal of women in this book is beyond disappointing and flat out one of the worst parts of the book There are many moments where the boys tell each other to Keep your girl in check etc and it's just like bitch back off And despite Faye being depicted as like one of the boys or so progressive or in tune with other people she NEVER challenges this attitudes; she just contributes to it Ok Mary Sue nice Cool Ok Great job as standing up for your fellow women She can talk down to her uncle about his affair all she wants; for acting as if other girls are below her for owning their sexuality she's just as bad Yeah Addison and Peyton are mean but clearly people are mean to them in response; maybe if she attempted to get to know them or learn about them she would be able to figure it out But she's just one of the guys y'all 4 Let's talk about Kyler And further it's time to talk about the elephant in the room Faye and Kyler um fall in love Now the warning on this book made it clear that it centers around the relationship between first cousins Which like ok Ok Cool But in practice it's gross It doesn't make sense either Faye treats her other cousins like brothers but Kyler is different Except that he's not She also keeps repeating in her head that technically it's not illegal for her to date or even marry Kyler Which again she's not wrong Here's the issue that isn't addressed Faye just went through the horrific experience of losing her parents and having to identify their bodies which would absolutely NOT be necessary in that situation ABSOLUTELY; she then moved to an entirely different country She has major issues Side note early in the novel Faye has a moment where she's like I don't need to see a therapist because I'm STRONG I get what Davis was going for there but that is incredibly offensive to people with mental health issues or even those who just go to therapy because it helps them Fuck off with that attitude honestly It's the attitude that has led to a mental health crisis in this country and has cost the lives of thousands of people who would rather live with suicidal ideation rather than appear weak by going to therapy UGH Biological sexual attraction is a real thing and in major life changes like this meeting your biological father for the first time or meeting 7 random cousins you've never known existed can make it happen That's what Faye is experiencing It's not like they're destined to be together She's emotionally vulnerable and she thinks a cousin is kind of hot; this isn't God pointing you towards each other this is a sign that you're looking for attachment to a family that you've never known It's just really really uncomfortable view spoilerAlso yeah they're actually half brother and sister It was pretty obvious when her uncle started talking about her mom that something weird was going on I called it about 75% through the book hide spoiler