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P.S. I Like You free read  106 Á Signed sealed deliveredWhile spacing out in chemistry class Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk The next day she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk and added a message to her IntrigueSoon Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full on letters—sharing secrets reSigned sealed deliveredWhile spacing out in chemistry class Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk The next day she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk and a. Can I ask a serious uestion How does Kasie West do it how does she manage to make me love each story she writes than the last I torture myself by reading them as soon as I can get my hands on them which in turn makes me just have to wait even longer for the next but I seriously can’t even help myself This book isn’t out until July of 2016 yes I said July 2016 That’s half a year away and still I didn’t even care As soon as it was loaded onto my kindle app I pull this beauty up and dove in I mean I love a lot of books I just do I’m an emotional reader so I tend to click with stories where I can relate to the characters and Kasie just manages to write the most realistic and fun characters around Lily doesn’t fit in with the popular kids at school she’s a bit uirky and definitely uniue focused less on the labels attached to her clothing and on her creative side and trying to get her words to form a song or two She’s a self taught guitar player who dreams of writing music that means something to people but in the meantime she struggles through Chemistry and dealing with her overwhelming family After writing one of her favorite bands lyrics on her desk in chemistry she comes to class the next day only to find out that someone else in the school actually has good taste in music and has left her a message One thing leads to another and she’s suddenly got a ‘pen pal’ in class that she ends up sharing with than she does her best friend As days and weeks pass Lily finds herself wondering just who she might be clicking with It’s not hard to figure out you guys I mean there are uite a few indicators and the summary isn’t stealthy about it at all but who the heck cares it was so fun Cade and Lily hate each other Like HATE HATE each other Their hate even came between Lily’s best friend’s relationship with Cade a couple years ago and culminated with a hated nickname he happened to give her that just happened to stick through the yearsCade is the complete opposite from Lily if everything is to be believed perfect family perfect house perfect friends but sometimes it’s easy to put up a front and as Lily learns who she’s connecting with via words and shared secrets she uickly finds that maybe Cade isn’t really the self assured guy he shows everyone I love Love Hate relationship stories the way the characters build that thin line that’s always present and gah it’s just perfection So after seeing the author name the summary was next to catch my attention Kasie always does an amazing job of building the connection between characters before having them ‘hook up’ in any way and she does that really wonderfully here again I absolutely love that these two are complete opposites in Every Single Way Only to have them come together over words and thoughts it was just lovely I have to mention Lily’s family too because they are a huge part of this story no matter how messy or crazy or insane things were it was so fun to see the traditions to see them talk things out to see them help each other real live wonderful families are so rare in YA that getting to see one is like Halley’s Comet they only appear once every 75 years or so okay so I exaggerate a bit It’s entirely possible that this might just be my favorite Kasie West book after reading but then I’ll probably change my mind once I reread her others Is it okay to just say that I love them all eually and want to drown in her stories and words forever If this one isn’t on your radar put it there now You’re going to absolutely love it when it arrives in 7 months OMG I’M SO SORRY FOR TEASING I promise I’ll be waiting here with you because I’ll definitely be rereading this one as soon as it hits shelves PS I like you Kasie but you already know that

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Or this letter writer Only who is he As Lily attempts to unravel the mystery and juggle school friends crushes and her crazy family she discovers that matters of the heart can’t always be spelled ou. 45 Stars So you think I'm hot Doesn't every girlIt surprised me when his cheeks turned a light shade of pink I wasn't sure why that embarrassed him in any way I was positive he already knew it He ran one hand through his hair Then he said almost too uiet for me to hear You're not every girl I find it just so strange that I had never read a Kasie West novel until late last summer Seriously It’s so hard to find YA contemporary authors that make such a large range of people happy that continue to produce cute funny witty and memorable stories and that do it well I had personally never heard of her and then one of my best friends is likeare you kidding Do you live under a rock READ HER NOW So I picked up The Distance Between Us Still my favorite Kasie West yet and fell HARD Who could resist Xander Who I ask WHO If only there was a way to transport letters faster through some sort of electronic device that codes messages and sends them through the air But that's just crazy talk So here I am almost one year later eagerly awaiting her next release As soon as I ran out of her books it was very uick lol I was desperate for I can’t say she’s my absolute favorite author that would be a lie but what I can say is that she is an author I have come to admire and that I always look forward to reading For instance the minute this book was announced I immediately had it on my TBR and let all of my friends know And you can just tell how obsessed and loyal all her fans are It’s so crazy And the thing isI truly truly had never heard of her But now I have and what I’ve read is nothing but impressive So here we are sitting and anticipating her next release A cute little story about two students who both feel like they are missing something in their livesand seem to find and express themselves through the words of their favorite bands What was meant to be just a release one day in chemistry for Lily becomes an instant connection between two people who are desperate for someone to hear them It begins as a game a playful flirtation that happens by chance in a boring chemistry class But as the days go by it blossoms into something they look forward to and think about every single night long after the lights have gone outand turns into something far deeper than they ever thought possible I was both eually in love with this book and disappointed by it And I know that sounds so crazy what with my extremely high rating but I am so torn on this one On the one hand I’ve seen this done before and it was done WAY better I’m sorry I adore Kasie West but that other novel is one of my favorites of all time and it had way I don’t know heart I’m not saying this wasn’t done wellbut on the pen pal aspect I felt myself strangely detached and it wasn’t until I was done that I realized I wanted that same intensity I felt from my favorite and this didn’t get one tenth as deep as that So this aspect was an extreme let down for me And I wasn’t even trying to compare Words brought us together though they almost kept us apartYou trusted me with your secrets and then you stole my heart And I’m sorry to be focusing on the negatives first but I’d rather be salty and then sweet I find it leaves a better taste in my mouth to end on a happy high note I had two other problems and one bothered me than the other if I’m being honest I was a tad bored in the middle because the pen pal trope got a little bit stale in my opinion That's a small part of my disappointment But no my largest peeve and I’m sad to say this was the main character I know I know I almost NEVER dislike the main girl but for some reason I have been increasingly pickier with my female leads Lily wasI liked Lily at first ya know But then I saw how judgmental she wasON PURPOSE She wasn’t simply just a snarky teenager she made herself be that way And I didn’t realize until the final page just how deeply her attitude had affected me I adored how much she loved her family it’s what my friend and I loved most about her But then I saw how she reacted to said pen palit wasn’t enough that this person was a kindred spirit It wasn’t enough that this person was miserable on the inside It didn’t matter All she saw was what she wanted to see and even when said person proved they broke the mold of her pretentious expectations she still pushed fought and clawed to keep things where it kept her comfortable So she wanted to pigeonhole someone but was indignant when she thought that others were doing the same to her This really justgrr This did NOT please me And I told my friend thisThat I just couldn’t get past her bias And my friend Anna said ‘Yeah I get that But teenagers are like that They can be judgmental I’m used to it’ And it really bothered me long after Was I being too harsh And I finally decidedno no I wasn’t I love books where the heroines are unreasonable I just couldn’t get past this one for whatever reason She bothered me plain and simpleand it was probably the largest reason I couldn’t fall head over heels for this story But enough of that I have so many positive things to say about this Like how about the fact that after 50 60% I Could Not Put This Down It became everything I’ve expected of a Kasie West novel and made me so badly wish that I’d had that connection from the very beginning Imagine it like thisPart one Cute introduction where the plot is set into play and we get to know all our uirky charactersPart two Pen pal plot drags a little I begin to lose a little interest in Lily’s attitude and storyPart three TOTAL transformation where the plot finally expands and we truly connect to the pen pal and our main character wellyou know what I mean This part was 100% a 5 Things ACTUALLY happen and it feels like an actual story with a flow and a final destination And let me be clear Had this whole story been like that last 40% this would have been my absolute favorite Kasie West book Probably I justI can’t explain how a complete lack of connection focus and butterflies turned into IMMEDIATE butterflies that are so forceful and so out of nowhere that I couldn't breathe I’m not kidding It’s likeokay it’s like the Beast roller coaster at King’s Island LOVE LOVE LOVE It’s a great coaster okay but then you get to the final third of the coaster and there are all these wooden tunnels that make you go underground ish and they are pitch black and you feel as if you are going 1000 times faster and on the first turn into the first tunnel your head whips to left so fast you can’t handle it but you love it and it takes you completely by surprise as you laugh and scream and hold onto your partner for dear life And by the end you have the biggest smile on your face and can't contain the good feels and your extreme excitement It was just like that Literally Feels out of nowhere And I know I haven’t mentioned my main man WHO I AM OBSESSED WITHbut I don’t think I can because it’s a spoileris it though Is it not obvious Okay anyway I can’t say his name and I can’t really say much about him or it will make it even obvious and I can’t particularly claim he’s above Xander maybe right below but just know that I absolutely loved him He was an extremely kind caring and butterfly inducing cutie Misunderstood if you will But stop me now I’m sure I’ve said too much Whatever sorry it’s just so damn hard for me not to say his name and gush and cry like a fangirl professing her love and ah I am just a goner But alas I guess you’ll have to meet him for yourself unfortunately So anyway it may seem like I was mostly down on this bookbut that’s not the case I just wanted people to understand why this isn’t a 5 when I’ve rated her others that way So many stories win me over in the end a million jump into my mind and become a forever favorite and a five star But when I struggled to love this story from the beginning and found that it paled in comparison to my lovelies The Fill In Boyfriend and The Distance Between Us I can’t objectively and fairly give a five for this story I finished was smiling so big it’s unreal proclaimed my love of it to my friend and said I had to give it a fivebut then I slept on it and realized that it didn’t feel right to give it that rating that it wasn’t a forever favorite and it it had too many issues I couldn't get over So I decided to rate highlybecause the amount of giddiness and happiness I felt for the final third of the story can’t be overlooked but it didn’t surpass her other novels and needed to be rated thusly This rating while a little disheartening to me for KW feels right and truly says what I want it to say While this book had it’s issues it was fun addicting butterfly inducing and brought the largest smile to my face PS is a good time if not a little forgettable and it will take you away from reality and make you feel better about yourself It will make you happier if only for the length of the novel And really what else can you ask for ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewFor of my reviews please visit Alright guysI'm guna be frank My favorite thing about this book AGHHHHH MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYhe winssssss Okay Phew Glad I got that out of the way The boy was everything He was the pitter patter in my heart The butterflies in my belly He was the smile on my face and the driving force behind my high rating for this book Because frankly This wasn't my favorite Kasie West novel And I couldn't uite put my finger on why until this morningSpoiler alertI hated the MC Sorry not sorryRTC

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P S I Like YouDded a message to her IntrigueSoon Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full on letters sharing secrets recommending bands and opening up to each other Lily realizes she’s kind of falling f. This seems to be most of my friends' least favourite Kasie West book but it's totally my favourite This storyline just worked for me