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The Truth about Dandelions Read & Download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê Mara isn't a slut; she just can't find what she wants She wants to forget her mother's death her father's hypocrisy and the plane crash that follows her As a child she couldn't understand why the grass never got cut and now as shMara isn't a slut; she just can't find what she wants She wants to forget her mother's death her father's hypocrisy and the plane crash that follows her As a child she couldn't understand why the grass never got cut and now as she gropes her way through university life all those weeds those dandelio. What a beautiful amazing storyFirst I want to say it seems you can read this book here on Goodreads I was given a copy to review though in exchange for an honest opinionThe book is uite long and there's a lot going onI had a couple of concerns reading this One it seemed to have a lot of potential to be something than your typical NA novel but I feared as is the case lately it wouldn't own up to that potentialI'm glad to say it was so much The second bit that worried me was the religious talk in the beginning I thought for sure it would be a preachy bookBut it wasn't It didn't bother me one bit though it does play a huge role throughout the bookThe characters in this book are very complex I know not everyone will relate to the heroine Mara but you will definitely feel for her You can tell that she's broken She does a lot of things you won't approve of but I was still rooting for her until the very endHonestly watching her so broken really hurt I just wanted to reach into my kindle and hug her and tell her everything will be okayI liked Jack's character a lot However I felt I didn't really get to know him that wellThis is not a romance book There are romantic elements to it but honestly it felt like a coming of age story a self discovery of a very lost girl Mara isn't healed through the power of love or whatever she isn't healed at all until she decides to heal herselfWow I actually feel I'm not deep enough to talk about this book It's a very powerful story about loving and accepting yourself I don't know how else to explain itLoved the way it was written The story shifts between past and present and 1st and 3rd person POV and it worked very well slowly uncovering the Mara before and why she is the way she is afterI did think the book was a bit over Hoovered if you've read a Colleen Hoover book you'll know what I mean It's tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and the girl just can't catch a break Just when you think things are finally looking good BAM something happensThere are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes It wasn't a smutty book they're just sort of there and I thought they worked very well with the storyOverall it's such a great and refreshingly beautiful book The characters are flawed the events that happen realistic Nobody in this book is perfect I definitely recommend The Truth About Dandelions

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Ns have stayed with her haunting her dreamsShe can't see a way out of her dark hole until she gets hit by a car on an Ottawa street and starts spending time with Jack the guy behind the wheel Kind thoughtful and a virgin he's the last person she'd ever expected to fall forAs she opens up to Jack the. Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI want to start off by saying that this book is on the list of one of the most well edited well written and well plotted self published books I've ever readThe Truth About Dandelions blew my expectations out of the water It made me laugh it made me cry it made me think and it made me want I can't even properly express my feelings without giving away much of the book There are so many little things like the truth about dandelions and the significance of her name and the biblical references that make you uestion everything you thought you knew about the bible Yes there are a lot of them but not in the way you think It's educational informational interesting without preaching telling without condescending Those references and her God fearing upbringing complete the story in a way that I've never seen before It was so refreshing to read a book that actually reuired thoughtThe characters were flawlessly written with vulnerabilities that made them relatable and growth that made them realistic And for once the male MC was not the player or the man whore or the heart breaker For once we are introduced to a woman who is a self proclaimed slut bitter and sarcastic and self destructive through and through Although in the end it didn't matter who was what I fell in love with both the slut and the virgin eually despite their gender You should read this book And you should read it carefully because on every page between the lines and in the spaces there's meaning I know I will be thinking about this book for a long long time

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The Truth about DandelionsWounds she’d been trying to ignore surface and she’s forced to finally choose between running from or facing the past that’s been haunting her all her life Through nights out looking for release to the ultimate event that forces her to face herself Mara finally learns the truth about dandelio. I love this book Although the story does have some chick lit attributes it's much than that The highest praise I can give a novel is that I can't guess what's going to happen and that's certainly the case with The Truth about Dandelions I couldn't put it down Hayley Linfield is a really great writer and I loved her deeply flawed protagonist Mara This is an excellent book and I hope you read it