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READ & DOWNLOAD ¸ The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay ã Joe Kavalier a young Jewish artist who has also been trained in the art of Houdini esue escape has just smuggled himself out of Nazi invaded Prague and landed in New York City His Brooklyn cousin Sammy Clay is looking for a partner to create heroes stories and art Joe Kavalier a young Jewish artist who has also been trained in the art of Houdini esue escape has just smuggled himself out of Nazi invaded Prague and landed in New York City His Brooklyn cousin Sammy Clay i. Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are drinking Peet's coffee and eating zampanos in front of the Cheeseboard on Shattuck AvenueMC Ayelet I'm trying to think of a new idea for a novel It's gotta be fresh bold Something nobody's ever thought of beforeAW Wow Michael that's a tough one There have been so very many novels written over the years it's hard to come up with something new that's never been done beforeMC Yeah I need an idea that's totally original Maybe I should ask the kids they're creative Hey where are the kidsAW The kids I don't know We had 'em when we left Andronico'sMC That's oddAW Ah fuck 'em The important thing is that we're together Let's focus on thinking of something innovative new a bit wildMC Ayelet I have an idea An idea for my next novelAW What WhatMC It'll be about some boysAW Yes MC Yes some some JEWISH boys And they'reAW They're what Michael What are they doingMC They're living in in BROOKLYNAW gasps It's BRILLIANT My GodMC But not the Brooklyn of today Ayelet no Brooklyn during the middle of the last centuryAW Oh Michael you're a genius No one's ever written a book like that beforeMC You know what elseAW Don't tell me no no do DO Tell me right awayMC These boys they're into comic books I mean REALLY into comic booksAW Comic books Jewish boys living in Brooklyn in the middle of the last century who're really into comic books Oh Michael do you think the world is ready for a novel like that Such a drastic break with the entire history of American literature it could be riskyMC It could be that's true Especially if I mention the NAZISAW It's bold Michael It's bold but I think you should do it You know guys like Jonathan Lethem would give their left nut to come up with ideas like thisMC Guys like Jonathan Lethem don't have my vocabularyAW I bet you get a Pulitzer for this one babeMC I bet I do tooBookster Jessica what the hell is your problem What are you even talking aboutJ Uh nothingB Did you even read this bookJ uietly NoB Do you know anything ABOUT these peopleJ looks down NoB Or this bookJ NopeB You know I happen to love this brilliant novel Michael Chabon is a highly gifted writer and so his wife who is also an extremely caring and wonderful mother much better than you'd ever be What do you think this behavior is all about J J makes small shrugging motion mumbles incoherentlyB Can you speak up a littleJ distinctly I didn't like the beginning clears throat Actually I hated the beginning It made me want to throw up It made me want to throw up andB AndJ And it also made me want to fall asleep So I gotB YesJ I got scared B You know that's how Jimi Hendrix died rightB You're patheticJ Hey you askedB You are a small personJ That may beB You're jealous And also not smart You're just mad because you don't have any Pulitzers or babies and you never willJ HEY woah Where's all THAT coming fromB Okay sorry I didn't mean Look I happen to like both these writers a lot okay Maybe we should just stop here Don't you have things you're supposed to be doingJ I guess I do yeahB You should get off the Internet This is a little bit crazyJ It's been tough lately My small life You know lonely childless semi literateB Look I said I was sorry Can we drop itJ Yeah fine sure Whatever you sayB You should really read this book though Your characterization of it is insulting and ridiculous If you gave it half a chance you'd be totally amazedJ My charac B Run along

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S looking for a partner to create heroes stories and art for the latest novelty to hit America the comic book Drawing on their own fears and dreams Kavalier and Clay create the Escapist the Monitor and Luna M. Only one abnormally enormous ego could've mustered out something so monumental so very beautiful elegant as this sparkly as chrome novel It's basically flawless very concerned with having all sentences that make it up into wondrous uniue gems Every sentence is constructed with care CRAFTThe novel begins by grabbing the reader by the lapels to show how the bonds between cousin geniuses who build an empire out of superhero comics unravel It takes its time to get us there so we are in for a cinematographic ride through the years that bookmarked WWII in the great land of opportunity mainly NYC There are collisions with history a legacy left from Houdini is taken up by the ambitious young Josef Kavalier Dali's life is saved by Kavalier and Orson Welles inspires Clay to draw on his masterpiece Citizen Kane to change the very way storytelling is depicted in the comics This is a petition very headstrong and brilliant to elevate the craft of comic books into a substantial art form That the heroes of the tale resemble those that they draw is a guise to imbue the fantastic world with the ever so real Film euivalents The Aviator 2005 Citizen KaneIn fact it is the story of the baby faced entrepreneur that K C tries to emulate actually kinda surpasses it It is about MANNY things about history of course but also about that pesky threesome that sometimes forms when great minds align About the father son relationship the partnership between hero sidekick the building of something amazing that lasts for future generations to enjoy or partake in Is there any other emblem to tie all of this together than that monstrous tower aka Empire State Building on the book's cover

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier ClayOth inspired by the beautiful Rosa Saks who will become linked by powerful ties to both men With exhilarating style and grace Michael Chabon tells an unforgettable story about American romance and possibility. Whenever I mentioned the name of this book to a friend a huge grin broke out of their face This was a universal reaction As were the words I LOVE that book That book is GREAT Not just how good it was or skilled writing though those things are also very true but just how in love with it they were You can't fake that And now I know whyI read it in two short spurts covering about three days each and I was done Once you pick it up its hard to put it down for around another hundred pages There are some sentences that are just so absorbing and beautiful passages that are just built up so well that I found myself going back to read them over and over Parts of it were just so exhilarating to read I had to stop and just bask in how good it made me feel to read Similar to the feeling I got from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell The only complaints I had about it which is why it gets four stars and not five is that my attention wandered during Joe's travels in the middle I thought that was a bit much and it didn't make sense to me except as a metaphor so heavy handed I will hit the author if that's what he meant I also didn't like the way that so much time passed and yet 12 years later everything could be tied up with a little shiny bow as best for everyone like so little had changed I just didn't think Chabon gave enough credit to what twelve years does to people He sort of dealt with it but very uickly and it felt like after hundreds of pages of careful development he was rushing to bring it to a close Then again that could be me just wanting of the characters who knowsStill fantastic If you have ever loved comic books this book is necessary to your life It's a love letter to escapism in general but to the comic book industry and superheroes in general