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read Taste of Death kindle µ Paperback ´ She's fought death and won But how can she fight her fears?Avry knows hardship and trouble She fought the plague and survived She took on King Tohon and defeated him But now her heart mate Kerrick is missing and Avry fears he's gone foreverBut there's a immediate threat The Skeleton King plots to claMate Kerrick is missing and Avry fears he's gone foreverBut there's a immediate threat The Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own With armies in disarray and the d ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Should've been a better ending⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ This review is purely for me and might contain spoilers and facts from the book to keep myself in the known at all time It's also long and somewhat detailed Re read 09062018 We're back with the last book with Avry of Kazan 21 who is a healer; she absorbs their wounds and diseases into herself by laying hands upon the injured and dying Tohon is frozen in stasis his second in command has taken over the sister of said second in command has her own plans there's a new plague and on top of that there's a new enemy; The Skeleton King And that's not all Kerrick is losing a battle Overall it's a good plot interesting story with good characters however I felt almost like it was a repeat of the last two combined Also the ending I needed I wish we had gotten a better ending a epilogue in the future so you'll know what could happen “You have my heart my soul my life I'm an empty shell without you” Information about the Lilys↦ Get too close to a Death Lily and either the petals snatched you or the vines ensnared you and pulled you in Once trapped you couldn’t escape even if armed with a sharp knife The thick and fibrous petals and leaves resisted punctures and tearsDeath Lilys moved fast for a plant hissing a warning a second before they grabbed their victims Once you were caught it pricked you with two barbs and injected its toxin One of three things happened next You die and it feeds off your flesh spitting your bones out when it’s finished Or you don’t die it spits you out and you suffer horribly dying later Then there are the very few who don’t die at all and become healers Like Avry↦ On the opposite side Peace Lilys wouldn’t capture a person or bother anyone As far as Avry know her and Flea were the only people they’d taken And here was another irony—Tohon used Peace Lily serum to create his dead soldiers The serum preserved the dead body in a fake life so they didn’t decompose His magic did the rest but Avry still hadn’t figured out how “But they fight in the name of the creator” “I don't care if they fight in the name of broccoli The goal remains the same” Other characters I've put these in a spoilers tag simply because it's a long list; contains spoilersview spoiler↦ Prince Kerrick ‘Kerry’ of Alga 27 leader of a band of rogues He is a forest mage His magic is a gift from the living essence of the forest The Realm of Alga was north of the Nine Mountains Kerrick abdicated the throne to his brother in a deal↦ Belen ‘Poppa Bear’ of Alga 30 Loren 35 uain close to Avry's age Flea 16 part of the band of rogues Flea became a death magician after dying↦ Prince Ryne of Ivdel Realmm 27 the one who’s was and Avry healed↦ King Tohon of Sogra 25 26? a life magician and he wants to be king of all fifteen Realms Magic wise Tohon’s probably the most powerful mage living view spoilerDies at the end of the book hide spoiler

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She's fought death and won But how can she fight her fears?Avry knows hardship and trouble She fought the plague and survived She took on King Tohon and defeated him But now her heart SpoilersHated it I spent the majority of the book rolling my eyes The plot the characters and the writing were all poor — there was nothing remotely interesting or good about them What's what Avry thinks her abusive boyfriend is dead obviously he's not everyone's happy but not for long as they have to beat the one dimensional evul Tohon and his army of dead That means going from one place to another running into bad guys fighting and then separating and then fighting some Yea it was as boring as it sounds I didn't like Avry there was nothing interesting about her at all She was a run of the mill martyr and Mary Sue type heroine all she cared about was saving everyone else and being oh so kind forgiving and generous I despised how she was constantly apologetic and guilty and her non stop do goody ways grated on me Where were her true faults and flaws? Where was her self interest? Where was her attitude? She was just a typical do goody placeholder heroine I want a heroine that actually reads like a real life person and not some Disney princess who wants to save the world and sacrifice her self for the greater good Ugh Kerrick was still a dick there was nothing redeemable or endearing about him It was clear that he didn't love Avry as much as she loved him he had feelings for her but that was only because there was no other virginal doormat girls around I still haven't forgiven him for torturing and slapping Avry in the first book — there's no reason good enough for a man to hit an innocent defenseless woman Yea I didn't buy Kerrick suddenly being all nice to Avry the next time he gets angry he'll most likely beat her again The wanker I was so frustrated with Avry being surrounded by men all the time — she was rarely around any women and the few times she was were only very brief Also all her loved ones and friends were men all her important relationships were with men and all her focus was on men She didn't have one proper female friend that she spent time with They were hardly any side female characters compared to the amount of male secondary characters And the few females that were in it were either evul or helpless or had minor roles Where was Ryne's supposed military genius? Everyone kept banging on about him being able to win the war and defeat Tohon with his mad skills but all he did was look at maps and come up with mediocre plans to fight Tohon There was nothing genius about him Everything was written in modern day language which was jarring and weird for a fantasy setting Most of the time I didn't feel like I was reading characters from a fantasy type book the way the characters talked felt like I was reading about silly high school students It annoyed me whenever Lorenuain were referred to as the monkeys and Belen as poppa bear — the nicknames sounded idiotic Avry's friends were such dicks whenever she did something remotely uestionable they'd ignore her or act like there was something evul about her After all the sacrifices she made for them and unconditional love she'd shown them they should have been loyal and supportive to her instead of cold and bitchy Fuckers Flea was a whiny annoying self pitying git After Kerrick he was the most

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Taste of DeathEad not staying down Avry's healing powers are needed now than everTorn between love and loyalty Avry must choose her path carefully For the future of her world depends on her decision Maria is one of my favourite authors not just because of her writing but because she is lovely person generous to her fans and just all round nice Lol that being said if I write a review about a book it will always be completely honest because 1 It's my personal opinion and 2 what's the point of writing a review otherwise?I really enjoyed the first two books in the series I was happy that Maria had kept the theme of magic going as she had with the Study and Glass series I re read the first two right before reading the third so everything was fresh in my memorySpoilers to followWhat I liked about the third bookBelen It was nice to see his return after going missing for so longFlea Flea was a well written character with depth to his personality He experienced growth and development he had flaws he was likeableMelina It was nice to have a character who had the chance to show that everyday people can also put the welfare of strangers ahead of themselves Melina and her Mom were a spunky pair of women who managed without any magic at allOdd along with Ursan these two guys thought for themselves and then did what they thought was right regardless of the conseuences to themselves If you are going to have a large cast of characters in a book some of them have to be instantly likeable Odd wasAvry and Kerrick's romance Just cos I'm a sucker for a love story Every one of the kick ass women who broke out of their literal religious prison Girl power They're doing it rightThe Ending Happily Ever After Can't argue with thatWhat I didn't like about the bookChinska Mare There were supposedly over 2000 women kept inside a tower prison for not being virgins and unmarried Some of them had I assume been there for years and once you were there you never got out Their days consisted of getting up eating a small bowl of white slop kneeling down looking up for ?8 hours eating another bowl of the same white slop then being shut up in cells Repeat til you die This whole thing bugged me for several reasons1 If 23 of the world's population has been wiped out by a plague you are just NOT going to lock up your fertile females in a tower forever You sure aren't going to take valuable female soldiers out of your army and lock them up while you are in the middle of a war2 2000 women must have a LOT of relatives there werent that many guards in that tower3 A human being who is locked inside a building eating the same bowl of white slop and kneeling for hours a day is just not going to be able to fight a bunch of guards at a moments notice They would be suffering from scurvy ricketts anemia muscle wastage not to mention a host of skin conditions there is NO mention of any of them ever washing4 Apparently NONE of the male guards could be seduced I find that very hard no impossible to believe ;Loren uain and the whole monkey thing Halfway through the third book I was so over the monkey reference Loren was nearly 40 years old and both were grown men who had killed many times There were so many references to them you've been hanging around the monkeys too long don't use the monkeys as role models I just wasn't seeing anything cheeky or endearing about a couple of grown men who bickered with eac