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Spider-Man: Blue review ✓ 103 ↠ Collects Spider Man Blue 2002 #1 6 It's about remembering someone so important to me I was going to spend the rest of my life with her What Peter Parker didn't know was that meant Gwen Stacy would only get to spend the rest of her life with him This is the story of how they fell in love Or appropriately how they alCollects Spider Man Blue 2002 #1 6 It's about remembering someone so important to me I was going to spend the rest of my life with her What Peter Parker didn't know was that meant Gwen Stacy would only get to spend the rest of her life with him This is the story of how they fell. Re read This is still the best of the color series What makes this story work so well is Peter Parker's narrative We have the context of Gwen Stacy's death and this retells part of that iconic story but this would be an average book without Peter Parker's voice He is funny charismatic and typically full of charm So when you combine that with the weight of his grief over Gwen Stacy and the wistful tone of his good memories of her it makes for a very compelling story Everyone knows how Gwen Stacy died and that Peter later ends up with MJ Even without that context this book leaves you with enough to gather that she dies and Peter was heartbroken The way Loeb chose to tell this story with Peter recording a message for her on Valentine's Day was so effective because it allowed for clever ways to convey how he struggles to tell this storyThe book starts with Peter stumbling over his words as he tries to begin his story Loeb tells us that it's been years but Peter still leaves flowers for her on Valentines Day every year and that he still remembers little things about her even now Peter intends to tell the story of how they almost didn't fall in love and we get into the plot outside of his relationship with GwenThis starts with Green Goblin attacking Spider Man finding out his secret identity and then losing his memory In efforts to keep an eye on Norman Osborn Peter drops by the hospital often and eventually befriends Harry Osborn Peter sees Gwen for the first time when she comes with Flash to see Harry at the hospital Sale's art really really works for this book here The first close up shot of Gwen is perfect From here Peter endeavors to get Gwen's attention and when it appears as though he may succeed MJ shows up A huge part of this book is MJ and Gwen pursuing Peter at the same time It does a pretty good job at conveying that while he's flattered because hello MJ is gorgeous he never intended to choose her over Gwen It does an even better job at emphasizing what MJ and Gwen see in Peter as well If these relationships aren't believable then this book wouldn't workThis book has a time line that's incredibly easy to follow but on a second read I noticed the lead up to Green Goblin's attack in the conclusion of Gwen's story a lot There are several points throughout where Peter talks about If I'd stopped Osborn then or If he'd died during this attack then Gwen would still be alive Of course Peter isn't the Punisher of Black Widow and he would never be okay with something like that but he thinks about it It's an added layer to his grief because you know it's a hard thing for him to think about Several times throughout retelling this story Peter struggles to continue The click of the tape recorder was a clever way to convey that this is difficult for Peter to get through The art and the colors in this book work extremely well when we get to see Peter recording the message It's a dark blue he's hunched over in the shadows and everything about this scene works for the story MJ comes across Peter as he's leaving this message and however we expect her to react she asks that Peter say Hi to Gwen for her It's a simple way to say that Gwen's impact is acknowledged by people outside of Peter The only times we get darker books like this for Peter Parker are books that deal with the death of an important person in his life Loeb explains the reasoning behind the title in the last lines of the book

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In love Or appropriately how they almost didn't fall in love Welcome to Spider Man's life Bad before good It's kind of amazing So to get the girl of his dreams he'll have to run the gauntlet of the Green Goblin the Rhino two Vultures and a mysterious man in the shadows controllin. Spider Man Blue is not a typical superhero graphic novel; it is something much human This is not that typical collection of action seuences and shallow story arcs that you can find in a lot of comic books In Spider Man Blue we see a much vulnerable side of our titular crime fighter a side that nearly all of us can relate to In a rare moment of reflection we delve deep into the pain and loss that Spider Man carries with him day in and day out and we get an intimate look at how the loss of his first love Gwen Stacy affected his entire life thereafterSpider Man Blue goes back in time to recount the days when Gwen Stacy was still alive still the apple of Peter's eye Yet it does not retread old comic storylines in their entirety but rather shows bits and pieces of several major moments in Spider Man's life right before he tragically lost Gwen Stacy This graphic novel does a great job at giving the reader new perspectives on old scenarios focusing heavily on Peter's personal thoughts on Gwen and Mary Jane Watson during his earlier days as a web slinger This could have easily been messed up by reprinting old panels from decades old comics and mixing them all together with new additions to tell this story which would have cheapened the experience Thankfully each moment of Spider Man Blue is a new retelling of the old stories that most Spidey fans know fondly adding in substantive details that the older comics failed to touch upon so long ago These additions make the characters feel three dimensional and real and ultimately adds another layer of depth to the Spider Man mythos The tone of this graphic novel was appropriately melancholy throughout though not without its sprinkling of Spider Man's world famous witticisms The manner in which Peter reminisces about Gwen was heartbreakingly intimate allowing him to reveal details about these past events that otherwise may not have ever appeared in a speech or thought bubble The only time things might get a little muddled is when the Spider Man moments pop up and by that I mean those pesky parts where there is action and crime fighting how dare they put such things in a comic Though some of my favorite Spidey comics are composed almost entirely of these kinds of action oriented moments see Maximum Carnage I highly preferred the parts that focused on Peter and his interactions with his friends and love interests over the fist flailing moments that I can get anywhere else After all the point of this graphic novel was to elaborate on the relationship he had with Gwen and Mary Jane not to bring up his fights with the Rhino and Vulture I know these fights were relevant to the stories being told but I feel they would have been better relegated to a single page or two just to get it out of the way without breaking the flow of the narrative Besides these few moments interrupting the true story at hand I found Spider Man Blue to be well written and executed uite nicely for a superhero love storyOne complaint I had with this graphic novel was its inconsistent artwork I know it may be blasphemous to criticize the highly revered Tim Sale and his work but I felt it was lacking in some places One moment you would see a beautifully illustrated Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson In the next you will see obvious flaws in their features These incongruities were not solely relegated to Gwen and MJ for I also found Harry Osborn to look awful most times The only consistent standout was Spider Man in costume and even then he was nothing special to gawk at The artwork should have excelled in this graphic novel because of how emotional and intimate its story was so to have less than stellar artwork breaking that immersion and connection to the story was a real let down for me I personally think this work would have greatly benefited from a traditional style of artwork for the characters allowing readers to focus on the substance of the story and less on that hideous nose they threw on Harry Osborn among other artistic flaws Sale can be great look at Batman The Long Halloween but he was not at his best this time around A pityOverall I was really impressed by Spider Man Blue Nowadays it seems that far too many graphic novels and comic book story arcs place their time and attention on these massive events in which I could not possibly have any interest Sure a story about the end of the universe can be cool once in a while but all the time I get sick of that real uick that's why I abandoned most superhero movies coming out as of late How am I supposed to find anything relatable in these massive event comics when they barely touch upon anyhting based in reality That is why I breathed a sigh of relief when I sat down and read Spider Man Blue This graphic novel does not try to be a groundbreaker by any means nor does it try to redefine the characters or established norms of the Spider Man universe Instead this graphic novel just tells a story about a guy looking back at the days before he lost his first true love Simple Effective Touching No need for the epic battle seuences and time bending canon altering conseuences for which Marvel seems to have an affinity these days As far as I am concerned Spider Man Blue is far effective at telling an engaging story than those aforementioned massive works because this story lacks the grandiose additions that would otherwise tarnish and distract from a perfectly good story about the human side of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man You can keep you Infinity Gauntlet I'm much content with Peter's tape recorder to Gwen StacyI highly recommend reading this one if you want a break from the chaotic messes and confusing catastrophes plaguing modern comics today I would also recommend reading it for Valentine's Day due to its touching subject matter and the fact that part of it takes place on Valentine's Day

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Spider Man BlueG it all Join the Eisner Award winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale in the story about Peter Parker's first love Gwen Stacy Highlighted by the introduction of Mary Jane Watson it is a critical moment in Spider Man's life when everything was just coming together only to fall apa. Spider Man Blue felt a little like a love letter of sorts to long time fans of the friendly neighborhood web slinger In another sense it really IS a love letter Peter Parker pours out his feelings regarding long lost first love Gwen Stacy in first person narration throughout the six part story The artwork is fantastic resembling andor capturing the spirit of the mid 60's style from the original 'Amazing' series and a major line up of original villains take turns making appearancesLastly the plot engine is focused on Parker's personal life though there are sufficient super heroics instead of a generic crime story which make his memories and mourning effective