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Rowan's Lady Clan Graham #1He built impene. This book wasn’t terrible but I found my thoughts wandering during most of it I appreciated a non manho H who had been celibate for four years Love it I didn’t like the h as much though She cried a lot and was too gullible The drama caused by be wannabe OW was also annoying and the lack of urgency to figure out who the real culprit was was a bit strange The h also did some tstl things that made me want to DNF And the widower vibe reminded me of why I avoid deceased spouse books Too depressing and angsty All in all this book was ok The historical details including the dialect was just ok I’d probably really enjoy a historical fiction book on this period of Scottish history It’s really fascinating Unfortunately this book is not it If you love Julie Garwood you might enjoy this author's work As it is I don't enjoy Julie Garwood's books so it's not a surprise that this author probably isn't for me

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Ound his heart. Suzan has become one of my new favorite authors since I bought my Kindle I can’t wait to read the next book and eagerly anticipate her newest endeavorRowan’s Lady is part of a series but a great standalone book If you are like me you find a book you like and it’s not the first of a series so you have to go back and read the rest Do it It is worth itI truly enjoy the men and women in her stories and it’s all the characters not just the ones in the lead of the story They love deeply and protect the ones they loveRowan and Arline meet in McKenna’s Honor briefly but she remembers him and his smile thereafter Arline’s father is a greedy man and keeps marrying her off Rowan loses his first love Kate but gains a beautiful daughter I can’t wait for her story I hope Suzan writes one for her Tomboy of my heart They all deserve happinessA wonderful book to escape intoThe Clan MacDougall Series1 Laiden’s Daughter2 Findley’s Lass3 Wee William’s Woman4 McKenna’s HonorGraham Clan5 Rowan’s Lady

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Read & download É Rowan's Lady (Clan Graham #1) ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ He built impenetrable walls around his heart TTrable walls ar. 35 starsI'm so happy I kept reading Tisdale CheersLiked the story liked Arline even though she was immature sometimes really liked Rowan Again Tisdale managed to create the perfect non jerk alpha male Also there were some very funny moments especially regarding Rowan's cute baby daughter Lily AKA WillyCute Historical Romance